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8 Lm E Show


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8 Lm E Show

  1. 1.  Trade shows offer a cost effective way to get in front of a lot of customers and prospects  91% of respondents rank trade shows "extremely extremely useful”… this was higher than any other source, including on-site visits from reps.  Nearly half of the respondents had purchased products or services at or because of a trade show.  Trade shows work well in the following areas; strengthening existing relationships, introduction of new products, positioning and generating quality leads
  2. 2. According to a Tradeshow Week 2007 Survey of Exhibitors:  Fewer shows are being attended by exhibitors, yet exhibiters are spending more money overall on trade shows  This might indicate that exhibitors are being smarter with their trade show dollars as preparing for 1 or 2 large shows can generate significantly more leads and be more cost effective than trying to fit in 10 shows with lower attendees.  Exhibitors are cutting out smaller less effective shows. Trade Show organizers are focusing on larger more successful shows. 85% of trade show exhibitors are increasing their trade show budgets for these larger shows shows. Report Summary: Exhibitors are now concentrating on fewer historically fewer, successful shows, improving the company display booth, attendee visual and audio presentation techniques.
  3. 3.  Rising costs and shrinking budgets are forcing exhibitors to find value in other areas without losing exposure  Forced to provide economic rationale for all expenditures… alternatives to face-to-face meetings are gaining momentum  Non traditional approaches can generate a high number of qualified leads… virtual events often exceed traditional physical shows in their efficiency and low cost per lead  Traditional trade shows cost upwards of $10k for 3 days… virtual events are scalable, reliable and includes cutting edge rtua nts ar sca a , r a an nc u s cutt ng g tools for staying in touch 24/7/365
  4. 4.  The PPAI EXPO… Las Vegas  ASI Shows: Orlando, Dallas, Las Vegas, New York & Chicago  Promotions East… Atlantic City The SAAC Show… Long Beach Table Top & Roadshows… ASI Advantages Roadshow, Mid America Showcase g , NSA Showcase, Sage Showcase & Showtime  ASI Stitches Roadshows  35 to 50 Regional & Local shows (approximate)
  5. 5. Even reduced; show budgets are out of control! 5 Major Plus # of # Attendees Booth Cost Total Cost Show Local/Roadshows Region Exhibitors (approximate) (10’ booth) (4x's booth) Expenditure ASI Orlando South East 600 3,000 to 4,000 $2,079 $8,316 $8,316 PPAI EXPO National 1600+ 14,000+ $1,845 $7,380 $7,380 Promotions East North East 800 4000+ $1,650 $6,600 $6,600 ASI Chicago Central 600 3,000 to 4,000 $1,879 $7,516 $7,516 SAAC West 675 3000+ $1,095 $4,380 $4,380 Local/Roadshows (2) Regional 40 each 100’s $1,200 $4,800 $9,600 $43,792
  6. 6. eShow A virtual trade show application An interactive electronic sales tool designed t generate A i t ti l t i l t ld i d to t distributor interest, exposure and traffic throughout the year eShow Replicates the positive aspects of a physical event With greater reach, lower cost, no travel/entertainment, or drayage bills, and no valuable time away from the office
  7. 7. eShow Overview: Free to all 8L Media customers until 2010  Choose from four unique booth designs (custom available)  Full product or sales/marketing videos can be p g used to welcome visitors  Dynamic product search tool, education center, events calendar and complete statistics  Scrolling product section with complete pricing and descriptions; links to suppliers website, eMail, FREE ePages, and sample/catalog ordering  Excellent source for distributor lead generation… all leads synchronize with your 8L Media Dashboard
  8. 8. eShow: Marketed through a variety of outlets  Bi-weekly emails to our database of 75,000 promotional products distributors  Free to all Distributors  Ad on our eMail template will link to eShow website will provide 8,000,000 impressions per month  Monthly advertising pages in PPB magazine  Major promotional products trade shows  Links on the DistributorTalk website