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Alon holliday


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Alon Holliday is an extremely well learned man who has Doctorate in Educational Administration. He has developed an intensive program that is capable of helping others in facing the challenges of life in a much more efficient and effective manner.

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Alon holliday

  1. 1. AlonHolliday            Helping People in Overcoming Life Obstacles
  2. 2. About Alon Holliday: Alon Holliday is a highly educated and hardworking person who was raised in Freeport, Long Island by Marguerite Holliday and Herbert Lawrence. Freeport is a beautiful village that is located on the southern shore of Long Island within the town of Hempstead. Talking about academic qualifications, Alon Holliday has a Doctorate in Educational Administration from Dowling College located in Shirley, New York. Alon Holliday is an extremely positive person who has great strength of character. He uses his knowledge and experience to help others who are facing some kind of difficulty in life and even those who are just looking for self improvement.
  3. 3. Alon Holliday Helps People Overcoming Life Obstacles: Alon Holliday teaches you how to Overcome Obstacles.Alon Holliday is a successful person who has reached the top after facingand overcoming many obstacles.By developing wisdom from the lessons that life has taught him andputting them to good use he has developed an intensive program that iscapable of helping others in facing the challenges of life in a much moreefficient and effective manner.
  4. 4. Alon Hollidays Intensive Program : The Intensive Program developed by Alon Holliday focuses on correcting and improving the decision making process of an individual. This program helps individuals to look into their internal decision making process to clearly see and correct the factors that are causing difficulties in their lives. With the help of this program you can discover your inner strength and will be able to face and overcome all the difficulties in your life easily. The 7 Step Personal Inventory method developed by Alon Holliday can help you get out the state of confusion and achieve a state of mental clarity that will eventually lead to complete inner peace. To know more on this please visit
  5. 5. Learn to live by living to learn                               ­by Alon Holliday
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