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Overcoming Challenges

An inspiration, from the Australian cricket team,of how to overcome challenges. Very applicable to Real-life projects in IT scenario.

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Overcoming Challenges

  1. 1. Overcoming Challenges Inspiration from a real-life team
  2. 2. Observe & Learn Learn by observing a real-life team’s exploits  Facing Powerful challenges  Adverse (environmental) conditions  Internal team attrition  Relative greenhorns in the team
  3. 3. THE AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM TO INDIA IN 2009 Very dissimilar to its legendary teams of the past • Legends like Mcgrath, Warne, Gilchrist, Hayden had retired • The coach Buchanan had moved on • The aura around the team was no longer present • The team had lost their 2nd consecutive Ashes in England recently
  4. 4. THE AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM TO INDIA IN 2009 The list of first-choice (& second-choice) players lost due to injuries was high – at various stages in the series Michael Clarke Brad Haddin Nathan Bracken Callum Fergusson Moses Brett Lee James Hopes Tim Paine Peter Siddle Henriques
  5. 5. THE AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM TO INDIA IN 2009 Opposition was not easy MS Dhoni Sachin Tendulkar Sehwag Yuvraj • Strong team led by an able captain • Presence of many current-day legends Harbhajan Gambhir • Stronger on home conditions
  6. 6. How did the Aussie Management motivate the team then?
  7. 7. Capable, Creative Leader • Lead by Example by being Hands-on • Open to suggestions & criticism • Great Motivator
  8. 8. Strong core group of Seniors Johnson White Hussey • Rise to the occasion when Hauritz it demands • Take additional responsibilities • Enjoy a sense of job security Watson
  9. 9. A bunch of eager, hungry youngsters • Grab the opportunities as they come by • Keep eyes and ears open to gain further experience • Put in hard & smart work w/o bothering on result
  10. 10. Senior Management Support • Provide complete autonomy to the Leader • Take care of all peripheral tasks to allow team focus on the game • Seamlessly induct the youngsters into the work culture Tim Nielsen – Coach
  11. 11. THE AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM TO INDIA IN 2009 Outcome Won the ODI series against India 4-2
  12. 12. THE AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM TO INDIA IN 2009 Ricky Ponting’s remarks  It's probably one of the best one-day series I have ever been involved in, what with all the injuries and setbacks at the start of this tour. We have won a lot of series here in India but this one will be up there with some of the specials that I played in, including our Champions Trophy and World Cup wins.
  13. 13. THE AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM TO INDIA IN 2009 Ricky Ponting’s remarks  For the boys to stick together as a group and play as team of 11 players for the last few games has been very satisfying. India is a hard place to come and win and this victory means a lot, especially when you haven't got all your players to pick from. It makes it even harder when players are getting off planes and turning up and playing. No one's shirking and no one's whining, we have just got on with it and tried to do the best that we could.
  14. 14. THE AUSTRALIAN CRICKET TEAM TO INDIA IN 2009 Ricky Ponting’s remarks  With each game that we have played, we have just gotten better and better so it's really good signs for the team. Some of the younger guys have come into the team and have got a few games under their belt. They have been building experience towards the World Cup in 2011 and I think they will have learnt a lot from this tour.
  15. 15. To sum it up…  Recognize the challenge  Keep an Open mind (& ears)  Enjoy the experience  Celebrate the victory