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Questionnaire results


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Questionnaire results

  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONI made this questionnaire in order to find out from my targetaudience what they would like to see in the magazine, and tofind out what their lifestyles are like so that the magazine canbe made to suit them. This is important as from the results Ican see who the main audience will be and what ideas aremost popular, meaning I can make the magazine how thetarget audience want it meaning it will be more popular.I used a variation of methods to collect my results includingrandom sampling, target groups and I posted myquestionnaire online. I used a variety of methods so that Icould get a wider range of results making them more reliable.
  3. 3. AUDIENCE PROFILINGThe results from my questionnaire show that the target audience for mymagazine is aged 16 – 20 and is slightly more female than male. Themajority of my target audience are students and/or have a part time job.This tells me that they may have more of a disposable income and willbe able to buy the magazine. The majority of my audience come fromHarlow, but they also come from other places in the UK and Thailand.This shows that the magazine would be popular around Harlow andmore nationally as well. The main hobbies from my target audience aresport and video games, which indicates what are the best adverts to putin the magazine. Age Gender 4% 4% 0% 7% 18% 3% Under 16 16 - 20 21 -25 26 - 30 48% Male 31 - 35 52% Female 36 - 40 Over 40 64%
  4. 4. AUDIENCE PROFILING CONTINUED Employment Status Place of Residence 3% 4% 4% Harlow 4% 10% Bishops Stortford 4% Epping Student 7% Hoddeston Part Time26% Waltham Abbey Full Time 4% 61% 3% 52% Nazing Unemployed 0% Cheshunt 0% 7% Cardiff 11% Bangkok Hobbies Portsmouth 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
  5. 5. PERSONAL PREFERENCES From my questionnaire I can see what artists, features and colours would be most popular in my magazine. The most popular artists in the genre are Green Day and Nirvana. This shows that features with these artists or similar artists would be most popular and what the target audience want. The most popular free gift idea is free tickets, this indicates that if I include free concert ticket offers in the magazine the chances of it being bought would increase. I can also see from my results that the most popular colour scheme is Red Black and this tells me that this colour scheme is most visually appealing to the target audience. From the results I can see that the most popular features that the target audience want to see in a magazine are A Day In The Life Of and Best of 2013 and if these are included then the people will want to buy the magazine. The most popular magazine cover is the Classic Rock one. The reasons for this are the artist on the cover and the colour scheme. This tells me that that a simple, and less cluttered front cover will be most popular with the target audience and also having just one artist on the cover is preferred. Favourite Artists in this Genre What Free Gifts Would you like12 to Recieve With the Magazine?10 18 8 16 14 6 12 10 4 8 6 4 2 2 0 0
  6. 6. PERSONAL PREFERENCESCONTINUEDWhat Colour Scheme do you What do you Usually like Prefer? Reading about in a Music Magazine Red 10 Black Blue Grey Grey 8 6 Black 22% 4 33% 2 Red Black 0 White 45%What Magazine Cover do you Why Do you Prefer this Prefer? Magazine Cover? 14 12 Rock Sound 10 15% 8 Classic Rock 6 44% 4 Kerrang! 41% 2 0 Colour Features Logo Artist(s) Free Font Image Scheme on Cover Stuff/Win
  7. 7. MEDIA PURCHASING HABITSFrom these results I can see how much my target audience spends a month on magazines, howmany and how much they would spend on a new music magazine. This helps to give me an ideaon how much to sell my magazine for and how often. Most people only buy one magazine amonth and spend less than £2.50 a month. This indicates that my magazine should also bereleased monthly, however the results showing how often the magazine should be released saythat the target audience want the magazine released weekly. The most popular magazines areKerrang! And Rolling Stone, this tells me that if my magazine is similar to these in terms ofartists and features, then it will be popular with the target audience. In general, the targetaudience buys their magazine from supermarkets. This shows that my magazine needs to bewidely available in popular supermarkets and retailers that sell magazines. How Mant Magazines do you buy How Much do you Spend on a Month Magazines a Month141210 17% Less Than £2.50 4% 8 38% £2.50 - £4.00 6 8% £.4.50 - £6.00 4 £6.50 - £8.00 Over £8 2 33% 0 One Two Three Four Five Six Over Six None
  8. 8. MEDIA PURCHASING HABITS CONTINUED What Magazines of a Similar Genre do you buy? Where do you buy your12 Magazines?10 14 8 12 6 10 8 4 6 4 2 2 0 0 How Often do you think the How Much Would you pay for a Magazine showld be Released? new Music Magazine? Over £3.50 £3.50 11% 0% Monthly £3.00 19% £1.50 11% 37% Weekly 46% Fortnightly £2.50 35% 19% £2.00 22%
  9. 9. CONCLUSIONFrom my results I have decided that my magazine will be targetedtowards 16 – 20 year olds, and at both females and males. Due to themmainly being students and the amount they think the magazine shouldbe released, I am going to price it at £2.50 and release it fortnightly. Interms of colour scheme, I am going to go with red black and white as itis most popular, therefore meaning it will be more popular. For the frontcover I think I am going to keep it tidy and just have one artist on thecover instead of a whole band or a few different artists, and probablychose the A Day In The Life Of feature to go with the artist as the maincoverline as this also turned out to be the most popular feature. Theartist will be similar to Green Day or Nirvana, as they are the favouritebands. With the adverts in the magazine, they will most probably besport or video game related due to those seeming to be most of thetarget audience’s hobbies. As I am making the first magazine, I willprobably include free CD and/or a chance to win tickets to a festival asthese will promote the magazine and increase chances of someonepicking it up.
  12. 12.