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Small Business Marketing Strategies by Alexander Zagoumenov


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Key steps and recommendations for anyone planning to start a business. Regardless how big or small you want to be, these strategic marketing recommendations will help you launch your business. The topic was presented at CCIS in Calgary by Alex Zagoumenov.

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Small Business Marketing Strategies by Alexander Zagoumenov

  1. 1. small business marketing strategies alexander zagoumenov december 2, 2009
  2. 2. both large and small businesses want to be successful. if you are small…
  3. 3. don’t overload yourself. solution is simple.
  4. 4. here’s a list of important marketing concepts … for small businesses and large business alike
  5. 5. product is key
  6. 6. solve problems
  7. 7. listen first
  8. 8. know your audience
  9. 9. make fans
  10. 10. have a plan
  11. 11. ask questions be curious
  12. 12. build networks
  13. 13. act now act fast
  14. 14. happy holidays!
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