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Open Search Network - Recruitment at the speed of social (Social Business Forum 2014)


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Social Business Forum 2014 #SocialRecruitment, #Social #Recruitment #HeadHunting #Innovation

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Open Search Network - Recruitment at the speed of social (Social Business Forum 2014)

  1. 1. Recruitment at the Speed of Social Aldo Razzino Open Search Network Ltd. 1
  2. 2. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Outline My Story Recruitment evolution Social Recruitment Social Recruitment 2.0 My Final Numbers
  3. 3. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy My Story 2007-2010 Italy 2010-2013 UK 2013… UK Recruitment Evolution Off Line / On Line Recruitment On Line Recruitment / Social Recruitment 1.0 Social Recruitment 2.0 My Company Global Brand Niche International Brand Start Up Social Brand Recruitment Tools DB, Head Hunting, Print Ad, Online Job Ad, Online Job Boards (Sourcing), Network Head Hunting, Online job boards, Online Job Ad, Network Social Networking, Head Hunting, Online Job Ad (Marketing vs Sourcing) Social Tools Linkedin Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Klout Same as before, plus Google+, Pinterest, Foursquare, Whatsapp… Recruitment War from War for Clients to War for Candidates War for Talent War for Network / Relationship
  4. 4. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Goal: Be Social Get Value Recruitment Evolution Off Line On Line Social Print Advertising Goal: Visibility Online JobAd Corporate Website Goal: Visibility + Get ranked Head Hunting Head Hunting Head Hunting + many others Social Network and tools ….
  5. 5. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Social Networks Figures We are starting to hire the Digital Native generation 5.3 Billion Worldwide Mobile Subscription Being mobile can be a key factor for those who want to be one step ahead +150 Million Active Users +240 Million Active Users +400 Million Active Users +560 Million Active Users +1 Billion Active Users Source
  6. 6. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy What is Social Recruitment? Definition: Using Social Media tools to get in touch with your contacts. … But being a Social Recruiter does not mean to stay online all day long! Nowadays we live in an era of: Data Overloading High Speed Interactions Multiple Social Devices Most of the time, Social Recruitment means “checking out info about someone”!
  7. 7. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Social Recruitment - Figures & Info Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter are the main channels used by Recruiters, even though nowadays they are not the only ones: Google+, Youtube, Instagram… Recruiters and Employers change opinion about candidates because of specific online shared contents Social Media cannot be used as a stand alone solution. They are part of a multi-channel integrated strategy 78% of recruiters have made a hire thanks to Social Media 94% of recruiters use Social Media in their activities The Best-Quality candidates come through your networks! Source
  8. 8. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Speed of Recruitment Time to Delivery can be reduced by 75% But.. Technologies & Social Networks are now available to everyone! All my clients have access and are able to use my same tools. Being a Social Recruitment do not just mean stay on line using Social Media for Recruitment Activities. 4 Weeks min 2 Weeks min 1 Weeks min Time to delivery (from Job Acquisition to Short List Presented) Off Line Recruitment (Print Job Ad, Database on premise…) On Line Recruitment (Online Job Ad, Database online…) Social Recruitment
  9. 9. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy New Challenges After the Financial Crisis, everyone is always looking for a new role. No more difference between active and passive candidates Specialisation is the key success factor in a even more “global” market. We are fighting with competitors all around the globe The big difference will be between “social” and “not social” contacts Converting Contacts in Brand’s Ambassadors We believe in co-creation and co-partecipation and collaboration
  10. 10. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy What is Social Recruitment for me In my opinion… Being a Social Recruiter 1.0 (Passive Relationship) means: Being Online, Checking out info Being a Social Recruiter 2.0 (Active Relationship) means: Being Open Humanising the relationship with my contacts Creating trust, transparency and engagement Social Head Hunting Being a Social Recruiter 2.0 means giving a different Recruitment Experience (Rx) to your contacts
  11. 11. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Activities of a Social Recruiter 2.0 Find Right Candidate / Job Opportunity trough the right mix of Skills, Experience and Cultural Fit. Use Social Media, Mobile App and new technology solutions to get in contact and keep in touch Humanise the relationship #H2H Engage his/her audience Listen to and coach when necessary Use Social Media to develop brand awareness
  12. 12. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Traits of the Social Recruiter 2.0 Passionate Do not rely just on a DB Use Open Communication and Transparent methods Believe in high standard working ethics Deal with real opportunities and people Updated with the latest industry and technology developments React quickly and deliver effectively Flexible, easy to engage Create trust Share intelligence / data Work with partner not candidate and/or clients The Social Recruiters will win the War of Relationship, not just because of the technology, but also because they: Mix Social, Business and Personal Networks Open
  13. 13. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Success Factors Recruit 2.0: Specialisation Influence #H2H Collaboration Passion Less Salesman, More Advisor Business Network Personal Network Social Network Business Network Personal Network Social Network Social Recruitment 2.0 Business Network Social Network Personal Network Social Recruitment 1.0 Social Recruitment 2.0 Recruiter 1.0 Added Value Recruiter 2.0 Added Value (3x)
  14. 14. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy My final numbers KLOUT Score 45 Offline/Online Recruitment Social Recruitment 1.0 Social Recruitment 2.0 Sales targets: Phone Calls Sales targets: Positive InterviewsSales targets: BD / Meeting 20 % 70 % 10 % 13 % 65 % 22 % 7% 60 % 33 % Database OnLine Database Network Linkedin 2800 connections KLOUT Score unknown Linkedin 1200 connections KLOUT Score 63 Linkedin 7000 connections Global Brand Niche International Brand Start Up HowSociable - Brand’s Impact Indication of the level of activity around a brand during a given week (Scale from 0 to 10) 6.1 3.0 5.6 Sources of placements
  15. 15. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Open Search Network
  16. 16. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Point of Contacts Aldo Razzino Points of Contacts: Linkedin Skype aldorazzino Google+ (+Hangouts) Facebook Twitter Mobile +447730667005 / +393663516009 (WhatsApp, FaceTime and iMessage available) Open Search Network Points of Contacts: Linkedin network-ltd Facebook Twitter Website
  17. 17. @aldorazzino #BeOpenBeHappy Thanks! Be Social Get Value! Be Open Be Happy #BeOpenBeHappy