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Diwug 2019 Teams Development

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Diwug 2019 Teams Development

  1. 1. Teams Development Rick van Rousselt & Albert-Jan Schot
  2. 2. Topics • Introduction • App packages • Authentication • Connectors & Cards • Bots • Notifications • Voice & Video • Messaging Extensions • Teams Management
  3. 3. Notifications Tabs Bots Voice and video Messaging Extensions Microsoft Graph Adaptive Cards
  4. 4. Notifications Tabs Bots Voice and video Messaging Extensions Microsoft Graph Adaptive Cards
  5. 5. Teams package Manifest.json Icon-20x20.png Icon-96x96.png Index.html Privacy.html Terms.html Tab.html Tabconfig.html Tabremove.html /API
  6. 6. Teams extensibility “cheat sheet” Converse through natural language commands Structured UI-based invocation of bot commands Present a full embedded experience with content that users can collaborate around Simple incoming webhook integration for sending notifications into channels Rich flexible layouts with interactive content Custom dialog to collect user input or show richer information
  7. 7. Getting started
  8. 8. Demo - App Studio
  9. 9. Authentication
  10. 10. Authentication for tabs
  11. 11. Authentication for bots
  12. 12. SSO for tabs 1. Use ADAL.js for single sign on 2. Create a hidden iframe for implicit grant flow 3. Set prompt=none 4. Show login button if there is an error Walkthrough: Blog/Authentication-SSO-and-Microsoft-Graph-in-Microsoft-Teams-Tabs/ba-p/125366
  13. 13. Demo - Authentication
  14. 14. Connectors & Adaptive cards
  15. 15. Connectors === Webhooks • Set up a custom incoming webhook if you want an integration just for your team. • Register a Connector and submit it as a Microsoft Teams app if you want others to use it. • Outgoing webhooks do not have access to non-messaging APIs, such as team roster membership. • Outgoing webhooks cannot post into channels proactively. • Although outgoing webhooks can use cards, they cannot use all button types
  16. 16. { "type": "message", "id": "1485983408511", "timestamp": "2017-02-01T21:10:07.437Z", "localTimestamp": "2017-02-01T14:10:07.437-07:00", "serviceUrl": "", "channelId": "msteams", "from": { "id": "...", "name": "Tim Jones" }, "conversation": { "id": ";messageid=1485983194839" Message
  17. 17. Demo - Connectors
  18. 18. Bots
  19. 19. Bots in teams • Anything that is not a ‘tab’ must be handled as a bot • A bot can use the teams context • A bot can handle conversations, messages, likes and channel updates • A bot can send messages and notifications notification only bots cannot be messaged or @mentioned
  20. 20. Some remarks • Users can block bots in personal chats • Removing a bot from a team does not remove the personal connection • Authentication is hard
  21. 21. Demo bots
  22. 22. • Notification only bots use proactive messaging to communicate with the user. • You can start 1-1 conversations or channel conversations • There is no way currently to create a personal scoped notification only bot since the user cannot message your notification only bot in a personal chat. In the team setting, your bot will have access to the necessary information to either send a notification to a channel or privately to a user.
  23. 23. Messaging extensions
  24. 24. At first there was
  25. 25. Now actions Static • Teams will render a form for you Dynamic • You can do whatever you want
  26. 26. 3 types of responses Task Module response This is used when your extension needs to chain dialogs together to get more information. Compose extension auth/config response This is used when your extension needs to either authenticate or configure in order to continue. See authentication section in the search section for more details. Compose extension result response This used to insert a card into the compose box as a result of a the command. It's the same response that's used in the search command, but it's limited to one card or one result in the array.
  27. 27. Demo messaging extensions
  28. 28. Calling, voice & video
  29. 29. Call types
  30. 30. Call types • A user may initiate a peer-to-peer call with your bot or invite your bot into an existing multiparty call (although the latter is not yet enabled in the Microsoft Teams UI). • No Microsoft Graph permissions are necessary for a user to initiate a call with your bot for a peer-to-peer call, but additional permissions are needed for your bot to participate in a multiparty call, or for your bot to initiate a peer-to-peer call with a user. • A call may start as peer-to-peer and escalate to multiparty. Your bot can initiate this escalation by inviting others provided your bot has the proper permissions, but if your bot does not have permissions to participate in group calls, if one participant adds another person, your bot is dropped from the call.
  31. 31. Signaling: incoming call and in-call
  32. 32. Calls and meetings 2 types of meetings: • Ad-hoc • Scheduled For a bot this is not true: A meeting is just a (multiparty) call with additional metadata such as: chatId, joinUrl, startTime, endTime,…
  33. 33. Ngrok again 1. Setup an account and get an auth token 2. Run ngrok authtoken <yourtoken> 3. Update file with • tunnels: • signaling: addr: 12345 • proto: http • host-header: localhost:3979 • media: • addr: 8445 • proto: tcp 4. !!Python style
  34. 34. Add additional permissions for the AAD app Permission Display String Description Admin Consent Required Calls.Initiate.All Initiate outgoing 1:1 calls from the app (preview) Allows the app to place outbound calls to a single user and transfer calls to users in your organization’s directory, without a signed-in user. Yes Calls.InitiateGroupCall.All Initiate outgoing group calls from the app (preview) Allows the app to place outbound calls to multiple users and add participants to meetings in your organization, without a signed-in user. Yes Calls.JoinGroupCall.All Join Group Calls and Meetings as an app (preview) Allows the app to join group calls and scheduled meetings in your organization, without a signed-in user. The app will be joined with the privileges of a directory user to meetings in your tenant. Yes Calls.JoinGroupCallasGuest.All Join Group Calls and Meetings as a guest (preview) Allows the app to anonymously join group calls and scheduled meetings in your organization, without a signed-in user. The app will be joined as a guest to meetings in your tenant. Yes Calls.AccessMedia.All Access media streams in a call as an app (preview) Allows the app to get direct access to media streams in a call, without a signed-in user. Yes
  35. 35. Do not forget to update your manifest version
  36. 36. Demo calling
  37. 37. Teams management
  38. 38. Teams Management • PS: Connect-MicrosoftTeams • CLI: o365$ graph teams • Graph: /beta/teams Remember that teams rely on groups (memberships) or other services (SharePoint / Planner)
  39. 39. Demo teams management
  40. 40. Teams Developer Survey
  41. 41. Whats’s next 1. Developer opportunities & 2. Download Teams Generator at & samples 3. Start coding 4. Provide feedback: 5. Keep an eye for Ignite The Tour & Teams Partner Development Workshop
  42. 42. Want to know more? @appieschot @rickvanrousselt
  43. 43. Teams Developer Survey

Editor's Notes

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  • Demo 1 - App Studio
     Ask questions: search sdk
     Manifest editor
     Dev demo app
     Step 1, 2, 3
     Card editor
      Edit Hero card
      Edit Adaptive card
     Control Library
  • Bots use a verification code to validate what is received from the identity provider and what is received from teams
  • Demo 2 - Auth
    Start NGRok
    Explain require HTTPS
    Download package
    Explain package not correct (wrong id)
    Login fail show azure AD redirect url
    Bot Template (personal one)
    Show Simple Auth
    Click Login
    Tell about pop-up
    Show silent auth
    Line 142 - silent-start
    Silent start adal.js config
    Scopen=openid + login_hint
    Show getcacheduser notify succes
    Show button if fails

  • Team 52
    Twitter webhook
    Incomming webhook
  • For all interaction you require bots