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09 newsletter 14 11-2012

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 14 November 2012 Issue 09Dear Parents,Dates for your DiarySunday 18 November - Year 6 House Swimming gala from 8.15am – 10.15amSunday 25 – Tuesday 27 November Bookworm FairMonday 26 November - Next FOY MeetingMonday 26 November - Individual photosTuesday 27 November - Individual photosThursday 29 November - National Day CelebrationsThursday 6 December - Year 3 Ancient Egyptian DaySaturday 8 December - Festive FayreMonday 10 December - Al Yasmina Festive ConcertFrom The Music DepartmentYANOMAMO – A HUGE SUCCESS!!!Last Thursday saw the final rehearsal and eveningperformance of Yanomamo at Al Bateen School.Our 30 children met with 120 other children from AlMushrif, Al Muna, The Pearl and BSAK primaryschools, and we spent the afternoon puttingtogether all the songs and narration they hadbeen learning over this term. It was hugelyexciting, and the children worked so hard that byperformance time they were sounding fabulous.The songs were technically demanding, with many sung in two parts, and the children tackled thembrilliantly. We had solo performances from each school – well done to Sophia Bustamente who sang beautifully for Al Yasmina. The parents, friends and teachers who attended were all in agreement that the performance was stunning. The singing was fantastic and the children were a real credit to themselves, their parents and the school. We are very proud of them!Mr Hudson has made an audio CD of the Yanomamoconcert. If you wish to purchase a copy, please send 10dhs inan envelope marked with your child‟s class and name to MrHudson in the Brass Department.
  2. 2. We have 2 dates for your diary:Saturday, December 8th is the FOY Festive Fayre, which is to be held at school. The following primarygroups will be performing at the following times:11.20 Junior Choir11.40 Intermediate Choir12.00 Flute Choir12.40 Brass EnsembleMonday December 10th is the Al Yasmina Festive Concert. This promises to be a spectacularcelebration of all the musical activities that take place in our school, and will included performancesby all choirs and ensembles. Further details to follow.For any information about primary music activities, please contact cknapton@alyasmina.sch.aeWell done to this week‟s Musicians of the WeekFrom the School NurseThe school nurse has contacted School Health Services (SHS) to arrange a date for them to come toAl Yasmina School to administer the Year 1 booster vaccinations. SHS are fully booked up toDecember, so the vaccinations will not be taking place in November, as originally planned. An e-mail will be sent out to year 1 parents with the new scheduled date in due course.From the PE DepartmentSports stars of the MonthEach squad members has been nominated for their hard work, dedication and progress made fortheir school team. Isobel Hughes James Alley Essam Ghosheh Garance Queromain William TweddleU11A Girls Football U11A Boys Football U12 Rugby U11B Girls Football U9 Boys Football Syed Mustafa Omar Zeidan Hayden Woodrow Tanami Loftus U9 Boys Football U11B Boys Football Swim Squad Swim Squad
  3. 3. Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)FOY Hamper RequestThe Festive Fayre on 8 December is getting closer each week. If you are able to lend a hand, pleaseemail janineloftus@hotmail.com. Each Year group has been given a different theme for donations forour Hamper Raffle stall. Boxes will be provided in each shared area for donations. FOY needs allitems brought in by 22 November 22 so volunteers have plenty of time to wrap them.FS1 and FS2 - Spa products - body wash, scrub, lotion, shower gel, hand cream, cuticle cream, nailpolish, nail file, aromatherapy candles or oilsYear 1 and Year 2 - Gourmet food - (nothing that needs to be refrigerated) - coffee, specialty teas,fancy biscuits or crackers, nice jars, oilsYear 3 and Year 4 - Toys/items for children - board games, cards, small books, crayons, colouringpencils, stickers, yo-yos, small puzzles, bubbles, balloonsYear 5 and Year 6 - Outdoor/garden - vases, candles, lanterns, small garden tools, seeds, hand scruband cream, gardening glovesTickets for a Cinderella „topsy-turvey doll‟ raffle are being sold between 7.30am-7.45am in the primaryplayground on Tuesday and Thursday next week or are available from Mrs Brundan in the PE office.Tickets are 10dhs each and the raffle will be drawn at 2pm at the Festive Fayre. All money raised willsupport World Challenge Uganda 2013.Festive Jar CompetitionTake an empty jar, fill it with wrapped sweets and decorate it as festive as you can. There are prizesfor the best decorated jars (one for boys and one for girls). Please see attached flyer for more details.Administration Support Vacancies Al Yasmina SchoolDue to promotion and the continued growth and success of the school, we seek to fill the followingvacancies. The posts outlined below are much needed to support the school‟s current mission toachieve “outstanding”. Applicants must be confident and have an excellent command of English. Role Start Date Application Min Qualifications Salary AED Deadline Contract Primary 25-11-12 18-11-12 “A” Levels or 6,400/- Receptionist equivalent 7.30am – 3.30pm 30 days holiday per annum Local Contract Arabic 25-11-12 18-11-12 Must be fluent in 6,400/- Administration Arabic/English 7.30am – 3.30pm Assistant “A” Levels or 30 days holiday per equivalent annum Local ContractIf you are interested in applying for a post please contact Mrs. Roberts for a job description/personspecification. If you feel you have the skills and attributes to support us, please e-mail yourapplication to Mrs. Roberts at DRoberts@alyasmina.sch.ae. We look forward to hearing from you.
  4. 4. From the Arabic Department ،،‫أولياء األمور الكرام‬ . ‫يسرنا الترحيب بكم في زاوية اللغة العربية المرفقة مع النشرة األسبوعية المدرسية‬ ، ‫في الروضة الثانية كان يَوماً مـُميزاً ، غمرت فيه الفرحة قلوب أطفال المستوى التّأسيسي الثّاني أثناء تـمثيل أداء مناسك الـحج ( الطّواف‬ َ )......‫شرب ماء زمزم - تَناول التّمر‬ ‫-كم كان رائعا أن يَكتب األطفال أسـماءهم في الـمستوى التّأسيسي الثّاني. في‬ َ ً َ.) ‫في الـروضة األولى األول كتب األطفال الـحروف باأللوان واستخدموا عناصر البيئة (الرمل) ،في عمل صورة الـجمل ( أثناء تعلمهم حرف ج‬National Day ProjectWe want to hear what it means to you and your family to call the UAE your home. Share your ideasin a poem, a photo, a recipe, a story…….any way that you choose! Get creative – let yourimagination run wild! Submit your piece by Tuesday 27th November by handing in all entries atreception – and don‟t forget to include your name!All work will be displayed during our National Day celebrations on Thursday 29th November. (Pleasesee attached flyer for more detail.) Please take note that there will be a meeting for all National DayVolunteers at 10.30am on Monday 26th November in Storks Classroom.Finance Office new locationThe Finance office has relocated to the offices behind the main reception. Registration offices cannow be located at the main entrance of the school where Finance use to be.Finance office welcomes parents to pay their children fees from Sunday to Wednesday 8am until3 pm.Maths Challenge for all Year groupsWe would like to apologise to all of the parents who tried to log into the Maths Challenge last week.We were led to believe the site would stay open for all the children to use after the challenge wascompleted, but this was not the case. Many thanks to all the parents who took the time and tried tolog on.Here are a few Maths sites to try at home.http://www.ictgames.com/resources.htmlhttp://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/
  5. 5. Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)“Bonjour, ca va?” This week FS1 have taken a tour all aroundEurope looking at some famous monuments like the EiffelTower, the Coliseum and the leaning Towner of Pizza. Weused bricks; Lego and construction card to build replicas andtalked all about the different countries, their flags, traditionsand most importantly their foods! We looked at some of the tasty breads and cheeses from countries like France, Italy, Ireland and the UK and had a tempting tasting session where we sampled many different types. Thanks to all the parents who brought in European foods for us to sample- we really enjoyed it! We pretended to become bakers in our own Class Patisseries using play dough to create some scrumptious Baguettes, Ciabattas and Bread rolls! This week we coloured and painted flags from around Europe too, talking about the colours and designs of each one. We learned some French phrases and discovered a lot about European art!Next week we will be learning all about Italy looking at their food andculture. We will be trying some Italian food so if you have any ideas orwant to bring in some samples of your favorite Italian foods pleasecontact your child‟s class teacher; we look forward to hearing fromyou!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week From the left, Jasmeet Notay from Gold Class, Hayley Clements White Class, Maria Luna Arce Zepeda from Blue class, Rabab Saraj from Yellow Class, Erin Beaman from Red class and Christian Lambeth from Green Class.Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)FS2 have been on a culinary adventure to India this week! We learned allabout the cultures, traditions and festivals in India including Diwali andHoli. For Holi, the festival of colour, we used paints to explore whathappens when we mix colours together. For Diwali we talked about thestory of Rama and Sita and made some candle holders. We listened tothe story of Viku and The Elephant. After this we made our own Elephantmasks too.
  6. 6. We were lucky enough to have Miss Alifiya and Mrs. Shabine (Jade class) visit our classrooms and give us a demonstration of how to make Chapattis and Indian sweets! We were able to see how they are made and help out with making our own. When they were cooked we tasted them! Yummy! We would like to say a big thank you to Miss Alifiya and Mrs. Shabine for their hard work. In our number work we have been learning how to add two groups of numbers together. We used practical activities to work out the totals and discuss number sentences, and then we used ladybird addition to add ladybird spots.Next weekWe will be learning all about Italy. We are going to be making some books to do our writing in. Wewill be learning about Italian culture, traditions and food and tasting some examples! Yum! We will beusing pasta to help us count and making some flags. We have also started practicing our songs forthe FS2 show along with The National Anthem ready for National Day.You could help at home by:  In our Food Around the World topic, the countries we will be learning about are Mexico, India, Italy, Asia and UAE. If there are any parents who would like to come into class and show pictures or talk about different foods, we would appreciate any contributions. Please speak to your child/ren‟s teacher.  Can you find out some facts about Italy? You could use the internet or non-fiction books to find out some interesting information to tell your class.Reminder –Our FS2 show will be held in the FS Shared Area at 8.30am on December 5 th. Please do not forget tosign in at Reception - we look forward to seeing you there!Phonics Focus:Phase 3 sounds- j, v, w, x, y, z, ch, sh, th/th.Phase 2 tricky words- you, like, when, here.Helpful websites:Phase 3 Phonics songs – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjKq8s8154sLadybird addition -http://www.kenttrustweb.org.uk/kentict/content/games/ladyBirdSpots/index.html
  7. 7. Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekAlAnood AlMansoori from Jade class, Hamzah Yaghnam from Orange class, Jack Boyle from Rubyclass, Mahad Malik from Purple class and Gabriel Vadakedath from Amber class.Year 1 It‟s the end of another busy week in Year 1, they are just whizzing by as we have so much fun with our learning. This week in Numeracy we have been learning all about odd and even numbers. We have been trying to remember what an odd number looks like and what an even number looks like. In Literacy Zog has been helping us to write an exciting piece of independent writing about our homes. We have also enjoyed reading Handa‟s Surprise and this will help us write our own Handa‟s stories next week. Our shared area is NEARLY ready all will be revealed soon! We are very excited!Next week we will be subtracting 1 and 10 on a number line and solvingwords problems. Using magnets in science, looking at Victorian homes inHistory and making Bedouin tents in Social Studies. We are very excited abouthaving a Camel Beauty contest in Design and Technology. What a fabulousweek we are going to have!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week‟Well done Charlotte Barnett in Cuckoos, Heidi Robson in Doves, Herbie Wells in Sparrows, Maryam AlNowais in Larks and Tiana Kamel in Robins.
  8. 8. Year 2 We are covering the Great Fire of London for the next 2 weeks as part of our Fire topic. The children have found it very interesting as we go back in time to find out the history behind it. We will be using all this information to record it in our class newspapers! We also visited the Khalifa A Fire Station ,which was greeted with much enthusiasm ! The children learnt about preventing fires and loved using the fire-hoses and especially liked trying- on the firefighter‟s uniform!In Maths, we‟ve been learning about 2D shapes and their characteristics. Next week, we‟ll be lookingat written methods for multiplication and division.In Science we have seen how materials change when heated and have enjoyed making chocolaterice crispie cakes to support this.Star Writers – Motumi Mapetla – Sandpipers, Yasmin Harris - Flamingoes, Yasmina Rushaidat - Herons,Leenah Bassiouni – Spoonbill, Oliver Fidler – StorksCongratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekNed Garrett - Sandpipers, Adam Bibars – Flamingoes, Kara Sellar – Spoonbills, Sarana Kadado-Herons,Fares Al Hashmi - Storks
  9. 9. Year 3This week in Literacy the children finished reading The Twits, much to their disappointment! Theycompleted a book review to recommend the book to other readers of the same age. We have alsobeen reviewing Regular and Irregular verbs and changing these into past tense. Please continue topractice these at home. In Math we have been learning the various coins in the UAE currency and British currency and using our knowledge to solve word problems. Science this week has taught us how important the stem is for a plant. We used celery and food colouring to investigate how the water travels up the stem. In Art we have been using Mod Rock to make some amazing canopic jars to store our organs in when we‟re mummified… or if you prefer you can use it as a money box!Next week in Literacy we are learning to use speech marks. In maths we are studying measuring inkm, m, cm and mm. In Science we will be potting our plants in order to investigate what plants needto survive. If you have not done so already please send in a plant pot measuring approx. 15cm indiameter.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the WeekChloe Miller – Buntings, Dexter Power – Curlews, Angelina De Liefde – Cormorants, Mohammad AlBalooshi – Terns and Isa-Ahmed Yousaf – RavensYear 4Lights, Camera, Action!This week our journalistic skills have come into the 21st century as we learnabout what‟s involved in a TV news report. We‟ve watched lots of examplesand thought about the features as we begin planning our own version all aboutfamous buildings that are disappearing into thin air – watch this space for somefab reports! And now back to the studio…In maths we‟ve been thinking about measuring – we‟ve measured things around the classroom,seeing how accurately we can record our answers. We‟ve converted units, and even started thinkingabout shapes and their perimeters. We got super sticky in science this week whilst seeing if we couldchange the state of different materials – namely, chocolate! We read a fab Michael Rosen poemand melted chocolate in our hands… Yum!
  10. 10. We found out about reversible and irreversible changes using ice, chocolate, eggs and wax as illustrations. Guess which material was the most popular?! We were very lucky to be visited by Mrs Rahman last week. Her and her husband have both been involved with designing lots of buildings, bridges and dams. She got us thinking about all kinds of interesting things! Our heads were buzzing with thoughts of how UAE landscapes have changed, what purposes buildings have and she even talked us through how to build a dam!Next week we will be learning how to skim read information texts for key facts and make notes inliteracy. This will help us in our main activity of researching and producing an eye-catching andinformative, A3 information display about five famous buildings. In numeracy we‟re moving onto thetricky subject of fractions – slice of pizza anyone?!Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Wagtails- Molly Forbes, Pipits- Sebastian Rossiter, Warblers- Ella Vosgimorukian, Wheatears- Mark Girgues, Sand grouse- Shanaya Fernando.Year 5Our culmination of our topic „Lights, Camera, Action‟ was Year 5‟s theme day last Thursday, wherewe dressed up as movie characters. All the children looked fantastic, and they all worked really hardon choosing the correct costumes, rehearsing their speeches and taking on the role of theircharacters. They were also fantastic at parading on the red carpet and the Oscar winners spokeelegantly and gracefully, very realistic! The children also enjoyed all the activities on the day,including the exciting treasure hunt and the delicious buffet for lunch! Here are a few snap shots!Going on to this week, we have started our new topic, F1! The children are really excited by this topicand can‟t wait to begin their F1 intensive week! The children have started to learn about the historyof F1, they have created a fact file on what they have found out! We have also started thinking ofthe design and logo‟s of our own personalised F1 cars.In Literacy we have been looking at news broadcasts and creating our own news scripts, there couldbe some future directors and presenters in the making! In Numeracy we have covered lots ofdifferent aspects such as: coordinates, timetables, converting and measuring lengths.
  11. 11. In Science we have also had great fun learning about the Earth, Sun and Moon! We were workingout the relative distances between the Earth, Sun and Moon. Do you know the distance betweenthem? We also looked at the shapes of each of them.Next week in Math‟s we will be. In Literacy we will be starting our new block of „Instructions‟ whichcoincides with our topic of „F1‟. We will be exploring how instructions should be set out, following avariety of different instructions and also making our own fruit kebabs! In Science we will be looking atthe Earth‟s tilt and how that affects the seasons. In Topic we will be learning about the differentcountries that host F1 and also continuing with the design of our personalised F1 cars. In ICT we will belooking at the basic functions of Spreadsheets.Congratulations to last week‟s „Stars of the Week Well done to Umar Bashir (Parakeets), Karim Moulayess (Sunbirds), Joshua Young (Nightjars), Leila Al Qaimi (Mynahs) & Alex Miller (Swallows)!
  12. 12. Year 6What an exciting week Year 6‟s has had this week. It has been ramed full of fun and interestinglearning. This week in Literacy the students have been looking at writing their own personal guide to“Life as a student at Al Yasmina school”. They have explored and investigated various types ofguides, worked together collectively to share ideas and ended the week by producing their veryown guide book.Numeracy was a whirlwind of numbers! The students have been learning a vast variety ofmathematical strategies. They have been studying shapes, their properties, square and cubednumbers and applying various strategies learnt to solve mathematical investigations. Althoughchallenging, the students rose to occasion and tackled their investigations head on.Science was “forceful” as the students took to the football pitch to test air resistance. Working ingroups, the students conducted an investigation to see how much force was against them as theyran holding an A4 sheet of paper, a piece of card and then running without. Students then took onthe role of the teacher and explained what they experienced and whether or not their hypothesisregarding air resistance was true. Have your child become the teacher at home and have a go atinvestigating air resistance.Testing air resistence with A4 sheet of paper and black card.Next week the classrooms will heat up as the students take to the floor to learn about debates inliteracy. Numeracy will cover securing number facts, calculating and identifying relationships withnumbers. We will still be covering our topic on Forces in Science as well as the Aztecs in our Topicsessions.Well done to our stars of the week this week! Roan Greene (Ospreys), Amir Fahmy (Owls), Layla Jawhari (Eagles), Alyazya Al Bloushi (Kestrals), Iman Feroz (Falcons)