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16 newsletter 31 01-2013

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 31 January 2013 Issue 16 Have you Downloaded the D6 Communicator? 25 days to go! This will be Al Yasmina’s main form of communication. Follow this link to download this program on you PC. http://www.six-delta.com/schools/communicators.htmlDear Parents,Dates for your DiaryThursday 31 January - Music Recital at 2.45pmTuesday 5 February - Next FOY Meeting at 8am in conference roomThursday 7 February - House Athletics for Year 1 and Year 2Tuesday 12 February - House Athletics for Year 3 and Year 4Sunday 10 Feb-13 Feb - Secondary performance “Chicago” at 6.30pm (dhs20/ticket)Wednesday 13 February - International DayThursday 14 February - House Athletics for Year 5 and Year 6Thursday 28 February - Aldar OlympicsWednesday 20 March - Spring ConcertAssistant Head – Students – Mrs. WatkinsI would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself in my new role usingmy „new‟ name for those of you who knew me prior to September 2012.Having been a member of the Al Yasmina team since the school opened inSeptember 2008 I have been fortunate to experience a variety of roles withinthe school. From Classroom Teacher to Year Leader and now as AssistantHead Teacher, responsible for Students in the Primary, the variety has allowedme to develop strong relationships with staff, pupils and their families. This issomething that I cherish about working within the school environment and Ifeel very privileged to have had these opportunities.Previous to joining Al Yasmina I was brought up in the South West of England where I began myteaching career. I soon realized my passion was working with the lower Primary age range and I wasfortunate to be able to link my enjoyment of sports, to my teaching, by becoming the Primary LinkTeacher for my school and Subject coordinator for PE alongside my role as KS1 classroom teacher.Having experienced the wonders of a round the world trip during my „gap‟ year I then made thedecision to enhance my teaching career further making the move to Abu Dhabi. 1
  2. 2. My current role as a Primary Assistant Head is to focus on the well-being of the students within theschool. This includes behavior for learning, child protection, Specific Educational Needs linked toEnglish as a second language, Gifted and Able and Special needs. Within the curriculum I will bemonitoring the inclusion of the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL) alongside Every ChildMatters and global citizenship awareness.I am the line manager for the SENCo, teachers of intervention support and supply cover and for theTeaching Assistants. This allows me to work with a wide range of teams across the primary sectionincluding the School council. I am very excited to have been involved with the planning of theInternational Day being held later this term.I am also a parent of one 2 year old boy and you may have noticed I have another little one on theway. Whilst I am looking forward to my new arrival soon after the mid-term holiday, my plan is toreturn to Al Yasmina following the Spring break to resume my position and continue with the projectsthat I have already begun.I am thoroughly enjoying my new role at Al Yasmina especially being able to meet so many pupilsand parents each morning as you arrive for school. I look forward to continuing to establish myself asa member of the Leadership Team during this academic year. Should you need to contact me, myemail address is: PWatkins@alyasmina.sch.ae.International Day - Wednesday, 13 February 2013To celebrate the vast array of nationalities at Al Yasmina, we willholding an International Day celebration. Children are being asked to dress up in their national dressor in clothes that represent the colours of the flag of their country. The day will commence with aparade of nations and then continue with international but educationally based activities in theclassroom. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the parade from 8.15 – 9am. Seating will bemade available and we ask that all parents stay within the allocated area. Lessons will resume after the parade, however the international theme will continue throughout the day. Children will also be given the opportunity to visit an international showcase, provided by a group of volunteers. This will be a great fun and educational experience for the children. No money will be required at the showcase. Specialist lessons will also continue as normal so please ensure your child comes equipped with their PE kit etc if required.Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)The next FOY meeting is this Tuesday, 5 February at 8am in the Conference room - all welcome. TheAgenda is as follows:* Treasurers Report* Ball Committee - Charity?* International Day* House sports days helpers* Aldar Olympics helpers* Confirm Dates on the Calendar - put on communicator/website.* Any other business 2
  3. 3. FOYVegDont forget to check the website/communicator for new products available and February ordersare due in today, Thursday with payment by Monday 4th Feb.VolunteersOnce again, if anyone is available on the 7th or 12th February to help out with Tea/Coffee Stands atthe House Athletics Days or on the 28th February for the Aldar Olympics to help with the BBQ, pleaseemail janineloftus@hotmail.com.From the School NursesDr Mushtak (school doctor) will be visiting the school clinic on Monday, 4 February at 8am. Pleasecontact the school nurses on 02-5014722 or nurse@alyasmina.sch.ae if you have a medical concernregarding your child which you wish to discuss with Dr Mushtak.From the Music DepartmentThe Abu Dhabi Festival will this year celebrate its 10th edition, celebrating a decade of distinction,and runs from the 3rd – 31st of March with a calendar of classical music, theatre and performing arts,jazz, ballet and visual art. There is a special offer to teachers and staff, a 25% ticket discount (uponpresentation of a valid staff ID) and students a 50% ticket discount (upon presentation of theirpassport and the attached flyer)on every 2 tickets purchased or student passport at the Abu DhabiFestival Box Office at Emirates Palace. Noting that each staff member or student can purchase amaximum of 2 tickets per event. The Box Office opens daily from 1:00pm - 7:00pm.Well done to this week‟s Musicians of the Week:Since we have so many lovely singers and promising musicians inFoundation Stage, we have decided to celebrate an FS Musician ofthe Week as well from now on. Well done to this week‟s Musicians ofthe Week: FS1 Gold: Mahra Al Mahairi performed the song “I‟m aGiraffe” for the entire class. She sang perfectly in tune with a beautifulsinging voice.KS1 Year 2 Flamingos: Yasmin Harris played a simple tune on theglockenspiel from memory for her class and performed it perfectly.KS2 Year 3 Cormorants: Ethan Duruba performed a song from theCaribbean. He picked up the tune so quickly and then performed it forthe class very musically.Mahra Al Mahairi (front), Yasmin Harris (left) and Ethan Duruba (right)In assembly this morning Mr Gale presented certificates to some very special musicians, who haverecently passed their ABRSM practical exams. They are:Yasmin Gaby, flute Grade 1 with a Merit;Annabelle Harrison, clarinet Grade 1 with a Merit;Christine Simon, piano Grade 1 with Distinction;Jade Mclean, violin Grade 1 with Distinction;Leila al Qaimi, violin Grade 3 Pass;Emmanuelle Vuileumier, violin Grade 3 with a Merit;Shanaya Fernando, violin Grade 1 with a Merit;Elisa Vliegen, violin Grade 1 with a Merit;Noemie Queromain, violin Grade 1 with a Merit. 3
  4. 4. We also had a musical treat from the cast of TheWiz, who performed one of the songs “Ease ondown the Road”. It was lots of fun – well done tothe cast!Dates for your diary:Thurs January 31st Monthly RecitalWed March 20th Spring ConcertWed/Thurs May 29th and 30th The Wiz!For any information about primary music activities,please contact cknapton@alyasmina.sch.aeFrom the Arabic Department ‫تَعرف األَطْفال على قصة الالم القمرية والشمسية من خالل استخدام أسلوب التعلم باللعب حيث تم تطبيق لعبة للتمييز بين الالم الشمسية‬ َ َ ََ .‫والقمرية َكِتابَتِهما، وقدحصل الفريق الفائز على المسابقة‬ َ َ ‫و‬Sport - Abu Dhabi Schools Touch Rugby SeriesThe U9 series got off to a great start with nine schools involved in the inaugural series. The two AlYasmina teams (named the reds and the whites) played with great enthusiasm and team work, eventhough there was a mix of experience between the two teams. They all performed extremely wellgiven the short time they have been training for the sport and really enjoyed themselves! Theyfinished 4th and 5th in the tournament but this was definitely a team that will go from strength tostrength as the series goes on! The next tournament is here at Al Yasmina on Monday 11th February. 4
  5. 5. Reception – Lost propertyPlease note that all school items should be clearly marked with your child‟s full name. All lost propertyreceived, that is clearly marked, will be taken to your child‟s class. All unmarked items will bedonated to charity each Thursday afternoon after 3pm. All collections can be made on weekdays at1.30pm.Playground water fountainsPlease encourage your children not to play with the water fountains in the primary playgroundbefore and after school. There have been several occasions where children have been splashingand spitting water at each other. This is unhygienic and a waste of water. Thank you for your co-operation.Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)We are going to the zoo, zoo, zoo! What a fantastic week ithas been in FS1! We all enjoyed visiting the zoo this week andmeeting the animals that we have been learning so muchabout. The week started with a special visitor, Malcolm theZookeeper. He talked to us about all the different animals wewould see at the zoo and more importantly how to behave atthe zoo. Thank you Malcolm!Once we got to the zoo we enjoyed feeding and stroking some of the animals at the zoo who wereso friendly and gentle. We loved watching the sea lion show and were amazed by all the cool tricksthey can do. As this was our first ever school trip we tried hard to remember the rules that keep ussafe, but the teachers did not need to worry as we all behaved impeccably and made our schoolvery proud of us.After seeing all the animals and reading the book „Dear Zoo‟ each class has had a go at makingtheir very own lift the flap „Dear zoo‟ book. Please come and read our fantastic book, we thought ofthe sentences for each picture too!Next week we will continue to explore another category of zoo animals – reptiles. We will be doinglooking at how reptiles move, where they live and making paper snakes to help us learn aboutlength. In phonics we will be learning the sounds - r, d, g, u and consolidating all the sounds wehave learnt over the last few weeks. We have started to blend simple CVC words and we wouldappreciate it if you could reinforce this learning at home. 5
  6. 6. Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekLast week the stars of the week were: (from the left) YazanAmeed from Yellow Class, Stella La Gona from White Class,Isabella Hewitt from Gold Class, Chiara Shuttleworth fromGreen Class, Tala Samarah from Red Class and NatashaWillsher from Blue Class. A big well done from all the teachers,we are all really proud of you!Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)What an exciting week it‟s been for FS2! We all loved our trip to the Emirates Park Zoo, where we sawlots of animals, learnt about where they live and we even got to feed some of them including thegiraffe!!! We were so well behaved and our teachers were VERY proud of us!! We would like to thankour parent helpers, who did a wonderful job looking after us; we hope you enjoyed it as much as wedid! When we were not being kissed by the sea lion, we were working hard in school. We showed ourteachers how clever we are with our sounds and we tried really hard to write about our adventuresto the zoo.Next week our mini focus is „Reptiles‟. We have got some GREAT activities planned including writing aletter to Achilles‟ Mum (they are crocodiles), persuading her to allow him to eat a child and makinghealthy crocodile courgette cupcakes. In Maths we will be counting aloud in ones, twos, fives andtens and measuring reptiles and putting them in order by length.You could help at home by:• Talking about different reptiles, where they live, what they eat etc.• Look at the similarities, differences, and patterns of reptiles and how and why they might change.• Practice counting in ones, twos, fives or tens• Measure items from home and order them from longest to shortest.Phonics Focus: Revision of Phase 3 sounds: air ureTricky words: you, this, that, they, then, themHelpful websites: http://kids.nationalgeographic.co.uk/kids/animals/creaturefeature/http://www.ictgames.com/counting.htmUnderwear amnestyWe are in desperate need for girl‟s underwear. If you have any spare that your child has grown outof, please can you pass them on to your child‟s class teacher? Thank you. 6
  7. 7. Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekKirsty Pollock from Jade class, Alexandros Markou from Amber class, Ferdinand Maluck from Orangeclass, Khushil Govind from Ruby class and Harrison Dealy from Purple class. Well done guys, we‟re soproud of you!!!Year 1 Down in the jungle, Come if you dare…Yes, Year 1 are still boogie woogie-ing and stepping into the layered world of the rainforest. We havelearnt about an Emerald tree Boa lounging in the canopy, and of the monkeys swinging through theemergent layers!! We have been presenting our facts in a table using very specific words such ashabitat, diet and appearance. Then telling our partners what we have learnt. Tough work! Ask yourchild about bonds to 10 and 20! Can they tell you yet which pairs total these numbers? We‟ve usedsongs, cubes, bus problems and fingers to make sure they can!Our Jungle masks look cool – have a sneak below only as we want tosurprise you on Thursday 14th February when we will be singing to youfrom 1.15-2.00 in the Dance Studio!Next week we will be looking a Measuring in Numeracy, specifically…What is longer or shorter than a metre?Explore what is heavier or lighter than 500g.Find out what holds more or less than one litre?Literacy will see the continuation of information writing and expecting the children to use bulletpoints, headings and clear factual sentences to present their findings. We will also build a minirainforest but will investigate which materials would best block out the light and create a fabulouscanopy - hence the request for cardboard rolls last week – thank you all those who sent them in!Reminders: please fill out your letters for the trip as soon as you get them!Request: Are there any green-fingered parents out there who would like tocome and talk to our children about plants and caring for them, or show ussome plants that they have grown? 7
  8. 8. Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekOmar Khalid – Sparrows, Khaled Al Shamsi- Larks, Zeyad Saleh – Robins, Noah Lambeth – Cuckoos,Ayeh Al-Yazdi - DovesYear 2Year 2 set off on their Click Tour this week and managed to take some fabulous pictures of some veryfamous Abu Dhabi tourist destinations. We do not want to spoil the surprise but here is a sneakpreview of some of their snaps.This week in Maths we have been learning how to estimate, compareand measure lengths using standard units. We have been using avariety of different resources including rulers, metre sticks and trundlewheels. We had to estimate and then measure how far we couldjump. Ask your child at home to tell you the length of their jump. Nextweek in maths we will be learning how to estimate, compare andmeasure weights using non- standard and standard units. Our Harris Burdick stories were so wonderful that we decided to spend time this week editing them and adding in extra details. Next week in literacy we will be looking at the use of persuasive language and learning how to write „persuasively.‟ We will be creating our own slogans, adverts and trying to persuade some friendly aliens to let us stay at school! 8
  9. 9. In Topic we have been designing a new area in Abu Dhabi. We had to think carefully about whatwe would include in our area and we had to justify our answers. We decided to include hotels,supermarkets, a beach, a waterpark and houses. If you had to design a new area in Abu Dhabi,what would you include and why?In Art this week we have been looking at the work of Andy Warhol and creatingour own Pop art pictures. We had to think of an iconic Abu Dhabi image andthen recreate it several times using different colours. Can you guess what theimage is?Reminder- Once again this we have had many children not completinghomework or handing it in late. Homework is expected to be done each week and is to be handedin every Monday. It is vital that you support your child in completing their homework on time.Request- Do you have any old or unwanted clothes you could donate to our new and fabulous roleplay area? If so please send them our way! They must be clean and appropriate for the children touse.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Sandpipers – Amelie Ansell, Flamingos – Molly Fox, Storks – Alannah Griffiths, Herons – Mohamed Al Shekaili, Spoonbills – Greorio Angel VelasquezYear 3The children have been enjoying finishing and editing their stories based on Australian myths. It hasbeen wonderful to see them develop as writers and use similes and word choice to create effectsand build atmosphere. We also looked at the rhyming story „Wombat Stew‟, and used this to writedefinitions of new words as well as re-visiting instructional writing skills. If you dare, ask the childrenabout some of their ingredients for Wombat‟s stew!Next week in Literacy, we will be concentrating on word-work: punctuation, comprehension andgrammar, as well as investigating anagrams and palindromes. In Numeracy this week, we havebeen practicing mental strategies and addition and subtraction methods, by using what we know toadd/ subtract larger numbers together (i.e. by looking for number bonds, partitioning numbers andusing empty number lines on whiteboards to make jottings and secure accuracy ). We have alsobeen balancing number sentences by using the equals sign and writing alternative sums to solvesimple equations.Next week in Numeracy, we will be focusing on weighing, comparing masses and reading scales.Please could you bring in an item from your kitchen cupboard to weigh? This could be anything froma packet of crisps to a tin of beans to a packet of pasta or a bag of sugar. It would be great to havea range of different items to compare. Thank you! 9
  10. 10. In Topic we have been finding out more facts from Australia‟s past and thinking what it must have feltlike to discover…GOLD! Ask us what we have found out so far and how the discovery of goldchanged people‟s lives and places.Reminder: Please sign the „Sleep Over‟ letter and return to school by Tuesday 5th February. We arereally looking forward to this and it would be wonderful if every child would be able to participate inthis exciting, fun experience.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Omer Shakeel - Terns, Rayan Mahmoud – Buntings, Mackenzie Kenyon – Ravens, Abdulla Al Ali – Cormorants . Apologies to Curlews, the long weekend caught them out but Mrs Hargrave has rewarded the class in another way.Year 4In Literacy this week we have continued to look at stories set in a historical setting. We have verynearly finished the story „The Roman Invasion, My Story‟ and we have enjoyed it so much, we arehoping to write our own story in the same style next week! The book has given us lots of informationabout the Romans and it has raised many interesting questions that have really made us think. Wehave therefore spent a lot of the week exploring how we feel about the Romans and whether wethink it was right for the Romans to invade Britain. Our class debates have been so much fun and wehave really enjoyed getting the chance to debate our views and opinions about The Romans.Our work on the Romans has not just stopped at speaking and listening activities. We have also beenworking really hard to learn new „Exciting Sentence types‟ and have been using these to describeBran‟s character and to explain how he might be feeling at different points in the story. Thesesentences are really helping us to make progress with our writing skills and are helping us to usecommas effectively.In Math‟s we‟ve been continuing to use written methods for calculations. All of us have tried reallyhard to become familiar and confident with „Chunking‟ and most of us are really happy to say wehave conquered the Chunking method! We have now moved onto looking at number sequencesand will be working hard on this in the week to come. We are also excited about starting a newMath‟s set this Thursday, where we will take part in Mental and Oral activities and investigate lots ofdifferent open questions to help us apply all of the methods we have learnt recently for addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. 10
  11. 11. The Roman Wheatears (far left), debating why they think the Romans SHOULD have invaded Britain and have taken over the country! The Side of The Britons (left), debating why The Romans SHOULDN‟T have invaded Britain and they SHOULD have left their people and their tribes alone.Us as Romans, (left) with our fantastic homemade Roman Artifacts and Writing Exciting Sentencesabout our main story character „Bran‟.Important Key dates in Year 4:Tuesday 12th February: Years 3/4 House athletics CompetitionWednesday 13th February: International DayThursday 14th February: Year 4 Roman DayCongratulations to our Stars of the Week Congratulations to Archie Backhouse (Wheatears), Grace Lewis (Wagtails), Albert Jarman (Sandgrouse), absent Mishkat Usama (Warblers). 11
  12. 12. Year 5The school week began with a Year group assembly in the shared area. The assembly gave childrenan insight into the exciting week we had planned. We introduced our Ancient China topic andchildren have been really excited about this topic. In Literacy the pupils have been creating theirown story using elements of Michael Morpurgo‟s style of writing. They have completed a final pieceof writing that covers different sentence types, punctuation, sentence variation and specificvocabulary.In Numeracy the pupils have been looking at symmetry and translation. They have worked reallyhard on drawing the reflections of shapes and patterns, sometimes involving two lines of symmetry.The children have also been working really hard on learning their times tables, please can you testyour child on a weekly basis.In topic the children decided on what they knew already about AncientChina and what they would like to find out too. They used the internet and books to source andidentify some of the questions created. They looked at the History of Ancient China and the differentdynasties over the years.Do you know who the first Emperor was and how the name China came about? Maybe your childwill be able to help you out. We have also been looking at what life was like in Ancient China andhow the roles of women may have been different. The children were also told a traditional Chinesetale which gave children an understanding of the Chinese New Year. This was told by our very ownstudent Edmund Chung, what a star!Next week we will be starting our new topic in Literacy called „Persuasive Writing‟. We will be focusingon different aspects of persuasion and concentrating particulary on the advertising aspect, lookingat leaflets and promotions that persuade potential customers. In Numeracy the pupils are learningabout the likelihood of events occurring and the words associated to probability such as: impossible,even chance, certain.Next week for our topic of „Ancient China‟ children will be concentrating on the geographicalaspect of China, looking at the region of China and the geographical features that are apparent.We will also be looking at the different rivers in China and their importance to China. Finally we will befocusing on the key cities in China.Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekSwallows -James Kay, Parakeets-Mousa Pirzada, Mynahs-Natalia Ponce, Nightjars-Iman Mohd Husni,Sunbirds-Morgan Dennett. 12
  13. 13. Year 6Year 6 have continued to work hard this week and have maintained an excellent attitude towardstheir learning. During Literacy this week the pupils have been learning about the features of non-chronological reports. They will be using these skills and the homework they have researched, tocreate a non-chronological report on a topic of interest to them! In Numeracy the pupils have beenapplying their knowledge of numbers to real-life situations. Some classes have been handling datawhile others have been measuring distances and converting between mm, cm, m and km. Childrenhave also looked at Probability and Mean, Median, Mode and Range. In Science we have been continuing to study evaporation. This week, children will be investigating how to vary the speed at which materials dissolve. They have been able to identify the variables and constants and are excited about recording the results over the week. Continuing on with our topic, „Freaks of Nature‟, the pupils have been learning how volcanoes are formed and the impact that they have on the world. We will be starting to investigate tornadoes next!Solving the problem of designing and making a seismograph!Next week we shall start the week with „Sunday Fun Day.‟ Though I do not expect a day of fun willmake up for the disappointment the children are feeling over the cancellation of the Omanresidential, I do think that it will lift their spirits and add a silver lining to a somewhat dark cloud.The following days we shall be looking at Securing number facts, and understanding shape. Inliteracy the children shall be looking at developing the children‟s understanding of imagery and theuse of personification and metaphors to help heighten their writing.May I please remind all of the pupils that their natural disaster projects are due on Monday 11thFebruary.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Layla Jawhari, Jimin Kim, Ahmed Al Belooshi, Eoghan Cumbers, Klara SuleimanAl Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 501 4888email: jhupalo@alyasmina.sch.ae 13