Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter                                                                                      ...
I am the line manager for the Heads of Year and I work closely with them to ensure that they are wellsupported in their ro...
Lost PropertyPlease note that lost property is only available to view at 13.30 weekdays.Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)FOY are ...
From the Music DepartmentWell done to this week’s Musicians of the Week:Faris Abusinn (Key Stage1)who is in Year 1 Larks, ...
Sport - UAE Touch Rugby SeriesThank you to everyone who competed in the U11 Abu Dhabi Schools Touch Rugby on Monday, thefi...
Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)FS2 have been on an Aquarium Adventure this week! We have been exploring all the different typesof...
Helpful websites:Phonics game -! Number fo...
Remember, remember…On the last day of this term, Thursday 14th February, we are having a Jungle day in Year 1. Pleaseallow...
In topic we have been learning about the history of cameras and what the parts of a camera arecalled. Did you know that th...
Year 3In Literacy this week the children have readsome Aboriginal myths and legends.        Wecreated story plans then wro...
Year 4In Literacy this week we have been looking at stories set in a historical setting. As we are studying theRomans in o...
Year 5The school week began with a Year group assembly in the shared area. This gave us the opportunityto celebrate the pr...
In Numeracy the pupils have been applying their knowledge of numbers to real-life situations. Someclasses have been handli...
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15 newsletter 23 01-2013


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15 newsletter 23 01-2013

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 23 January 2013 Issue 15 Have you Downloaded the D6 Communicator? 32 days to go! This will be Al Yasmina’s main form of communication. Follow this link to download this program on you PC. Parents,Dates for your DiaryWednesday 30 January - Second hand uniform sale – 1.30pm in atriumThursday 31 January - Music Recital at 2.45pmThursday 7 February - House Athletics for Year 1 and Year 2Tuesday 12 February - House Athletics for Year 3 and Year 4Sunday 10 Feb-13 Feb - Secondary performance “Chicago” at 6.30pm (dhs20/ticket)Wednesday 13 February - International DayThursday 14 February - House Athletics for Year 5 and Year 6Thursday 28 February - Aldar OlympicsWednesday 20 March - Spring ConcertAssistant Head – Teaching and Learning, Staff Professional Development – Mrs. BarberI would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and to thank thewhole Al Yasmina Community for making me and my family so welcomeduring our first few months in Abu Dhabi – we have already made lots offriends and feel very much part of the school.When I left university, I completed a childhood ambition of becoming areal teacher, just like Mrs. Bradley, my first teacher and first inspiration. Evenat age 4 I knew I wanted to be just like her when I grew up. My aspirationnow is to provide the best start for all children in my care, so that they tooare determined to achieve their goals.Previous to joining Al Yasmina I have worked in many Primary schools in theUK with my most recent position as Head Teacher of an Infant School with onsite Preschool provision.Having reached Headship in England, I decided I needed a new challenge and the opportunitycame to join Al Yasmina and experience life in another country.My current role as a Primary Assistant Head is to focus on developing the teacher’s skills and ensuringthat their continuous professional development enables the children at Al Yasmina to have the bestpossible education and learning experience during their time with us. 1
  2. 2. I am the line manager for the Heads of Year and I work closely with them to ensure that they are wellsupported in their role and communication lines are kept open across the school as well as withineach separate year group.I am also a parent of the school and have been thrilled with the range of activities and opportunitiesthat our move to Abu Dhabi and Al Yasmina has afforded us; we are now doing things that beforewe could only dream of and are appreciating every moment.I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know all the children and their families at Al Yasmina, Iparticularly like the informal conversations before and after school on the playground, as mypersonal challenge is to learn the name of every child! I look forward to continuing to establish myselfas a member of the Leadership Team and if you have any questions, my email address Yasmina teachers in golf competitionLast week, the Al Yasminastaff, holders of the STAGStrophy, took part in theSTAGS golf competitionagainst Al Bateen Schooland The AmericanInternational School of AbuDhabi.It was a very competitiveday, with Al Bateennarrowly defeating AlYasmina by 5 shots! Sadly,we had to hand over thetrophy to Mr. Kilding, whowas a very proud Al Bateen Al Yasmina staff (in turquoise shirts) were: Ms. McLoughlin, Mr. Hetherington,captain. Ms. Davies, Mr. Ward (Captain), Mr. Eaves, Mr. McNaught, Mr. Dunne,We’ll win it back next year. Mr. Davies, Mr. Stanley and Mr. CantrillInternational Day - 13 February 2013On Wednesday, 13 February, Al Yasmina will be recognizingand celebrating its diverse, international community.We are currently planning an International Showcase for all students to enjoy. This would involveparents from as many different countries as possible, spending the day running an “exhibition stand”.The stand would help the students understand what different countries look, taste, feel, smell andsound like. The children will not be asked to bring money in therefore there will be no opportunity forstands to sell items. It is simply to promote cultural understanding and to give students a “flavor” of arange of countries. If you would like to find out more or offer your support, please contact Miss Merrick – for further details or come along to our planning meeting, Sunday 27 January at 8am, G78 (DT Secondary room). 2
  3. 3. Lost PropertyPlease note that lost property is only available to view at 13.30 weekdays.Friend of Al Yasmina (FOY)FOY are looking for volunteers to help with Sports days, Aldar Olympics and the Annual Ball! • The annual ball is to be held on 3 May 2013 and we are looking to form a committee to organise it. If you are interested in getting involved in the organisation of the ball this year. • House Athletics days are coming up in February – 7 February - Year 1 & 2, 12 February - Year 3 & 4 and 14 February - Year 5 & 6 and we would like to have a tea/coffee stall on these days. • The Aldar Olympics will be held this year on Thursday, 28 February and FOY would like to hold a BBQ etc. on this day.If you are able to help out at all at any of these events please contact Hand Uniform Sale - the monthly second hand uniform sale will be held next Wednesday30 January from 1.30pm in the school Atrium.FoyVeg - dont forget to collect your boxes on Wednesday after 1.30pm from the Primary EntranceGate. For further info email Lisa at the School NursesResidential school tripsIf your child is going on a residential school trip (Hatta/Oman/Dibba) and will need to takeprescribed medication with them, please could you contact the school nurse on 02-5014722 school nurse prepares a list of medical conditions and medical needs of pupils and needs toknow who will be required to take medication while on a trip. All medications should be handed intothe school clinic PRIOR to the trip (not the day of the trip). All medications will then be handed overto the teacher with accompanying instructions.There is no need to give your child over-the-counter medications to carry, as the teachers will begiven a complete first aid kit, which will include basic medications such as oral pain-relief (calpol),oral anti-histamine, oral throat lozenges and topical anti-histamine cream.From the LibraryThe Baker Book club leaflets have been distributed to all Primary children this week. The book clubgives you an opportunity to buy a range of popular and exciting, age appropriate books for yourchildren. Please follow the instructions as per leaflet and return the order form in a sealed envelope,clearly marked with your child’s name and class, to Mrs. Morris or Mrs. Stanley (Librarians) who will bein the Primary playground area each morning from 7.40am – 8.00am.(see flyers attached).REMINDER LAST DAY FOR BOOK ORDERS IS MONDAY 28TH JANUARY 3
  4. 4. From the Music DepartmentWell done to this week’s Musicians of the Week:Faris Abusinn (Key Stage1)who is in Year 1 Larks, demonstrated an excellentunderstanding of pitch and how the notes were moving in a song. He was sogood he was able to conduct the rest of his class as they sang! Grace Lewis (Key Stage 2), who is in Year 4 Wagtails, has a very lovely singing voice, and this week she sang solo a part of the Roman song that the class are learning. It was fantastic! Well done to both of our talented musicians!Dates for your diary:March 20th Spring ConcertThe Wiz:Dates have now been confirmed so put them in your diaries and reserve that date! They are asfollows: Tuesday, 28 May All day Full dress rehearsal Wednesday, 29 May 12.30pm Matinee Performance to Primary Wednesday, 29 May 6pm Evening Performance to public Thursday, 30 May 12.30pm Matinee Performance to Secondary Thursday, 30th May 6pm Evening Performance to publicIf your child is in The Wiz, please look out for an email which will be coming out very shortly containingimportant information!For any information about primary music activities, please contact the Arabic Department Year 4 non-native: The Year 4 students enjoyed our topic “Around the World” this week. They made presentations and spoke of different countries such as Malaysia and Spain, their people and their cultures. Useful website: 1&catprntid=01 4
  5. 5. Sport - UAE Touch Rugby SeriesThank you to everyone who competed in the U11 Abu Dhabi Schools Touch Rugby on Monday, thefirst of the Series. It was a very positive experience. What a super atmosphere with all childrenplaying and families watching with a smile on their face. The standard was excellent considering formany children and schools it was their first time playing in a competitive environment. Hopefully witha week off, they can continue to improve before returning for the next U11 tournament on Monday,4 February.The Al Yasmina team results were as follows. The reds came runners up to Brighton in the Cupcompetition. The whites were the plate playoff winners over Belvedere. A fantastic achievement forour school!Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)This week we have been learning all about life under the sea. We’ve been looking at all sorts of seacreatures like octopus, crustaceans, whales and much more. We’ve been listening to whales anddolphins singing and chatting about the differences of sea life, polar life and life on the savannah.We’ve been busy making some super fish from shapes and different materials talking about how theyfeel and look. We are going to hang some in our Aquarium in the Shared area so everyone can seethem. Thank you to parents who brought in books to read and toys to play with.In the shared area we loved sticking legs on our octopus, tentacles on our jellyfish and teeth on oursharks with play-doh. We took a virtual trip under the sea in our Aquarium hut where we could see lotsof different creatures. We’ve been having super fun at the pool too; everyone is getting used to thewater and enjoying our weekly splash around. In phonics, we have learnt 4 new sounds o, r m and d.Please continue to practice these sounds at home with your child encouraging them to point out anyword beginning with these sounds. Don’t forget to help your child learn a special or interesting factthat they could share with their class!Next week we will be going on our Zoo trips. Don’t forget to send in your forms if you haven’t alreadydone so. We will be looking at all the areas of the Zoo talking about all the amazing animals we willsee.Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekOur super stars of the week are (from left to right): ZaidBasbous Gold Class, Mira Al Hammadi Blue Class, MilaJabsheh Red Class, Aaron O’Connor Green Class, AndrewMatta Yellow Class and Miles Broderick White Class. Welldone to all of you! 5
  6. 6. Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)FS2 have been on an Aquarium Adventure this week! We have been exploring all the different typesof animals that live there and their patterns. We felt the different patterns of shells and used waxcrayons and paper to do some rubbings of them. In our writing, we imagined the things that wewould see if we were a diver and worked really hard to write all about them. Come to our classroomsand see our wonderful artwork too! We have created jellyfish, 3D fish and crabs. FS2 have been veryclever whilst looking at non- fiction books. We discussed what they are used for and what is insidethem. Then we were able to find out some information about creatures under the sea. We also had agreat time learning the song, Under the Sea from the little mermaid and dancing to it as well!In our number work we have been learning about symmetry. We talked about how symmetricalthings look the same on both sides and we practiced drawing lines of symmetry on different shapes.After that we were able to make some symmetrical fish!Next weekAll of FS2 are very excited to be going on our Zoo Trip! Here is a reminder of when each class is going: Sunday, 27 January Amber class Monday, 28 January Ruby class Tuesday, 29 January Purple class Wednesday, 30 January Orange class Thursday, 31 January Jade classPlease remember that the children will need to wear their school uniform, and to bring a separatesnack, water in a plastic disposable water bottle and a healthy lunch (not nuts or chocolate) asnormal. We will be back in school in plenty of time for a normal pick-up. Whilst our friends in otherclasses are at the zoo, the rest of us will be doing lots of activities linked to our trip including somewriting about the things that we saw. We will be going over lots of our phonics and tricky words;making sure we can read and write them. In Maths, we will be consolidating what we have learntover the last few weeks – weighing objects, sharing objects into equal groups and finding the line ofsymmetry.You could help at home by:- Practicing letter and number formation at home with your child. This can also be done in dry sand, wet sand, shaving foam or even icing sugar! Have a go - Please make sure you are going over your child’s sound walls, word walls and reading books at home too.Phonics Focus:Phase 3 sounds - revisit igh ur ow oi earTricky words- big, put, but, seeRevisiting - he, she, we, me, be, was, my, you, her, they, all, are 6
  7. 7. Helpful websites:Phonics game -! Number formation - to our Stars of the WeekLaila Zeidan from Purple class, Mariya Mubashir from Ruby class, Joyce Elias from Orange class,Maryam El Barky from Amber class and Joshua Coetzee from Jade class. Well done guys, we’re soproud of you!!!Year 1Year 1 this week were getting deeper into the jungle topicwith great enthusiasm. In Science, our camouflageinvestigation was very interesting…hide and seek withchameleons is certainly different! We have also used weblinks to explore the jungle and we became the four layers ofthe rainforest also!!Here a great one which the children loved: have been making noticeable improvement with their writing with their repeated languagestories. Well done Year 1!Next week in Literacy, we explore the animals and jungles further. Our aim is to develop our skills towrite a piece of non-fiction writing by the end of this term. We will be looking at the contents, glossaryand index in these books, and finding out lots of facts! Home reading books will reflect this nextweek.We are striving to stretch our little brains too through different questions which make our readers workbeyond a yes or no answer. So, look out for some helpful questions that we will send out next weekfor you to try with your children.In Numeracy we will focus on recalling number facts, especially doubles to 10, as well as exploring allnumber bonds to at least 10 and extending to 20. Some may go so far as to apply this to somecomplements to 100! (5 + 5 = 10 so, 50 + 50 = 100!) Yes, we are looking for some real Mathemagiciansnow! 7
  8. 8. Remember, remember…On the last day of this term, Thursday 14th February, we are having a Jungle day in Year 1. Pleaseallow your children to come as jungle animals or dress in the colours of the jungle. We will be makingmasks for them to add to any costumes they wear.Year 1 will perform to you some songs that they have learnt but the date is to be confirmed shortly.Another date for your diaries is our trip to the Emirates Zoo on Monday 11th February to see theanimals but also to look at our new topic : Growing. The letter will come to you shortly, as will therequest for some parent helpers for the trip please.Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekShahad Alahi (Doves), Mariam Al Braiki (Cuckoos), Mikaail Achmat (Sparrows), Tiana Kamel (Robins),Molly Wagner (Larks)Year 2We have been trying new ways of learning our spellings in Year 2 this week. We have been makingwords out of playdoh, using counters to form the letters and writing them in the air with ribbons! It wasso much fun that we didn’t even realize how much we were learning! In literacy we met a mysteriouscharacter by the name of Harris Burrdick…….he drew lots of pictures and took them to a publisher.He told the publisher that he had writtenstories to go with the pictures and that hewould bring them in the next day……. Thepublisher never saw him again!Here are some of the pictures that we usedas a stimulus to write our stories.Here is an example story written by an 8yrold….why don’t you ask your child to tell youtheir story? maths we have handled data that we gatheredfrom our questionnaires last week by completing Venndiagrams. We sorted pictures of key landmarks in AbuDhabi according to different criteria. The childrencould choose their own criteria and they had to justifythe decisions they made.Here is an example of places in Abu Dhabi that aresuitable for adults, children or both. 8
  9. 9. In topic we have been learning about the history of cameras and what the parts of a camera arecalled. Did you know that the first successful photograph 1827 by a French scientist using a woodenbox, a metal plate and tar! Can you tell what it is?!We have also been using our viewfinders this week to help uspractice finding a good image to take a photo of. This will helpus next week when we will be using real cameras!Next week we will be learning to write ‘persuasively’, a skill we need to develop if we are going tocreate leaflets which will encourage tourists to visit Abu Dhabi! In science we will be exploring circuitsand trying to make a bulb light up. We would also like to investigate toys that require batteries. If youhave any toys that you could send in for us to look at we would be very grateful. Please make surethey are named so that we can return them to you.In Year 2 we are very excited about going on our Click Tour next week! We will be travelling aroundAbu Dhabi to take photos of interesting landmarks…..wait till you see what we will do with them then!Trip dates are as follows:Sunday 27th January – Flamingos, Monday 28th January – Sandpipers, Tuesday 29th January – Storks,Wednesday 30th January – Spoonbills, Thursday 31st January – Herons.Reminder! The Click Tour is a full day so children must bring lunch in and snack in a plastic bag. Theschool will be providing a number of cameras for the Safari, however if you wish to send a camera oripad in from home for your child to use, then feel free to do so on the day of your Safari. If you decideto allow your child to use a camera or ipad from home, your child will be responsible for the cameraand the school will not be taking any responsibility for anydamage that may occur.Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekAlicia Lopez – Sandpipers, Talie Aker – Storks, Pippa Kelly –Herons, William Vandy – Spoonbills, Oscar Willsher –Flamingos. 9
  10. 10. Year 3In Literacy this week the children have readsome Aboriginal myths and legends. Wecreated story plans then wrote our own mythsto share with the class. In Numeracy we havebeen looking at rounding numbers to thenearest 10, 100 and 1000. We also looked atplace value and partitioning.In Topic, we wrote some fantastic ‘Letters toPolly’ from the convict fleet and colony inAustralia. They are so sad, you may need atissue after reading!!!Next Week’s learning focus will be:Literacy - We will be reading ‘Wombat Stew’ and then writing our own revolting recipes!!!NOTICE *** Can children please remember to bring their reading books and reading records toschool everyday.*** Numeracy - We will focus on addition and subtraction – mental calculations andsolving problems in practical situations. Topic – We are learning about the Gold Rush in Australia andabout the changes it made.Aussie Sleepover RequestsWe are looking for some outdoor/camping lights which we could use on the night of the AussieSleepover. If anyone can donate one for the evening we would be very appreciative.We are still looking for some volunteers to help out with our Aussie Sports – Cricket, Soccer and AussieRules Football. This session will run from 3pm- 5pm on the night of the sleepover (Thursday 7 Feb) Ifyou are interested, please get in touch with your child’s teacher. Again, many thanks in advance foryour help.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Well done to Neil Galea – Terns, Mohammed Al Khaili – Buntings, Mohammed Al Nahyan – Ravens, Abdulaziz Al Hammadi – Cormorants and Zohaa Chaudary – Curlews. 10
  11. 11. Year 4In Literacy this week we have been looking at stories set in a historical setting. As we are studying theRomans in our Topic work, we have chosen an exciting story about Roman Britain as our study text.As well as being literary detectives and finding historical clues in the story, we have also written adiary from the point of view of the main character, Bran – a very wholesome chap! This will lead to uswriting our own historical stories next week.In Math’s we’ve been continuing to use written methods for calculations. This week we’ve beenconcentrating on division. Some parents, I’m sure, still have nightmares about dreaded division but inYear 4 we have been learning some sneaky shortcuts and helpful hints, enabling us to cross the greatdivide. It’s time to get chunking!In Science we have been carrying on with our electricity topic and conducted some fantasticexperiments that the children planned themselves. They were given a number of different objectsand asked to find a way to find out which were conductors and which were insulators. Our brightsparks soon found out why wires are made of metal wrapped in plastic and also learnt how to staysafe around electricity. Amelie and Bernadett from Pipits making Noora from Pipits shows off her their own Roman Roman mosaics in Art. own soldier, complete with authentic (paper) armour.Next week in Literacy we will be seeing if Bran can remain a regular kid despite being imprisoned bythe Romans and writing our very own historical story. In Math’s we will be revisiting and extending ourknowledge of polygons and 3D shapes. (Will we need special glasses?) Nothing dull in science nextweek as we try and find out how we can change the brightness of a bulb. Should be enlightening!Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Saif Fakhroo, Kiri Simpson, Erinn Ashdown, Jana Al Ramahi and Shaikha Al Thabahi 11
  12. 12. Year 5The school week began with a Year group assembly in the shared area. This gave us the opportunityto celebrate the previous week’s Stars of the Week. We also celebrated the winning Formula oneteam, Viperz, and the pupils with the quickest reaction time. In Literacy the pupils have beenintroduced to ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. This is another Michael Morpurgo novel which tells the story of ayoung boy and his parents who decide to follow their dreams. They take a year out and sail aroundthe world. During their voyage there is a life changing event and the main character { Kensuke} takescentre stage!In Numeracy the pupils are learning about 2-D and 3-D. They will be learning their mathematicalnames, such as; Hemisphere, tetrahedron, triangular prism and square-based pyramid. They will alsobecome familiar with their properties ,including; number of vertices, faces, edges and lines ofsymmetry. During Science they have discovered the reversible change of matter from a gas {watervapour} to a liquid {water} and then back to water vapour through the processes of evaporationand condensation.Next week we will be continuing with ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. At the end of the week, all pupils will beplanning and writing their own narrative which will follow a similar theme to the Morpurgo books wehave studied.During Numeracy we will build on this week’s work of shape, consolidating the naming of theirproperties and classifying them. We will then investigate symmetry and symmetrical patterns.Next week we embark on our new topic, China! We have decided to focus on the history of Chinanext week. This means that, apart from Literacy, Numeracy and specialist subjects, we willconcentrate on the history of China in the other periods. This is called ‘blocking’. The following weekwe will tackle another aspect of China. If you have any interesting pictures, artefacts or stories fromChina then please share them with your child so they can share them with their class.Have a peaceful time celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Mynahs - Tom Clifton, Swallows - Abdullah Al Hamadi, Nightjars - Ryan Pretorius, Sunbirds - Youssef Saragawa-OkbaYear 6Year 6 have continued to work hard this week and have maintained an excellent attitude towardstheir learning. During Literacy this week the pupils have displayed their commendable peer and selfassessment skills. They have revisited the newspaper reports that they wrote last week and haveidentified how to improve them. This is a key skill that the children must develop, in order to takeownership of their own learning, which will advance their ability to edit and improve their own workas their educational careers progress. The children have also been applying their knowledge andunderstanding of writing reports to focus on how to write non-chronological reports. 12
  13. 13. In Numeracy the pupils have been applying their knowledge of numbers to real-life situations. Someclasses have been handling data related to statistics of natural disasters, while others have beenmeasuring distances and converting between mm, cm, m and km.In Science we have beenstudying evaporation. The pupilshave hypothesized what willhappen if beakers containingAbu Dhabi seawater, Dubaiseawater, pool water and tapwater are left on a windowsill fora week. They have been able toidentify the variables andconstants and are excitedabout recording the results overthe week. Setting up our evaporation experimentContinuing on with our topic, ‘Freaks of Nature’, the pupils have been consolidating their learning ofwhy earthquakes occur and how we measure them. They have also been beginning to understandhow volcanoes are formed and the impact that they have on the world.Next week in Literacy we shall be continuing to write non-chronological reports. In Numeracy lessonswe will be continuing with data handling, measuring and converting measurements. Also, in order tocreate our earthquake proof houses we will have access to the DT rooms in the secondary schooland the technician will be helping us to create our structures using wood and tools! Very, veryexciting!May I please remind all of the pupils (especially those going to Oman) that their natural disasterprojects are due on Monday, 11 February. Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Yousif Al Marzooqi, Mette Den Haese, Stella Wheatley, Ayshe Korkmaz, Nandini Bhalla, Jade-Anne McLean.Al Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 501 4888email: 13