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17 newsletter 7 2-2013

  1. 1. Al Yasmina School Primary Newsletter 7 February 2013 Issue 17 Have you Downloaded the D6 Communicator? 17 days to go! This will be Al Yasmina’s main form of communication. Follow this link to download this program on you PC. http://www.six-delta.com/schools/communicators.htmlDear Parents,Dates for your DiaryTuesday 12 February - House Athletics for Year 3 and Year 4 (8.30am-11.30am)Wednesday 13 February - International DayThursday 14 February - House Athletics for Year 5 and Year 6 (8.30am – 11.30am)Thursday 14 February - Valentine’s Day Cake Bake SaleThursday 14 February - FS2 Zoo dress up dayThursday 14 February - Year 1 Jungle dress up dayThursday 14 Feb - Year 4 Roman dress up dayWeek 17-21 February - HALF TERMSunday 24 February - School startsWednesday 27 February - Year 2 Click Exhibition from 5pm-6.30pmWednesday 27 February - Second Hand uniform saleThursday 28 February - Aldar OlympicsThursday 28 February - Music Recital at 2.45pmTuesday 12 March - Parent Teacher ConsultationsWednesday 20 March - Spring ConcertMessage form Mr. GaleIt has been a challenging January, but the support from many parents has been greatlyappreciated. There is so much to sing and celebrate about our school. We will not lose sight of that.I have enjoyed the Year 1-2 sports day today. It was a moment of great pride for me watching thesecondary students lead and support the primary children. (Please view the photos on the SchoolCommunicator).I also write to inform parents that the primary newsletter will be phased out in the comings weeks. It isenvisaged that the ‘new look’ weekly parent newsletter/sheet will be released on Thursday, 28February. This weekly primary newsletter will be called the ‘Parents Weekly Sheet’. It will still containkey dates, key events and will have a précis of what happened in the week. Photos will be availableon a weekly basis to view on the School Communicator. 1
  2. 2. We will also introduce the Primary PARTnership as a monthly publication, giving you an in-depth focusinto all the exciting and innovative practice in the Primary School. Edition 1 will be released at theend of March.We also say farewell to Ms Saif next week. Her contribution to the school has been appreciated.Unfortunately Ms Wood’s father passed away on the weekend. She will return to school on Sunday,3 March.Mrs Sharpe is recovering well. She sends her thanks to the school community for their gifts, thoughtsand best wishes.Valentine’s Day cake bake sale please supportPlease support our World Challenge students with their Valentine’s Day cake bake sale.All funds raised will be for their Uganda expidition. Please donate cakes on the morningof 14 February by placing it in the atrium. The cake sale will start at 2pm in the atrium.International Day - Wednesday, 13 February 2013To celebrate the vast array of nationalities at Al Yasmina, we will holding an International Daycelebration. Children are being asked to dress up in their national dress or in clothes that representthe colours of the flag of their country. The day will commence with a parade of nations and thencontinue with international but educationally based activities in the classroom. Parents are welcometo stay and watch the parade from 8.15 – 9am. Seating will be made available and we ask that allparents stay within the allocated area. Lessons will resume after the parade, however the international theme will continue throughout the day. Children will also be given the opportunity to visit an international showcase, provided by a group of volunteers. This will be a great fun and educational experience for the children. No money will be required at the showcase. Specialist lessons will also continue as normal so please ensure your child comes equipped with their PE kit etc if required.From the School NursesAs good role models to our students at Al Yasmina School, staff have beenlooking after their health and wellbeing, through the implementation of staffwellness events. On Sunday 3rd February the school nurse organised for ateam from Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy to come to the school. They set upoutside the school clinic and checked blood pressures, blood sugars andcholesterol levels. Staff (including administrative, maintenance, security,cleaning and kitchen staff as well as teaching and support staff) visited thehealth check stand. Such was the keenness for staff to check their health thatthere was a long line at the stand all day.Research has shown that if a child grows up in a healthy, active environmentthey are more likely to carry on these habits into adulthood, minimizing the risks of many medicalconditions such as diabetes, heart disease and obesity related problems. Let’s all be good rolemodels! 2
  3. 3. From the Music DepartmentCongratulations to Natalia Moreira Ponce, who also recently took her ABRSM Violin exam. Nataliepassed Grade 1 with a Merit – well done!Congratulations to this week’s Musicians of the Week: Khalid Al Mutawa from FS2 Purple, Thomas Hodgson from Year 2 Storks, and Edmund Chung from Year 5 Sunbirds.Khalid has recently found his beautiful singing voice, and this week he sang all by himself in front ofhis class. He always works really hard in music - well done Khalid!Thomas has worked extremely hard this term on his note-reading skills. This week he played a tune onthe xylophone for the rest of his class without a single mistake! Super stuff, Thomas!Year 5 have been learning about Blues music, and have been playing a class piece. This week thechildren had a go at improvising in a Blues style, and it’s really tricky! Edmund did a great job, andhas shown real skill and hard work throughout the entire topic. He also sang and danced with somuch enthusiasm in this week’s Wiz rehearsal. What a superstar!Abu Dhabi Music and Arts Festival (ADMAF)Our primary brass players have been given a very exciting opportunity to take part in this year’sADMAF Festival. They will be performing with brass players from the Secondary School in the YoungMusicians’ Concert on March 9th, which is to be held in the Abu Dhabi National Theatre. The 30children are busy preparing for this event with Mr Hudson, and are sounding fantastic! Further detailsto follow.If your child is interested in learning trumpet, trombone, French horn or euphonium, Mr Hudson willnow be teaching full-time at Al Yasmina and does have a limited number of places available. Pleasecontact nhudson@alyasmina.sch.ae for details.Dates for your diary:Thursday February 28th Monthly Recital – the brass group will be performing too!Saturday March 9th ADMAF Young Musician’s ConcertWednesday March 20th Spring ConcertWed/Thurs May 29th and 30th The Wiz!For any information about primary music activities, please contact cknapton@alyasmina.sch.ae 3
  4. 4. From the Arabic Department.‫قام األطفال يف الروضة الثانية بكتابة حرف السني مع صوته القصري على سيارات صغرية ، وقد استمتعوا هبذا النشاط‬Sport - Abu Dhabi Schools Touch Rugby Series – U11 TournamentAnother great week of touch rugby for Abu Dhabi Schools, particularly Al Yasmina. Entering only theirsecond tournament the children are already showing a greater understanding of the game andimproved team work. Monday’s hard fought fixtures saw Al Yasmina Greens win their pool only to bedefeated in the final by Brighton, a narrow 0-1 loss. The Al Yasmina Whites performed very well butresults didn’t go their way, however they won their playoff game to finish 7th in the tournament. Nextweek it’s the U9’s competition on the 11th February. The U11 competition will resume after the halfterm break on Monday the 25th February.Collection of foreign money for The Pearl Primary’s Assistant Registrar’s daughter.“I would like to thank all the children, parents and staff at The Pearl Primary School and other AldarAcademies schools for the amazing fundraising towards my treatment aftercare. Words cannotexpress what I feel towards the love, care and support I have seen from all who cooperated inmaking this happen. Many thanks again to each and every one of you.” - Sara Saad, daughter ofAmani Naseef, Assistant Registrar - The Pearl PrimaryLost PropertyAll lost property is held at the main reception. Students & parents can view items from 1.30pm daily,but after 3.30pm every Thursday afternoon, all unmarked items that have not beenclaimed/collected, will be donated to FOY/charity. Please view some of the items on the SchoolCommunicator’s gallery. 4
  5. 5. Foundation Stage 1 (FS1)It has been a scaly week in FS1 with slithers and slides all over the place; we have been learningabout reptiles. We have been listening to clues and using our thinking skills to try and guess whatanimals our teachers have been hiding. It has been fascinating to find out how many differentcolours reptiles can have on their scaly skin by investigating different skins and creating our ownmagic scratch pictures. Ask us to find you something long or short at home this weekend, we havemade long and short snakes in class and are experts at identifying the longest and shortest. We havealso been discussing our zoo topic so far and talking about the animals we liked and what we havelearnt about them. We are very proud of how much we have learnt!Next week we are going to be swinging through the Jungle towards the end of our topic. Tocelebrate how much we have learnt we are going to be monkeying around and having a zoo dressup day, on Thursday 14th February, a separate letter will come to you with the details.All the FS1 teachers would like to say a special ‘Thank you’ to all the parent helpers who came to thezoo with us last week. We had a great time, your help was essential and we all very much appreciateyou giving up you time. To support your child’s learning at home this week please continue to helpthem practice writing their name including the correct letter formation and blend and segment CVCwords such as cat, pin, sit, tap.A quick reminder that all PE and swimming lesson are an essential part of the curriculum and it isimportant that the children are prepared with the correct kits, on the right days. This includesswimming hats for swimming. If for some reason you child cannot take part in a lesson for medicalreasons please could you pass on a note to the child’s class teacher, thank you.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week You should be very proud of yourselves for the hard work you put in last week. Last week’s stars were: Green Class- Tien-Hom Woon, White class- Mohamed Al Hashemi, Yellow Class- Shamsa Al Khaili , Gold class- Abdulla Al Hammadi, Red Class- Nael Mahmoud, Blue Class- Albin Deblom. 5
  6. 6. Foundation Stage 2 (FS2)FS2 have had a wonderful week learning all about different reptiles! We have read all about Achilles,the little crocodile who only wanted to eat children despite his Mum & Dad trying their hardest topersuade him to eat other foods. Luckily Achilles realized he needed to eat his bananas to growstrong so this inspired FS2 children to write a menu of all the food they would try for their parents! Thetop foods your children would like to try are:  Tomatoes  Olives  Tuna sandwichesWe would love to see some photos of the children trying these new foods, just like Achilles.Continuing with the idea of food FS2 made Crocodile Courgette Cupcakes! We decided againstusing actual crocodiles so instead the children had to decorate their cupcakes to look like Achilles.The FS2 teachers also joined in and are now considering a career move to Official Cupcake Makersof FS2! We have also put into practice our number skills and havemeasured each other to try and find out who is the tallest. Thechildren have assured Miss Gaywood that as long as shecontinues to eat her bananas like Achilles she will be the tallestsoon! Next week we will be rounding off our topic by learningabout Jungle animals. We will be going on a jungle adventure,making our own rainforests and discussing how we can savethe animals that are becoming extinct. In Maths, we will becounting repeated groups of the same size.You could help at home by: - Researching information on jungle animals - Practice writing sentences about jungle animals - Put the same number of objects into groups and count themPhonics Focus:Phase 3 sounds - revisit igh ur ow oi earTricky words- they, saw, all, you, areHelpful websites:http://kids.nationalgeographic.com/kids/games/actiongames/rainforest-rescue/http://www.kenttrustweb.org.uk/kentict/content/games/maths.htmZoo dress up dayWe would like to remind you that it is dress up day next Thursday, 14 February. The children will takepart in a variety of fun activities linking to the animals and enclosures they have been learning about.At lunch time we would like to celebrate the end of the topic with a zoo themed tea party.We would be very grateful if you could contribute some food for the party - please see the tablebelow regarding what to bring in: Item FS1 FS2 Sandwiches Blue Purple Savories Gold/Green Amber Fruit Red Orange Cakes/Biscuits White Ruby Sugar free juice cartons Yellow Jade 6
  7. 7. Please remember, there should be no foods containing nuts, or any pork products since the snacksare being sharedRequestNext week we are looking at Jungle animals and all children need to bring in either a shoe box or acereal box. If you have any extra boxes please send them in too!Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekWell done to our Stars of the Week, Stelios Charalambides from Jade Class, Zayed Alriyami from RubyClass, Charlotte Holden from Orange Class, Moustafa El Zeftawy from Purple Class and Salem AlMazrouei from Amber Class. The FS2 teachers found this week very hard to award just 5 stars of FS2 asall children were so amazing on the school trip! Who will it be next week?Year 1Year 1 are continuing to make super progress with their jungle learning this week. In literacy we havebeen using all of the information we have gathered over the last few weeks to create our ownJungle Animal non-fiction books. Ask your child to tell you an animal fact; they have blown us allaway with their knowledge. Watch out David Attenborough! In Numeracy we have been learning exploring measures involving capacity, length and weight. The children have ordered items and used mathematical language such as lighter, heaviest, longer, short, holds most and holds least to compare and order objects. They have also been using non- standard units (cubes, pencils, paper clips etc) to measure and compare. Take a look at some of Cuckoos investigating who is the tallest member of the class (it wasn’t Miss Wells!) Year 1 will be continuing to investigate measures next week. To support your child further at home thisweekend can they explore the following questions? 7
  8. 8. Who is the tallest member of your family? What can you use to check?Can you order three things in your fridge from heaviest to lightest?How many times does it take to fill different containers/drink bottles using your favorite cup?Reminders and upcoming events:TripOn Monday 11th February Year 1 are setting off on their trip to Emirates Zoo. If you have not yetreturned the consent form and 50AED please can you do so asap.Reading fans.Your child will be bringing home over the next week a question fan. These questions are used duringguided reading sessions by staff to extend and develop children’s knowledge of texts. Please supportyour child at home by asking some of the questions when they share their reading book with you. Thereading fans do not need to come back to school and can remain with you at home.Jungle projectsWe are looking forward to seeing the children’s finished jungle projects. Please note deadline forprojects is Sunday 10th February. Please make sure your child brings in their project by the deadline sothey can share their achievements with the rest of the class.PerformanceYear 1 have been practicing hard for their ‘Jungle Song’ performance to parents on Thursday 14thFebruary. This will be held from 1.15pm in the Dance Studio. Please come along and see your child injungle action!‘Dress up days’ don’t forget…International Day- Wednesday 13th February. Children are invited to dress in the flag or colours oftheir home country.Jungle Day- Thursday 14th February. Children can come dressed as a jungle animal to celebrate theirefforts with this half term’s topic. Children can also bring in a jungle game (no Ipads or valuablesplease)and/or a jungle cuddly toy. If a toy is particularly special or sentimental however we wouldencourage them to keep it safe at home!Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekNazli Kamel – Cuckoos, Moza AK Darei – Larks, Piper Donald – Doves, Eissa Al Hammadi - RobinsHessa Saeed – Sparrows. 8
  9. 9. Year 2Year 2 had great fun on their Click Trip around Abu Dhabi last week. The children took somefantastic photographs which they are all now in the process of editing on the computers. Thephotographs will be printed and framed for our wonderful, ‘Click Exhibition’ which will be held inSchool On Wednesday 27th of February from 5pm – 6:30pm. A formal invitation will arrive home soonfrom the children, but so you don’t miss out add the date to your diary!In literacy we have been looking at persuasive language. Wewatched adverts to help us think about the language used topersuade people to buy things. In groups the children had to comeup with their own advert and slogan to sell a piece of fruit, thechildren had great fun doing this! We also read the story, ‘Don’t Letthe Pigeon Stay Up Late’. The children then had to work in pairs tocome up with a short play to persuade their parents to allow themto stay up late…so listen out for any excuses at home this week!This week in maths we have moved onto weighing. We have beenusing the balances to help us estimate, compare and measuredifferent objects using standard units such as kilograms.Challenge Area - This week the children have started to use theshared area which is now our ‘Challenge Area’. There arechallenges set for the children to work on. This encourages them tothink creatively, solve problems and also gives them the chance towork with children from other Year 2 classes.Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekRosie Wood – Spoonbills, Nina Schippe – Sandpipers, McKenzie Coetzee – Herons, Oliver Fiddler –Storks, Dana Hasan – Flamingos 9
  10. 10. Year 3We are all very excited in Year 3 thisweek because as you know it is outAussie Camp out on Thursday! Wehave been studying measure andcapacity in maths in preparation forbaking our Anzac Biscuits onWednesday. Thank you to all of theparents who sent in food from yourcupboards to be weighed. Next weekwe are investigating shape and angles.In Literacy we have been learning to edit and proofread our work as well as challenging each otherwith anagrams and palindromes. We have also been focusing on reading comprehension andanswering higher order questions about our reading books. In Topic we have been learning thewords and the story behind the popular Australian song, ‘Waltzing Matilda’. We will be singing alongto this and other famous Aussie songs at the sleepover.Next week we will be making cross-curricular links between Topic and Literacy by making a fact fileon an Australian Animal. This will help us develop our research, writing and presentation skills.In Science we have moved on from rocks to soil. We have been learning the process of how soil isformed. Next week we will be investigating different types of soil and their components.Notices:Please be aware that due to the Aussie Sleepover, we will not be giving out any homework this week.Children should revise all spellings in their book and we will be having a random test of 20 words onMonday.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Lily Fowler, Matthew Hile, Omar Kamel and Vinuth Mudiyanselage, Farida El Ogueil (Absent from picture)Year 4In Year 4 this week we have been doing some time travelling in our writing. Thechildren have been writing some amazing stories set in the Roman Era. Thehave been looking at the structure of stories and the functions of the differentparts as well as creating some magnificent descriptive sentences. 10
  11. 11. In Maths this week we have been doing some investigating using a Roman banquet as the themeand have begun to look at some data handling, where the children have been interpreting datafrom graphs and charts.We continued to look at a bit of maths in our topic where welooked at how children learned in Roman times. Year 4 or should Isay Year IV have been learning to write numbers the way theRomans did. Wagtails had a bit of fun making sums for each otherusing Roman Numerals. The children discovered that schoolnowadays is a little nicer than Roman times. The children have alsocreated some amazing Roman mosaics.Next week is a very busy week in school. We start off with SportsMorning on Tuesday, children should come into school wearing their House T- shirts with their PE shorts.On Wednesday we have International Day where children are invited to wear traditional clothesfrom their country or the colours of their national flag. Finally we have Roman day on Thursday wherethe children are asked to wear a Roman costume. Could we ask if you have any spare thick card athome e.g. packing boxes or veggie boxes from school that you do not need, could you send theminto school as we are going to make Roman shields on Roman Day. Thank you for your continuedsupport.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Zaynab Boustique (Warblers), Zaina Ahmed (Pipits), Patrick Carter (Wheatears), Dana Al Shukeily (Sandgrouse) and Olivia Williams (Wagtails).Year 5Another jam packed week of Ancient China. Having studied the role of women in society and theroutines of the emperors, we have started to look at the natural and man-made geographicalfeatures of China. In particular, they have examined the importance of the two main rivers on theexpansion of China, and the building of the Great Wall of China. We are also looking at the majorcities within China. During Literacy we have been looking at the features of persuasive writing andputting together our own advertisements. We have been looking at the elements of ‘bias’ and‘exaggeration’. In Numeracy the focus has been data handling and the variety of ways in whichinformation can be displayed without too much writing. Once we have represented the data in aparticular chart, we can then analyse it and make deductions. We have also been looking at theprobability of events occurring. 11
  12. 12. Next week is extra special! We have a fantastic residential trip to Dibba which both staff and pupilsare really excited about. During the visit there will be many interesting activities for the children totake part in, such as navigational skills and orienteering, exploring and studying the local UAE cultureof the region and furthering our topic work of this term by examining the effects of coastal erosionupon the Dibba coastline. In addition, the children will gain greater independence, learn to work incollaboration with each other and as a result, will develop greater friendship and respect for eachother.We had a Year 5 assembly at which pupils will have the opportunity to air any questions about Dibba.Those pupils not going to Dibba have got some lovely activities planned which will test both theirculinary and creative skills!After Dibba the fun doesn’t stop. On Wednesday we have International Day and on Thursday…SportsDay! For International Day, we would like children to give a brief talk about their country of origin,they may want to bring a photo or picture with them. The Talent show at Dibba is optional, however ifyour child would like to share a particular talent, they will have the opportunity to do so.As most of the children have got a busy weekend preparing for Dibba and ensuring they have alltheir essentials, there will be no homework this week. However the Kite project is ongoing and we willbe looking forward to seeing them after the half term.Congratulations to our Stars of the Week Mohammed Al Hosani -Sunbirds, Layla Hasan -Mynahs, Sarah Priestley -Nightjars,Holly O’Sullivan -Parakeets and Gabby Loftus-Swallows.Year 6As always the children in Year 6 have worked incredibly hard this week and the enthusiasm shown,especially during the hands-on practical activities, has been noted by all the teachers.The week kicked off with a fantastic Fun Day Sunday! A day packed full of team games, outdoorplay and a very welcomed yummy pizza lunch! The children’s disappointment over Oman waspushed aside (for one day at least!) 12
  13. 13. During Literacy the pupils have been working on a range of grammar and punctuation tasks to helpdevelop their ability to construct detailed and lively sentences in their written work. In Numeracy thefocus has switched to securing number facts and the properties of shape. Some classes have beenlooking at quadrilateral shapes whilst others have started with number investigations for example,prime factors of numbers etc.In Science the children are currently working on their skills of scientific enquiry as they continue to lookat, and analyse the results of their experiments and the rates at which different materials dissolve.The children have particularly enjoyed their D & T experience as they have been given theopportunity to work in the secondary wood work shop on the construction of the wooden frames fortheir earthquake houses. In our ‘Freaks of Nature’ topic, the pupils have been learning how ananenometer is used to measure wind speed.Eagles busily working on their frames in the wood work shop!!Next week the focus in literacy will be on comprehension skills. We will be looking at developing theability to infer and interpret meaning from texts, which is not always directly obvious from what iswritten. In maths the focus will be on using and applying mathematical knowledge and skills toproblem solving. On Wednesday it is International Day and the children will have the opportunity toengage in a range of fun and exciting activities which aim to develop their appreciation andunderstanding of countries in the world and the cultural diversity that exists amongst them.Further reminder – the deadline is drawing near!! Natural disaster projects are due on Monday 11thFebruary.Congratulations to our Stars of the WeekTanami Loftus (Owls) Nor Asyraf Nor Azhar (Kestrels)Matthew Wood and Yarrow Ansell (Eagles) AdamTlemsani (Ospreys) Sandali Weeraseker (Falcons).Al Yasmina SchoolTel: 02 501 4888email: jhupalo@alyasmina.sch.ae 13