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T4 tl 360_videos


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Mark Gill part of the presentation with Plamen Miltenoff on March 22, 2018

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T4 tl 360_videos

  1. 1. 360 VIDEOS Mark Gill
  2. 2. WHAT WE USE IN THE VIZLAB Samsung Gear 360 2016 ~120$ BT Control through Phone App 2D Only Videos and Stills Humaneyes Vuze ~800$ WiFi Control through Phone App 2D/3D Videos and Stills
  3. 3. TYPICAL WORKFLOW Capture Stich* Edit* Share
  4. 4. CAPTURE  Capture videos/photos with a phone app  Imagery is stored on the device  Transferred to desktop by BT/Wifi/USB
  5. 5. STITCHING  Images from each of the camera lenses are stored as part of the frame.  Proprietary software is used to stitch the frames together
  6. 6. EDITING  Until Recently editing 360 photos and videos was a bit of a challenge  Specialized Software  Several 3rd Party tools to get everything right  MetaData  CC 2018 of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere now support ‘Spherical Panorama’ modes
  7. 7. SHARING  Existing Social Media  Facebook, Youtube, Vimeo  207622280153867/  ‘Home Brew’  Forge.JS  mo2.html
  8. 8. FORGE.JS NARRATIVE EDITOR  Student Capstone Project in SE  Uses Forge JS to link together sequences of movies and stills to form a narrative.  Uses interactive ‘Hot Spots’ to move through the narrative.  External media can be imbedded  High Level UI for crafting and publishing