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Softwell approach to agile application development.

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Softwell serviços 15102012

  1. 1. Agile Development Our approach for solving business problems with customized applicationsAntónio Gonçalves
  2. 2. Agenda Who we are and what we do AD – Agile Development AD – How we do it
  3. 3. Who we are and what we do ConsultancyRenewable energies AdvertisingCommunication Software
  4. 4. Who we are and what we do Maker is used Strategic shift internally to build Lisbon Office from selling applications. Maker to Softwell is application established to sell development Maker 2000 … 2006 2007 2008 2010 2011 2012 Maker to develop out of the box Maker applications to Mobile help our clients to solve business Maker 2.0. Strategic shift from problemsIdea conception to Maker 2.4 selling Maker tofacilitate internal is released applicationdevelopment. Maker development1.0
  5. 5. Who we are and what we do• Low productivity in application development• Quick technological innovation• Learning curve• Technological dependency• Applications maintenance• Collaborative development
  6. 6. Who we are and what we do Development is 100% visual not a single line of code
  7. 7. Who we are and what we do Development is 100% visual not a single line of code
  8. 8. Who we are and what we do Development is 100% visual not a single line of code
  9. 9. Who we are and what we do• Why use Maker instead of another platform? 100% Web Project Technology Screen documentation independent independent Development Application Geographic complexity Development productivity dimension collaboration Users talk good Application things about Learning curve maintenance our applications
  10. 10. Who we are and what we do• We make business people work together with the application developers
  11. 11. Agenda Who we are and what we do AD – Agile Development AD – How we do it
  12. 12. AD – Agile Development Process analysis Design and design Optimization ModelingAD Process redesign Control Operation Implementation
  13. 13. AD – Agile Development• Process scope – The scope of our applications usually is focused on the 3Bs that make the core of the organization’s business value chain. We develop applications that above all try to automate the operations of the organization’s specific business processes. Those are the activities that usually are difficult to have in an out of the shelf software. B2B B2C B2E
  14. 14. AD – Agile Development • Functional scope Forms and Document Report Process fields SecurityManagement management management management
  15. 15. AD – Agile Development • Our applications are usually integrated with the ERP system because… Finance Purchases & Stock Management Human ERP Resources SalesManufacturing
  16. 16. AD – Agile Development• …is our conviction that developing in the ERP framework has a bigger TCO and is riskier than building the application in Maker and then integrate with the ERP.Internet access Mobile Specificfunctions Finance ERP Develop. Purchases & Stockupgrade Management IntegrationDevelop. HumanLicensing ERP Resources • Master data Sales • Sales data Manufacturing • Manufactoring data • CRM data • …
  17. 17. Agenda Who we are and what we do AD – Agile Development AD – How we do it
  18. 18. AD – How we do it• Because what we do is so specific to the customer’s business: • We have no pre-conceived ideas • We do not present products or other kind of arguments that might skew the customer’s idea • We can show implementation scenarios that might be framed in the customer’s business needs • We listen to what the client has to say and see what the client has to show • We ask questions and give opinions that are based in our experience • With the client we create a solution ... and a way to get there!
  19. 19. AD – How we do it – Scenario 1 • We divide the application development in n user tests. Each user test can approve what has been done. Only after all the application’s features are ok we move on to the development of the application’s layout ...n× Businessneeds blue print
  20. 20. AD – How we do it – Scenario 2• We divide the application development in n phases. Each phase is a Scenario 1 implementation. Phase 1 – Features’ scope must be completely defined for each phase. When phase’s scope is defined it cannot be changed. New features should be implemented on the following phases. Phase 2 ... Phase n
  21. 21. AD – How we do it• Business needs blueprint – Document where we define the different visions for the application. We have in each area different templates which help implementation teams to rapidly transfer the business description into Maker’s forms, flows and reports. Business needs blueprint
  22. 22. AD – How we do it• The application could be deployed in the client’s IT structure or elsewhere in a supplier of IT structures. Licensing Cloud Outsorcing
  23. 23. Thank you foryour attention!Any Questions?António Gonç