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Dextrys IT Services Organization Overview

Dextrys corporate overview and introduction into core capabilities

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Dextrys IT Services Organization Overview

  1. 1. IT Service Providing & Outsourcing Application Development & Maintenance Full Product Lifecycle Development “Making China Easy” BPO & ERP Implementation Localization & Translation “…Asia, led by China, will be a leading force in the innovations that transform the world in the 21st century…” [Asia and the Elements of Innovation. McKinsey & Company] Dextrys Proprietary Confidential, 2010
  2. 2. Why Consider China? • Vast Talent Pool – 700,000 engineering graduates – 20,000 US educated and experienced PM’s and engineers returned to China – Improving command of English language • World Class Infrastructure – Roads, airports, power supply, telecommunications, internet connectivity, Industrial Parks • Attractive Rates – Generally 20% less than India, depending on location and skills • Market Entry – China continues to grow 8.7% annually – Large domestic market for software and services • The Capacity for Mobilization - China has been outstanding in its capacity for learning from experience, radically transforming government policy, and unleashing a business culture. • Strong Government Support
  3. 3. Dextrys History & Overview
  4. 4. Dextrys: Who we are We are a Global Software Engineering firm and leading Chinese IT services providing company Our value includes: # 3 Among Top 10 ITO, by CFIP and CSIA, 2010  2000+ Staff: World-class development centers Top R&D Service Provider & across China - Suzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Top 10 Consumer Electronics Guangzhou, Hong Kong, and Dalian and Automotive Vertical Specific Ranking – Zinnov Consulting, 2009  Proven Security Standards, Methodologies and Tools: CMMi Level 5 in 2009 Achieves ISO 27001 Security Certification – 2009  Unique Working Model - US-based management Frost & Sullivan 2009 team with deep experience in global delivery Excellence in Chinese IT Outsourcing Award  International Team - approx. 6% staff are foreigners from 16 different #1 Bundled Outsourcing Services in China – Black Book of Outsourcing 2007 & 2008  Strategic Partnerships & University Collaborations #2 in list of Top 10 to Watch in Emerging Asian Markets – GS 2007 & 2008  Ability to recruit and retain the best talent #3 in list of Top 10 Specialty  Captive Training Centers with 250 seats for Application Development continuous upgrading of our technical capabilities Providers – GS 2007 & 2008
  5. 5. Our “Smart – Shoring” Methodology Across USA - 400 FTEs - Senior US onshore resources for project management, architect and designs, Suzhou (Asian HQ) Across China Dalian - over 2000 FTEs - Product Development Shanghai - QA/Testing - ODC Kunshan - Application Development & Maintenance Hong Kong - ITO/BPO Training Centers - Multiple Language Capabilities ShenZhen Guangzhou
  6. 6. Our Core Capabilities Our Mission: To partner with clients to help them enhance and accelerate profitable growth We concentrate on what we do best to allow our clients to concentrate on what they do best  Core Services  Global Project Management  Product Engineering  Application Development  Web/Internet Development  ERP Implementation  Localization and Translation  QA and Testing  Software Development Methodologies  Waterfall, Rational and Agile Methodologies  Organized around Vertical Industry Solution  Banking & Financial Services  High Technology  Manufacturing  Telecommunication  Retail
  7. 7. Our Core Capabilities: Product Engineering Services Capability Goal: Help ISVs and hardware product companies accelerate growth in revenue, market share and profitability through reliable, faster, and more cost effective product delivery Product Engineering Services Product Lifecycle Optimization  Product Architecture Development Teams  Embedded Software Development Product Lifecycle Stage  Release Management Market Launch Growth / Maturity Stability / Decline  Product Modernization Product Development Localization & Translation Product Managers  Embedded Software  Quality Assurance & Testing Development. Support & Maintenance Customers  Product Release Development Our Product Engineering covers full Product Modernization and Replatforming product lifecycle Localization and Translation Benefits  Accelerate revenue cycle Quality Assurance and Testing  Deliver product to market faster Product Implementation Support  Increase margins with lower R&D costs  Extend legacy product life and cash flows Quality Assurance Teams  Improve product quality with professional, dedicated QA team  Gain access and experience with the China marketplace
  8. 8. Our Core Capabilities: Application Services Capability Goal: Help clients improve business performance and lower application TCO through high quality application development, extension and support Application Services  New Application Design & Development Applications Services  Application Enhancement Project Management  Application Maintenance & Support  Enterprise Application Integration Architectural Services  Web Development Centers of Excellences Applications Applications & Mobile Apps Modernization Business Domains: Web Development Developments & Re-platforming  Retail / Consumer  Insurance Technical Domains Quality Assurance and Testing  Mobile Apps  Flash / Flex HP / AIX / Solaris Linux MVS OS 390 Windows Benefits  Cost savings over alternatives  Accelerate delivery cycles  Improve application quality with professional, dedicated QA team  US-based front end reduces risk and enhances customer service
  9. 9. Our Core Capabilities: QA & Testing Capability Goal: Help clients reduce product development and software enhancement costs through robust Software Quality Assurance (SQA) QA & Testing Lifecycle  QA &Testing Services Process  Test Planning and Management External  Unit, Functional and Regression Testing Changes Acceptance Acceptance Review Approval Test Plan Test Plan of of  Load, Stress and Performance Testing Review Test Cases Test Cases  Test Automation and Tool Selection Internal Changes of Test Plans Execution System System of  Capabilities/Value Test Plan Test Plan Test Cases Approval  Requirements traceability of Bug Test Plans Fixing  Efficient test case and script design System Requirements Integration Integration Specs Test Plan Test Plan  Defect tracking and remediation Preparation Preparation processes Test Plans of Test Cases Validation Design Unit Unit  Performance benchmarking Document Test Plan Test Plan  Data cleansing Rollout  Benefits  Proven Offshore Testing and QA Experience  Modular and Repeatable QA Methodology  Experience in Offshore Program and Project Management
  10. 10. Localization Capabilities Our unique localization process combines high-quality, human-based language translation with efficient process automation Our Localization Services include: • Software Localization • Internationalization • Website Localization • Desktop Publishing • MMOG Localization • Technical Writing • Localization Testing • Localization Engineering • Document Translation • Multimedia Localization Our languages: We target Chinese, English, Russian, Korean, Japanese, German, Dutch, French and Spanish language markets
  11. 11. Ability to place teams at customer sites worldwide We leverage our international teams (resources from +16 different countries) to rapidly place teams at customer sites. Successful examples include:  USA • Delivery & Project Management locations on East & West Coast  Japan • Maruwa Management System (+60 people) • CambridgeSoft Support Service Center • (+20 resources voice support into Japan)  Singapore • Eastman Chemical (Singapore) • SAP Localization project NCS  Europe • Dassault Systemes  India • Patni, Datamatics & Quatrro  Korea • UT-Starcom (Korea), Agile PLM Project deployment  Philippines • National Post Project  Australia • Mincom
  12. 12. Unique & Balanced Model Brian Keane, formerly of Keane Consulting, CEO a NYSE public billion dollars outsourcing firm Large US Front End  Established US front end experienced in selling and delivering global projects  US citizens who perform program management, architecture, business analysis, and other key client facing activities  Experience in global delivery reduces risks and enhances project execution by providing greater customer intimacy and improved communications, which increases buyers’ trust and confidence Crucial Middle Layer in China Senior Chinese nationals educated in the US and with 5-10 years of work experience in the US gain valuable knowledge of Western business Their Responsibilities Include:  Coaching and mentoring of junior staff  Enhance project delivery  Building client confidence  Improve communication and work-flow Chinese talent
  13. 13. Business Domain Consumer Retail Healthcare High Tech Financial Services
  14. 14. Establishing an Engagement: Selecting the Engagement Model Engagements tailored to match clients’ outsourcing maturity and specific project needs Flexible project staffing both on- Staff Augmentation site and offshore Traditional project-based work, Projects both Fixed Price and T&M Capacity-based teams with Flexible Capacity ODC tailored onshore/offshore mgt Outcomes-based teams yield SLA-based Outsourcing greatest level of client control Seamless Global Delivery Global Delivery Management Staff FlexCap Service Level Projects Augmentation ODC Based Outsourcing Delivered Value Seamless Global Delivery Global Delivery Management
  15. 15. Delivery Model  Flexible delivery model customized by client needs and preference  Faster, more reliable project ramp-up and execution  Eliminates communication barriers  Ensures alignment between client, onsite and offshore team members  Provides clear lines of responsibility for issue escalation and resolution Steering Committee Client Executives Dextrys Executives Onsite Team Project Manager Project Change Management Management Functional Technical Quality Knowledge Lead(s) Lead(s) Assurance Management Communication Collaboration Documentation Process Protocols Tools Standards Consistency Offsite Team Technical Lead(s) Product Engineering Application Services Quality Assurance Software Engineers Designers/Developers QA/Test Engineers Global Project Management
  16. 16. Security and IP Protection • Facilities certified for IP and Security protection by IBM, Nokia, Microsoft, Yamaha, and Procter & Gamble  Badge / Fingerprint access to facilities  Restricted floor and suite access; 24hr Security guards  Closed Circuit Television Surveillance  Corporate Client Teams physically separated  Customized workstations; no external drives or USB ports/printers  Source code control system  Modular approach to development - only access code relevant to the work • Intellectual Property – Multiple Levels of Protection  IP Protection for all stakeholders: Client, 3rd Party Licensor & Self  Multiple Levels of Protection: Physical, Process & Legal  Willing to sign IP Agreements both in the US as well as China  Specific to projects, staff are required to sign  NCA (Non-Compete Agreement) annually  PIIAA (Proprietary Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement) annually  Project-based NDA, if necessary
  17. 17. Disaster Recovery • Dextrys’ Business Continuity Plan (BCP) leverages the strengths and capabilities of our multiple sites BCP & Disaster Recovery Response within China  In the event of a calamity any one of these sites can operate as a fully independent, stand-alone EVENT OCCURRENCE facility Initial Damage Assessment Disaster Teams Alert • Dextrys’ BCP plan involves: Outage Severity Decision Phase 1 Yellow Phase 2 Orange Phase 3 Red  Daily and weekly backup data is stored in the Outage of 4 hrs. or less Outage of 8-24 hrs. Outage exceeding 24 hrs. form of a mirror copy that is duplicated on Treat Problem Partial Mobilization of Teams Company-wide Full-scale Mobilization of Teams computers at alternative sites. Site Recovery Treat Problem Preliminary Damage Assessment  Weekly full backup servers. The backups are Site Recovery being written to dedicated backup drives (RAID Initiate Enquiry array) and tapes. Suzhou Dalian Fix Problem  Offsite storage of backup tapes to two separate Shanghai bank vaults (odd days are stored in one and even days in the other.) Designate Command Center  Periodic 'mock' recovery exercise from our Implement Back-up Systems backup tapes. Client Notification  Leverage the Contingency plan of SIP for work Recovery Operations continuation at alternate offices and home offices in the events of major catastrophes like pandemics (e.g. Bird Flu, SARS)
  18. 18. Dextrys Facilities
  19. 19. Dextrys Facilities
  20. 20. CONTACT US WWW.DEXTRYS.COM DEXTRYS (SIP) CO., LTD 新宇软件 USA: 201 Edgewater Drive, Suite 225 Wakefield, MA 01880 Tel: +1.800.274.1174 Tel: +1.781.246.8234 (outside U.S.) Fax: +1.888.777.7335 Fax: +1.781.246.9734 (outside U.S.) E-mail: China: Suzhou Office Shanghai Office 18th Floor, Phase 3, Science Plaza 668 Beijing Road East Hi-Tech King World, 1355 Jinjihu Avenue Suzhou Industrial Park Suite 703, Building C Shanghai, P.R. China Suzhou 215021 200001 Tel: +86-512-6262-1800 P: +86.21.5308.0606 Fax: +86-512-6262-1900 F: +86.21.5308.8891 E-mail: E-mail: