Exhibitors @ Defexpo 2014


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A complete list of all the particpants at Defexpo 2014 in Delhi.

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Exhibitors @ Defexpo 2014

  1. 1. Sno Select Company Name Country Name Allot Hall 1 Land Defence Australia Limited Australia 2 Plansee India HPM Pvt Ltd Austria 3 STEYR MOTORS Austria 4 FN HERSTAL Belgium Hall_8_11 5 ARSENAL 2000 JSCo. Bulgaria Hall_8_11 6 Dunarit Bulgaria Hall_8_11 10.1 7 KINTEX Shareholding Company Bulgaria Hall_8_11 10.1 8 Optix Co Bulgaria Hall_8_11 10.1 9 Samel 90 Bulgaria Hall_8_11 10.1 VMZ Bulgaria Hall_8_11 10.1 Canada Hall_14 14.17 thirdg@gdls.com Canada Hall_14 14.23 10 11 12 General Dynamics Land Systems L-3 Communications MAPPS Inc. Allot Stand Email HALL_18_GROUN 18GF 10.18 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.22 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.19 D_FLOOR 11.29 10.3.1 14.23F bwouda@amda.co m.au prabhu.loganathan @plansee.com e.mack@steyrmotors.com raimondo.marnalo @fnherstal.com marketing@arsenal 2000.com lucysavova@yahoo. com javorstoykov2004@ abv.bg b.dimov@optixco.c om a.sikorski@samel90. com kintex16@mbox.co ntact.bg View Detail View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile Vidhya.k@LView Profile 3com.com Adrienne.Corning@lView Profile 3com.com 13 L-3 WESCAM Canada Hall_14 14 Obzerv Technologies Inc Canada HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO 18GF.23 R vicky.reinoso@obze View Profile rv.com 15 TERMA A/S Denmark Hall_8_11 rdevgun@tata.com View Profile 11.6.1
  2. 2. 16 FRENCH PAVILION - GICAT France Hall_12_12A 17 ACOEM France HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.18 D_FLOOR tal@cstindia.com View Profile 18 ASB - Aerospatiale Batteries France Hall_12_12A s.cabanne@asbgroup.com View Profile 19 AXON INTERCONNECTORS AND WIRES PVT LTD HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.64 D_FLOOR sai@axon-cable.in View Profile 20 BANC NATIONAL D'EPREUVE France Hall_12_12A 21 CNIM France Hall_12_12A 12.12.2 22 COGES - EUROSATORY France Hall_12_12A 12.12.1 23 Conesys Europe France 24 CONNEKT ELECTRONICS PVT LTD France 25 DCNS France Hall_12_12A 26 27 ECA ROBOTICS ELNO France France Hall_12_12A Hall_12_12A 28 EURENCO France Hall_12_12A 12.6 29 EUROFARAD France Hall_12_12A 12.13 30 EURONAVAL France Hall_12_12A 31 EXXELIA SUPPLY France Hall_12_12A 12.13 32 FIRADEC France Hall_12_12A 12.13 Info@exxelia.com France 12.12.1 suppleant@gicat.fr View Profile 12.12.1 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF4.4 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF4.4 D_FLOOR charlotte12.9 aubret@bancepreuve.fr ase.lilleas@cnim.co m d.roukoz@cogeseve nts.com connektelectronics @gmail.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile 12.8 12.12.1 12.14 12.12.1 patricia.couchet@d cnsgroup.com jca@eca.fr i.rossi@elno.fr a.ndenga@eurenco. com Jerome.JEANROT@E xxelia.com jboozer@euronaval. fr olivier.cattaldo@ex xelia.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  3. 3. 12.5 TO 12.16 jocelyn.devirel@gic View Profile an.asso.fr gildas.chauvel@hgh 12.15 View Profile .fr valerie.ferreira@ixbl 12.11 View Profile ue.com 33 FRENCH PAVILION - GICAN France Hall_12_12A 34 HGH SYSTEMES INFRAROUGES France Hall_12_12A 35 IXBLUE France Hall_12_12A 36 LACROIX France Hall_12_12A 37 MBDA France Hall_12_12A 12.38 38 MICROSPIRE France Hall_12_12A 12.13 39 NEXTER SYSTEMS France Hall_12_12A 12.4 40 NICOMATIC INDIA ELECTRONICS PVT. LTD France HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.71 D_FLOOR 41 PHOTONIS France HALL_7_A_H 7A.4 42 PHOTONIS France HALL_7_A_H 7A.4 43 ROXEL France Hall_12_12A 44 SAGEM France Hall_12_12A 45 SIC SAFCO France Hall_12_12A 46 STPI France HALL_18_GROUN 18GF4.4 D_FLOOR 47 TEMEX Ceramics France Hall_12_12A caroline.bares@etie View Profile nne-lacroix.com 12.12.1 12.7 12.12.3 12.13 12.13 salesenquiries@mb View Profile da-systems.com Odile.MARROT@Mi crospire.com p.battarel@nextergroup.fr sp.tiwari@nicomati c.in k.maes@photonis.c om k.maes@photonis.c om daniel.legouarequer @safran.fr sandra.hube@sage m.com Benjamin.RONSE@E xxelia.com rajeesh.kerala@gm ail.com Cyril.FURIO@temexceramics.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  4. 4. sophie.scalabrini@t View Profile halesgroup.com 48 THALES France Hall_12_12A 12.39 49 ULIS (Groupe SOFRADIR) France Hall_12_12A 12.1 m.hadoui@ulisir.com 50 ATLAS Elektronik GmbH Germany Hall_8_11 11.1 matthias.baumert@ View Profile atlas-elektronik.com 51 Carl Walther GmbH Germany Hall_8_11 11.11 52 Cassidian Optronics GmbH Germany Hall_8_11 11.7 53 CCO Creative Consulting GmbH Germany Hall_8_11 11.13 54 Diehl Defence Germany Hall_8_11 11.8 55 Dynamit Nobel Defence Germany Hall_8_11 11.9 56 Elgi Sauer Compressors Ltd. Germany 57 58 59 EMSAC Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Eurofighter Jagdflugzeug GmbH Industrieanlagen Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (IABG mbh) HALL_18_GROUN 18GF 6.5 D_FLOOR m.stute@carlwalther.de meick.meibaum@ca ssidianoptronics.com cco@ccogermany.eu martina.walker@die hl-defence.de haberger@dndefence.com kamalv@elgisauer.c om Germany Hall_12_12A sales@emsac.in Germany Hall_8_11 11.2 Germany Hall_14 14.4 Loska@iabg.de 60 L-3 ELAC Nautik Germany Hall_14 61 MAN Diesel & Turbo SE Germany Hall_8_11 62 MEDAV GmbH Germany Hall_14 18GF.2 14.23E View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile john.fearnley@euro View Profile fighter.com View Profile britta.hawkins@LView Profile 3com.com mariefrance@man. 11.17 View Profile eu klaus.weighardt@m 14.24 View Profile edav.de
  5. 5. 63 MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH Germany Hall_8_11 64 MTU Friedrichshafen GmbH Germany Hall_8_11 HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO R HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO R HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR 11.7 TO 11.16 uwe.harting@tognu View Profile m.com uwe.harting@tognu 11.15 View Profile m.com 18 UF.14 amit.mittal@mvindia.com View Profile 18GF10.16 amit.mittal@mvindia.com View Profile 18GF.10.16 amit.mittal@mvindia.com View Profile 65 ODU GmbH and Co. KG Germany 66 ODU GmbH and Co. KG Germany 67 ODU GmbH and Co. KG Germany 68 ODU GmbH and Co. KG Germany 69 Rohde & Schwarz Germany Hall_14 70 SKL (INDIA) PVT LTD Germany Hall_12_12A 12.45 info@sklindia.com 71 Teijin Aramid GmbH Germany Hall_8_11 11.12 Germany Hall_8_11 11.16 Germany HALL_7_A_H Germany Hall_8_11 Hungary Hall_8_11 India Hall_8_11 72 73 74 75 76 ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems GmbH Weiss Technik India Private Limited WEW Westerwälder Eisenwerk GmbH Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA) (Testing ) GIP Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. 18GF.6.3 7C.1 amit.mittal@mvView Profile india.com Nikumoni.rajkhowa 14.2 @rohdeView Profile schwarz.com View Profile johannes.manten@ View Profile teijinaramid.com ute.arriens@thysse nkrupp.com s.shabeer@weissind ia.com jwilkens@wew11.14 tankcontainer.de balazs.dietrich@hita 11.5 .hu gunjan.vatuk@gmai 7.1 l.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  6. 6. 77 A-1 Fence Products Company Private Limited India 78 AARTECH SOLONICS LTD India 79 Access Textiles India 80 Accord Software & Systems India Pvt Ltd HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.17 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.61 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.12 D_FLOOR 81 Adigear International India Hall_14 82 Aerospace Engineers India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.10.15 D_FLOOR 83 AGLAYA India HALL_7_A_H 84 85 AIMTREX TECHNOLOGIES India (P) LTD AIR CONTROL & CHEMICAL ENGINEERING COMPANY India LTD HALL_7_A_H 7C.1.1 HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.44 D_FLOOR HALL_7_A_H ram@a1fenceprodu View Profile cts.com 7C.8.1 vivek@aartechsolon ics.com accesstextiles@yah oo.com santhoshkumar.m@ accord-soft.com gaurav@adigear.co 14.2 m ceo@thesalemaero park.com ANKUR@AGLAYA.C OM support@aimtrex.c om View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile v.vaid@accelindia.c View Profile om 7A.3 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF 10.26 D_FLOOR editor@defstrat.co View Profile m Alkraft Thermotechnologies India Private Limited HALL_7_A_H dayalan@alkraft.co View Profile m 88 ALLOYS ENGINEERS P LTD HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.25 D_FLOOR 89 Alpha Design Technologies India Pvt Ltd Hall_12_12A 90 Ammunition Factory Khadki India Central_Hall 91 Analogic controls India limited Hall_12_12A 86 Akash Media 87 India India India 7C.8 mgr.alloys@gmail.c View Profile om shivkumar@adtl.co. 12.44 View Profile in C9 afk.ofb@nic.in 12.43 View Profile leeni.srivastava@bh View Profile aratforge.com
  7. 7. 92 Anjali T Precision India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.10.27 D_FLOOR 93 Ashok Leyland Ltd India Hall_14 94 ASHOKA INDUSTRIES (PROP.ASHOKA MFG.LTD.) India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.30 D_FLOOR ashoka@ashokagro View Profile up.net 95 Asian Defence & Diplomacy India - India Edition HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.9.1 D_FLOOR vinodghansela@yah View Profile oo.com 96 Asteria Aerospace India HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.32 D_FLOOR 97 Astra Microwave Products Ltd. India Hall_12_12A 98 Audo Viso Industries India Hall_8_11 nihar.vartak@asteri View Profile a.co.in dilip.v@astramwp.c 12.16 View Profile om admin@audoviso.co 8.1 View Profile m 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 Avaana Software & Services India Pvt Ltd Avana Integrated Systems India Limited Axis Aerospace & India Technologies Ltd. BEML Limited Benengg Design and Manufacturing Private Limited Benengg Design and Manufacturing Private Limited Bharat Dynamics Ltd atp@anjalitprecisio View Profile n.com 14.27 Hall_12_12A andrew.fernandes@ View Profile ashokleyland.com 12.4 info@avaana.com Hall_8_11 View Profile sambit.sinha@avan View Profile a.in sanjeev@cadestech. 12.37 View Profile com delhi@rm.beml.co.i View Profile n 11.6 Hall_12_12A India Central_Hall C6 India HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO 18 UF.52 R prakashnair@benen View Profile gg.com India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.2.1 D_FLOOR prakashnair@benen View Profile gg.com India Central_Hall bdbdl@yahoo.com View Profile C5
  8. 8. 106 Bharat Electronics Limited India Central_Hall 107 Bharat Forge Limited India Hall_12_12A 108 Bharat Forge Limited India 109 Bharat Forge Limited India 110 BrahMos Aerospace India 111 BSST INDIA PVT LIMITED India 112 centre for development of telematics India 113 Chanakya Aerospace, India Defence & Maritime Review HALL_7_A_H 7A 7.2 114 CHW Forge Private Limited India HALL_7_A_H 7A.8 115 COCHIN SHIPYARD LIMITED India Central_Hall C 10.1 116 COMINT SYSTEMS AND SOLUTIONS PRIVATE LIMITED India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.15 D_FLOOR 117 D Espat Pvt Ltd India 118 119 120 121 DANTAL HYDRAULICS PVT. India LTD. DATA PATTERNS INDIA PVT India LTD Dexcel Electronics Designs India Pvt. Ltd., DGR India C8 hari@bel.co.in mohitsingh@bharat forge.com mohitsingh@bharat OUTDOOR 12O.3 forge.com mohitsingh@bharat OUTDOOR 120.2 forge.com praveenpathak@br Central_Hall C10 ahmos.com HALL_18_GROUN vvsharma74@gmail. 18GF 10.6.2 D_FLOOR com HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.40 vibhab@cdot.in D_FLOOR 12.43 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.68 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF10.17 D_FLOOR Hall_14 14.25 TO 14.26 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.21 D_FLOOR HALL_7_A_H 7A.5 View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile chanakya_aerospac View Profile e@yahoo.com santosh.maurya@c View Profile hwforge.com secretary@cochinsh View Profile ipyard.com comint@comintindi View Profile a.com mujib@despat.com View Profile kamalsharma@dant al.in raman.sopory@dat apatterns.co.in ravi.gujral@dexceld esigns.com dgrpublicity@gmail. com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  9. 9. Digital Integrator Pvt ltd 123 DYNALOG (INDIA) LIMITED India HALL_7_A_H 124 E.I.S. Electronics (India) Pvt. India Ltd. Hall_8_11 125 Earth Infrastructures Ltd. Hall_12_12A 126 127 Elcom Innovations Private Limited Electronics Corporation of India Limited India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.19.2 D_FLOOR 122 India India India HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR 7B.3 12.45.4 18GF 24 18 GF 50 128 Elektronik Lab India 129 em electronix pvt ltd India 130 EMI SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. India 131 EMPOWER GENSETS PVT LTD India 132 FORCE India 133 Garware Wall Ropes Ltd. India 134 GENERAL OPTICS (ASIA) LIMITED India 135 Geo Informatics India Consultants Private Limited. HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.51 D_FLOOR 136 GOA SHIPYARD LIMITED India Central_Hall 137 Grintex India Ltd India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.8 D_FLOOR 18.GF37 18 GF.14 18GF.35 18 GF.56 18 GF.1 18GF6.4 18GF.10.10 C2 hemant@diplindia.c om schanda@dynalogin dia.com sumit.khandelwal@ 9.5 eis-india.com amit.raj@earthinfra .com rjuneja@elcominno vations.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile acrao123@ecil.co.in View Profile hilda@elektroniklab .com karthik.subash@em electronix.com pr_vijayan@emisind ia.com coo@empowergens ets.com james@forceindia.n et pjadhav@garwarero pes.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile mktg@goalpdy.com View Profile defence@gicpl.com View Profile seby@goashipyard. View Profile com ssharma@grintex.c View Profile om
  10. 10. 138 139 140 GROWCONTROLS Gun & Shell Factory, Cossipore Gun Carriage Factory, Jabalpur India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.9.5 D_FLOOR ganesh@growcontr View Profile ols.in India Central_Hall C9 gsf.ofb@nic.in View Profile India Central_Hall C9 gcf.ofb@nic.in View Profile 141 H and H Precision Limited India Central_Hall C 12 rsarin@hhservices.i View Profile n 142 HI-TECH ROBOTIC SYSTEMZ India LIMITED HALL_7_A_H 7B.5 anil.yadav@hitechr View Profile oboticsystemz.com India Hall_12_12A 12.45.2 ma.johar@hfcl.com View Profile India Central_Hall C3 India Central_Hall C2 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.10.14 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.8.1 D_FLOOR MARKETING@HALINDIA.COM gmcp.hsl@gov.in hpm@patodiagroup .net anuradhab@icomm tele.com OUTDOOR response@idyb.com View Profile 143 144 145 146 Himachal Futiristic Communication Ltd HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LTD. Hindustan Shipyard Ltd Hyderabad Precision Mfg Co. Pvt. Ltd. India 147 ICOMM TELE LTD India 148 IDYB Group India 149 IMR Media Pvt Ltd India 150 India Strategic India 151 Indian Armour Systems Pvt. India Ltd. 152 INDIAN DEFENCE REVIEW India 153 Jahagirdar Aero Products India 154 Jakson Power Solutions India 11O2.1 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.8.6 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.33 D_FLOOR Hall_14 14O.6 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.43 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF4.4 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.7 D_FLOOR View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile rk.arora@idyb.com View Profile gulshan.luthra@indi View Profile astrategic.in prerna@indianarmo View Profile ur.com idr@indiandefencer View Profile eview.com yash@japaero.org View Profile pooja.chawla@jaks View Profile on.com
  11. 11. HALL_18_GROUN 18O.1 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.7 D_FLOOR 155 Jakson Power Solutions India 156 Jakson Power Solutions India 157 JCBL India OUTDOOR 158 JCBL India Hall_8_11 159 Kaptron Pvt Ltd India 160 KAYNES TECHNOLOGY INDIA PVT LTD India 161 KENT INDUSTRIES INC India 162 163 164 KIRLOSKAR OIL ENGINES LIMITED KIRLOSKAR OIL ENGINES LIMITED KOLLMORGEN CORPORATION India India India HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR 18GF.41 18GF6.2 18 GF.8.4 18GF.39 18GF 42 18GF.2 165 KPIT Technologies Pvt Ltd India 166 LABELECTRONICS India OUTDOOR 14O.4 167 LAGGAR INDUSTRIES LTD. India OUTDOOR 7O.1 168 Larsen & Toubro Limited India Hall_12_12A 169 LMB Fans and Motors India 170 LPS Industrial Supplies Pvt. India Ltd. 18GF.60 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.2 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.13 D_FLOOR pooja.chawla@jaks on.com pooja.chawla@jaks on.com s_shekhar@jcbl.co 14.1 m s_shekhar@jcbl.co 8.1 m kaptrondefexpo@g mail.com artysharath@kayne stechnology.net kentindia@kentunif orms.com gurudeo.kotkunde @kirloskar.com gurudeo.kotkunde @kirloskar.com defexpo@sikaglobal .com mukesh.vaid@kpit.c om labkits@md2.vsnl.n et.in praveen@laggarind ustries.com amitabha.ghosh@la 12.3 rsentoubro.com marketing@sikaglo bal.com rahul@lpsboi.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  12. 12. 172 173 M/s Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers India Ltd Machine Tool Prototype India Factory, Ambernath Central_Hall C2 siddharthachoudhur View Profile y@yahoo.co.in Central_Hall C9 mpf.ofb@nic.in View Profile 174 Mahindra Defence Systems India Limited Hall_8_11 11.2 & 11.3 nambiar.raghunath View Profile an@mahindra.com 175 Mahindra Defence Systems India Limited Hall_8_11 11O.3 & 12O.1 nambiar.raghunath View Profile an@mahindra.com 176 MAHINDRA TELEPHONICS INTEGRATED SYSTEMS LIMITED India OUTDOOR 11O.3 garg.mohit3@mahi View Profile ndra.com 177 MARINE ELECTRICALS (I) PVT LTD India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.5 D_FLOOR malhotra.rajeev@m View Profile arineelectricals.com 178 MASPACK LIMITED India 179 Matrix Comsec India ajitramavarma@yah View Profile oo.com ruchir.talati@matrix View Profile comsec.com 180 Meggitt Avionics India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.67 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.46 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.2 D_FLOOR 181 MicroMet -ATI Pvt Ltd India Hall_12_12A India HALL_7_A_H 7C.2 India Central_Hall C4 182 183 Micronel Global Engineers Pvt Ltd MISHRA DHATU NIGAM LIMITED 184 MKU Pvt. Ltd. India NARENDRA EXPLOSIVES LIMITED India Central_Hall 12.4 Hall_8_11 185 bd@sikaglobal.com View Profile C 11 info@micrometgrou View Profile p.in p20@micronel.net View Profile aksharma@midhani View Profile .gov.in anurag.tripathi@mk 9.5 View Profile u.com info@narendraco.c View Profile om
  13. 13. 186 National Textile Corporation Ltd. India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.29.1 D_FLOOR priyadarshi.ntc@gm View Profile ail.com 187 Nayar Advanced Defence Systems Private Limited India HALL_7_A_H h.juneja@nayaradsy View Profile s.com India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.69 D_FLOOR India Hall_14 14.1 rajiv@newsline.in India Hall_8_11 11.6 188 189 190 191 192 193 194 195 196 197 198 199 200 201 New Wave Composite Technologies Pvt Ltd., Newsline Publications Pvt. Ltd. Nova Integrated Systems Limited Nucon Aerospace Private Limited Nucon Aerospace Private Limited Offset India Solutions Pvt Ltd OIS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD. OIS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD. OIS Aerospace Pvt Ltd Opto Electronics Factory, Dehradun ORDNANCE FACTORY BOARD Ordnance Factory Muradnagar Ordnance Factory, Khamaria Ordnance Parachute Factory, Kanpur India India 7B.6 CAPTVENKAT@GMA View Profile IL.COM HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.47.1 D_FLOOR HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO 18 UF.18 R View Profile rbjadeja@novainteg View Profile rated.com muni@nuconaerosp View Profile ace.com muni@nuconaerosp View Profile ace.com info@offsetindiasol utions.com par@offsetindiasolu 12.4 tions.com par@offsetindiasolu tions.com info@ois12.4 aerospace.com India Hall_12_12A 12.4 India Hall_12_12A India Hall_14 India Hall_12_12A India Central_Hall C9 olf.ofb@nic.in View Profile India Central_Hall C9 export.ofb@nic.in View Profile India Central_Hall C9 ofm.ofb@nic.in View Profile India Central_Hall C9 ofk.ofb@nic.in View Profile India Central_Hall C9 opf.ofb@nic.in View Profile 14O.8 View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  14. 14. 202 203 204 205 206 Pandect Precision Components Ltd Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering Company Limited Pipavav Defence and Offshore Engineering Company Limited PRECISION MACHINEKRAFT (P) LTD precision operation system pvt ltd India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.2 D_FLOOR TVM@sikaglobal.co View Profile m India Hall_12_12A 12A H1.1 neelu.khatri@pipav View Profile avdoc.com India OUTDOOR 12AO.1 neelu.khatri@pipav View Profile avdoc.com India India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.10.13 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.4.1 D_FLOOR 207 Punj Lloyd Ltd India Hall_14 208 R E Rogers India Pvt. Ltd India OUTDOOR India HALL_7_A_H India Central_Hall C9 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.3 D_FLOOR 210 Rangsons Electronics Pvt. Ltd. Rifle Factory Ishapore 211 Rolta India Ltd. India 212 Rolta India Ltd. India 213 Rolta India Ltd. India 214 Rotary Electronics Pvt. Ltd., India 215 RUNFLAT Tire Systems 216 SAFESURE Run Flat Systems India 217 Samtel Avionics 209 India India Hall_14 HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR faheem@bscindia.c View Profile om posipl.delhi@gmail. View Profile com sanjaywadhwa@pu View Profile njlloyd.com 14.29.1 12 7B.8 14O.7 18GF.3 18GF9.2 18GF.31 18GF.10.1 18 GF.29 surjeet@rogersworl View Profile dwideindia.com dimpleashok@rangs ons.com rfi.ofb@nic.in hiten.valia@rolta.co m hiten.valia@rolta.co m hiten.valia@rolta.co m chakra@rotaryconn ectors.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile vjapala@yahoo.com View Profile sales@safesure.co.i View Profile n manishamadan@sa View Profile mtelgroup.com
  15. 15. 218 Sap Media Worldwide Ltd India 219 Sealed Energy Systems India 220 SEMCO TECH SERVICES PVT India LTD 221 Sidwal Refrigeration Industries Private Limited laila@sapmagazines View Profile .com info@sesbatteries.c View Profile om jeetu@semcoindia.c View Profile om HALL_18_GROUN 18GF 10.6.1 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.54 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.19.1 D_FLOOR India Central_Hall C11.1 deep@sidwal.com View Profile Sika Interplant Systems India Limited Sika Interplant Systems India Limited Sikka n Sikka Engineers Pvt India Ltd HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.2 D_FLOOR 225 Simco Engineering Limited India HALL_7_A_H 7D.4 226 Simco Engineering Limited India HALL_7_A_H 7B.4 227 sln technologies pvt ltd India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF 8.2 D_FLOOR krr@slntech.com View Profile 228 Small Arms Factory, Kanpur India Central_Hall saf.ofb@nic.in View Profile 229 SMPP PVT. LTD. India Hall_8_11 222 223 224 HALL_7_A_H kunal.sikka@sikaglo View Profile bal.com kunal.sikka@sikaglo View Profile bal.com 7A.11 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.2 D_FLOOR sns@sikaglobal.com View Profile smunshi@regentgro View Profile up.in smunshi@regentgro View Profile up.in C9 230 SMPP PVT. LTD. India HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO 18 UF17 R 231 SP GUIDE PUBLICATIONS PVT LTD India Hall_14 232 Space Telelink Limited India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.49 D_FLOOR 233 SRG Techno (P) Ltd India Hall_14 11.18 skumar@smgroupin View Profile dia.com skumar@smgroupin View Profile dia.com 14.3 neetu@spguidepubl View Profile ications.com info@spaceworld.in View Profile 14.22 rksingh.srg@gmail.c View Profile om
  16. 16. SRITECH ELECTRONICS & SYSTEMS Pvt Ltd., System Controls Technology Solutions Pvt Ltd India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.65.2 D_FLOOR subhakarrs@sritech View Profile .in India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.63 D_FLOOR venkat@systemcontrols.com 236 TAL Secure Systems Pvt Ltd India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.18 D_FLOOR finance@cstindia.co View Profile m 237 Tara Aerospace System Limited India Hall_12_12A 11.6.1 hrautela@tataadva View Profile ncedsystems.com India Hall_8_11 11.6.3 rajeev@tamlindia.c View Profile om India Hall_8_11 11.6.1 dmor@tata.com 234 235 238 239 Tata Advanced Materials Limited Tata Advanced Systems Limited 240 Tata Motors Finance India Hall_8_11 241 Tata Motors Ltd India Hall_8_11 242 test1 India Hall_8_11 243 The Tata Power Company Limited Strategic Engineering Division India Hall_8_11 244 Titan Company Limited, , Precision Engineering Division India Hall_8_11 245 TMLD Company Ltd India Hall_8_11 246 Tonbo Imaging India 247 USAI FORGE PVT LTD India View Profile View Profile sandeep.saigal@tat View Profile amotors.com a.budhiraja@tatam 10.4 View Profile otors.com preeti.cs2010@gma View Profile il.com 10.4 C2.1 11.6 dvramana@titan.co View Profile .in 11.6.2 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.36 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.8.6 D_FLOOR akamat@TataPower View Profile SED.com 10.4 ashwanibudhiraja@ View Profile hotmail.com akumar@tonboima View Profile ging.com gsoin85@gmail.com View Profile
  17. 17. India HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO R HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN D_FLOOR Central_Hall VEM Technologies Pvt Ltd India Hall_12_12A 254 Wipro Enterprises Ltd India HALL_18_GROUN 18GF 10.19 D_FLOOR 255 Yeoman Marine Services India Central_Hall 256 Zen Technologies India Hall_14 257 ACCUBEAT LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.23.2 258 Amertec Systems Pvt. Ltd. Israel HALL_7_A_H 7A.2 259 BETH EL INDUSTRIES LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.22.2 260 BF Elbit Advanced Systems Israel Private Ltd. Hall_12_12A 261 CAMERO - TECH LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.25.4 Israel Hall_8_11 11.25.3 Israel Hall_8_11 11.22.6 Israel Hall_8_11 11.24.1 248 Uurmi Systems 249 V V Kay Marine Private Ltd India 252 Valeth HighTech Composites Pvt. Ltd. Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review Vehicle Factory Jabalpur 253 250 251 263 CONTROP PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES LTD. DSIT SOLUTIONS LTD. 264 ELBIT SYSTEMS 262 India India India 18 UF.3 18GF.16 18GF.10.21 12.45.3 C9 C1.1 rohit@uurmi.com gpsingh@vvkaymari ne.co.in nitinpetervaleth@g mail.com vayuaerospace@lyc os.com vfj.ofb@nic.in skbanerjee@vemte 12.41 chnologies.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile maltesh.somasekha View Profile rappa@wipro.com yeomanms@gmail.c om mktg@zentechnolo 14.4 gies.com david@accubeat.co. il anushree.govil@am ertec-sys.com n.dikman@beind.co m saritha.naidu@bhar 12.43 atforge.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile KARINAE@IWI.NET View Profile marcom@controp.c View Profile o.il guym@dsit.co.il View Profile roni.ganani@elbitsy View Profile stems.com
  18. 18. 265 266 267 ESC BAZ LTD. IAI - ISRAEL AEROSPACE INDUSTRIES LTD. IWI - ISRAEL WEAPON INDUSTRIES LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.24.3 RIRI@ESCBAZ.COM View Profile Israel Hall_8_11 11.23.1 mmuhlrad@iai.co.il View Profile Israel Hall_8_11 11.25.4 shirik@iwi.net View Profile 268 MEPROLIGHT (1990) LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.25.4 yaeld@meprolight.c View Profile om 269 OPGAL OPTRONIC INDUSTRIES Israel Hall_8_11 11.23.2 nagel@opgal.com 270 PALBAM DEFENSE LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.23.4 gal-s@palbam.co.il View Profile 271 PersysMedical Israel Hall_8_11 11.23.2 Hall_8_11 11.23.4 Hall_8_11 11.23.10 attar@persysmedic View Profile al.com omerl@peryphonView Profile dev.com ronb@plasan.com View Profile Hall_8_11 11.25.1 sofiv@rafael.co.il View Profile View Profile 272 273 274 PERYPHON DEVELOPMENT Israel LTD. PLASAN SASA LTD. Israel RAFAEL ADVANED DEFENSE Israel SYSTEMS LTD View Profile 275 Ray-Q Interconnection Technologies India Pvt Ltd Israel HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.20 D_FLOOR prakash@rayqindia.com 276 SCD SEMI CONDUCTOR DEVICES Israel Hall_8_11 11.23.6 marina_p@scd.co.il View Profile 277 SERAPHIM OPTRONICS LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.23.4 gadi_b@seraphim.c View Profile o.il 278 SIBAT - ISRAEL MOD Israel Hall_8_11 11.22 TO 11.25 limorm@mod.gov.il View Profile 279 TAR IDEAL CONCEPTS LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.22.4 yariv@tarideal.com View Profile 280 TECHAYA INC. Israel 281 TELDOR CABLES & SYSTEMS Israel Hall_8_11 11.23.3 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.34 D_FLOOR zak@techaya.com View Profile ori@teldor.com View Profile
  19. 19. elish.fuchs@verint.c View Profile om 282 VERINT SYSTEMS LTD. Israel Hall_8_11 11.22.3 283 AGUSTAWESTLAND Italy Hall_8_11 10.5 284 Alenia Aermacchi Italy Hall_8_11 10.5 285 BERETTA Italy Hall_8_11 286 CALZONI SRL Italy Hall_14 287 ELETTRONICA Italy Hall_8_11 10.7 gianni.carlini@elt.it View Profile 288 FINCANTIERI Italy HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.38 D_FLOOR 289 Finmeccanica Italy Hall_8_11 290 HACKING TEAM Italy HALL_7_A_H 291 OTO Melara SpA Italy Hall_8_11 292 PRO-SYSTEMS SPA Italy HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.55 D_FLOOR 293 Selex ES Italy Hall_8_11 daniele.marchesan @fincantieri.it giuditta.carello@fin 10.5 meccanica.com d.maglietta@hackin gteam.com kimberly.silenzi@fin 10.5 meccanica.com enrica.galimberti@p ro-systems.it kimberly.silenzi@fin 10.5 meccanica.it 294 WASS Italy Hall_8_11 295 ShinMaywa Industries,Ltd Japan Central_Hall 296 AIRBUS Group Netherlands Hall_8_11 297 Microflown AVISA Netherlands HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.20 D_FLOOR 14.23C 7B.1 maria.colonnello@fi View Profile nmeccanica.it jarno.antonelli@ber 10.6 View Profile etta.com stefano.ghignone@ View Profile L-3com.com 10.5 C10.2 stefania.gianfalla@f View Profile inmeccanica.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile maria.colonnello@fi View Profile nmeccanica.com aono.o@shinmayw View Profile a.co.jp sarah.moehrle@cas 11.19 View Profile sidian.com boekhorst@microfl View Profile own.com
  20. 20. HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.22 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.22 D_FLOOR asheesh.agarwal@i nnovationnorway.n o sveink@kongsberg.c om morten.uhl.knudsen @l-3com.com frank.moller@nam mo.com asbjorn@norlense.n o Norway HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.22 D_FLOOR sindre.sviggum.knut View Profile sen@norsafe.com 304 Norwegian Defence and Security Industries Association (FSi) Norway HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.22 D_FLOOR torbjorn.svensgard View Profile @nho.no 305 Sensonor AS Norway 306 Umoe Mandal Norway 298 Innovation Norway Norway HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.22 D_FLOOR 299 Kongsberg Norway Hall_14 14.25.1 300 L-3 Communications Valmarine AS Norway Hall_14 14.23B 301 NAMMO AS Norway 302 Norlense Norway 303 NORSAFE AS 307 308 309 AIR FORCE INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Armpol BIPROMASZ BIPRON TRADING S.A. HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.22 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.22 D_FLOOR View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile HRP@sensonor.com View Profile nsk@um.no rzecznik@itwl.pl View Profile Poland Hall_12_12A Poland Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF 10.12 D_FLOOR info@armpol.com View Profile m.borecki@bbt.pl View Profile View Profile Poland 12.2.1 View Profile 310 Cenrex sp. z o.o. Poland Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 cenrex@cenrex.pl 311 Central Military Bureau of Poland Design and Technology S.A. Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 j.dolaniecki@wcbkt. View Profile pl 312 CENZIN SP. Z O.O. Hall_12_12A Poland 12.1 m.cichon@cenzin.c View Profile om.pl
  21. 21. 313 314 Fabryka Broni "Lucznik" Radom Sp. z o.o. HUTA STALI JAKOSCIOWYCH S.A. Poland Hall_12_12A Poland zarzad@fabrykabro View Profile ni.pl jmoskal@hswView Profile hsj.com.pl 12.2.1 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF10.16 D_FLOOR 315 Huta Stalowa Wola S.A. Poland Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 m.wrobelView Profile wisniewska@hsw.pl 316 Military Mechanical Works Poland Joint - Stock Company Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 wzms@wzms.pl 317 PCO S.A. Poland Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 pco@pcosa.com.pl View Profile 318 Pimco Sp. z o.o. Poland Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 pimco@pimco.pl View Profile 319 Polish Chamber of National Poland Defence Manufacturers Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 izba@przemyslobronny.pl View Profile 320 Polish Defence Holding Poland Hall_12_12A 321 WB Electronics SA Poland Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 Pawel.Lyczkowski@ View Profile pho.pl info@wb.com.pl View Profile 322 Wojskowe Zaklady Inzynieryjne S.A. (Military Engineering Works) Poland Hall_12_12A 12.2.1 info@wzinz.com.pl View Profile 323 Wojskowe Zaklady Uzbrojenia SA Poland HALL_18_GROUN 18GF8.3.1 D_FLOOR cichecka@wzu.pl 324 “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CORPORATION “URALVAGONZAVOD”,jsc Russia Hall_12_12A minnt@rambler.ru View Profile 12.2 CO.3.1 View Profile View Profile
  22. 22. 325 “RESEARCH AND PRODUCTION CORPORATION “URALVAGONZAVOD”,jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 326 Air Defense Concern " Almaz-Antey" jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 12.23 orvdm@mail.ru View Profile 327 All-Russian Scientific Research Institute SIGNAL Russia Hall_12_12A 12.24 mail@vniisignal.ru View Profile Russia OUTDOOR Russia HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.10.6 D_FLOOR 328 329 ALMAZ Central Marine Design Bureau, jsc Avrora India Marine Systems Private Limited 12.3 minnt@rambler.ru View Profile office@almazkb.sp.ru CO.3 View Profile mail@avroraindia.in View Profile 330 Concern Systemprom jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 12.34 D.Y.Mansur@rostec View Profile .ru 331 Concern GRANIT ELECTRON Russia Hall_12_12A 12.18 criView Profile granit@peterlink.ru 332 Concern KALASHNIKOV Russia Hall_12_12A 12.29 a.p.vishnyakov@kal View Profile ashnikovconcern.ru 333 Concern MorinformsystemRussia AGAT, jsc Hall_12_12A 12.2 334 FRPC RPA MARS, jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 335 GAZPROMBANK, ojsc Russia Hall_12_12A 336 KBP Instrument Design Bureau Russia Hall_12_12A 12.24 kbkedr@tula.net View Profile 337 Kovrov electromechanical plant jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 12.24 mail@kemz.org View Profile advert@concernagat.ru View Profile 12.2 mars@mv.ru View Profile dankov@gazpromb 12.35 View Profile ank.ru
  23. 23. 338 339 340 341 342 343 344 Russia Hall_12_12A 12.33 sales-export@zenitView Profile kmz.ru Russia Hall_12_12A 12.36 root@kurganmash.r View Profile u Russia Hall_12_12A 12.17 nimi410@mail.ru Russia Hall_12_12A Russia Hall_12_12A Russia Hall_12_12A Nevskoe Design Bureau jsc Russia Hall_12_12A Krasnogorsky Zavod,jsc Machinery & Industrial Group N.V Mechanical Engineering Research Institute,jsc MERIDIAN Research and Production Firm, jsc Moscow Design Bureau COMPAS Motovilikhinskie zavody , jsc info@npfmeridian.r u sklyarova@mdbcom 12.26 pas.ru A.E.Alexanina@rost 12.28 ec.ru O.D.Dmitrienko@ro 12.25 stec.ru 12.2 View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile 346 NPO HIGH-PRECISSION WEAPONS, jsc PO SEVMASH , jsc 347 Proletarsky Zavod,jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 348 Radiozavod, jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 349 ROSOBORONEXPORT jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 350 RUSSIAN TECHNOLOGIES STATE CORPORATION Russia Hall_12_12A 351 Scientific industrial concern “Mechanical Engineering” Russia (JSC “NPK “Tehmash”) Hall_12_12A 352 Scientific Production Enterprise SALUT Russia Hall_12_12A 12.2 info@SMP-Salyut.ru View Profile 353 Sea Project Russia Hall_12_12A 12.25 info@seaproject.ru View Profile 345 Russia Hall_12_12A Russia Hall_12_12A 12.24 npovk@yandex.ru 12.25 riv@sevmash.ru garanina@proletars 12.25 ky.ru 12.27 OVS03@rf58.ru press@post.rusarm. 12.22 ru D.M.Groshkov@rost 12.17 TO 12.36 echn.ru 12.17 View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile Panteleeva.gala@ya View Profile ndex.ru
  24. 24. 354 355 Shipbuilding plant SEVERNAYA VERF, jsc Shiprepairing center ZVYOZDOCHKA borisov@nordsy.sp View Profile b.ru Russia Hall_12_12A 12.25 Russia Hall_12_12A 12.25 info@star.ru 12.25 View Profile office@shipyardView Profile yantar.ru D.M.Groshkov@rost 12.17 View Profile ec.ru 356 SHIPYARD YANTAR jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 357 SPA BAZALT jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 358 SPLAV SPA, ojsc Russia Hall_12_12A 12.17 ves.splav@mail.ru View Profile 359 Sredne-Ntvsky Shipbuilding Russia Plant, jsc Hall_12_12A 12.25 office@snsz.ru View Profile 360 Sudoexport , jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 12.25 361 TYPHOON, jsc UNITED ENGINE CORPORATION United Shipbuilding Corporation URAL Automobile Works OJSC Russia Hall_12_12A Russia Hall_12_12A Russia Hall_12_12A 12.25 tinfo@oaoosk.ru Russia Hall_12_12A 12.31 V.A. DEGTYAREV PLANT, jsc Russia Hall_12_12A 12.24 zid@zid.ru Russia Hall_12_12A 12.32 Russia Hall_12_12A A.A.Ivanova@rostec View Profile .ru 12.19 chav69@mail.ru View Profile Russia Hall_12_12A 12.25 A.I.Orlov@rostec.ru View Profile 362 363 364 365 366 367 368 Vologda Optical-andMechanical Plant, JSC Vympel Shipyard JSC Zelenodolsk Design Bureu, jsc 369 YUGOIMPORT-SDPR Serbia 370 BBS International Singapore 371 DSM Dyneema APAC Singapore a.osipova@sudoexp View Profile ort.ru 12.2 tfn1@kaluga.ru View Profile sokolova@uk12.36 View Profile odk.ru HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.4 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.11 D_FLOOR Hall_8_11 11.17.1 View Profile N.M.Dubrovina@ro View Profile stec.ru fdsp@eunet.rs View Profile View Profile partho@bbsint.com View Profile nicole.ng@dsm.com View Profile
  25. 25. 372 Extron Electronics 373 Qmax Test Equipments Pvt. Singapore Ltd HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.53 D_FLOOR HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.14 D_FLOOR 374 ARMSCOR South Africa Central_Hall 375 Fuchs Electronics (Pty) Ltd South Africa Central_Hall 376 GEW Technologies South Africa Central_Hall C1 377 Reutech Communications a South Africa division of Reutech Limited Central_Hall C1 378 Dong In Optical South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B9.3 379 EO SYSTEM CO.,LTD. South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B.9.5 380 Ground South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B9.3 381 Hanwha Corporation South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B.9.2 solidj@hanwha.com View Profile 382 Korea Defense Industry Association South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B.9.3 tjpark@kdia.or.kr 383 LIG Nex1 Co.,Ltd South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B.9.1 384 SungHan Corporation South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B9.3 385 UCONSYSTEM South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B9.3 jhsa@foosung.com View Profile 386 VITZROCELL South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B.9.4 gerald@vitzrocell.co View Profile m 387 VOGO South Korea HALL_7_A_H 7B9.3 jwl@vogoeng.com Singapore C1 bwong@extron.com View Profile vijaykumar@qmaxt est.com kalliev@armscor.co. za johanla@reutech.co 12 .za alombard@gew.co. za View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile shereeng@reutech. View Profile co.za manager@dongino View Profile ptical.com hans@eosystem.co View Profile m kimjeongbin@empa View Profile s.com View Profile ylyang122@lignex1. View Profile com sunghan2012@han View Profile mail.net View Profile
  26. 26. 388 Navantia Spain Hall_8_11 389 Saab AB Sweden Hall_14 Switzerland HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.42 D_FLOOR Switzerland Hall_8_11 390 391 Fischer Connectors India Pvt. Ltd Staubli tec systems india pvt ltd etejuca@navantia.e View Profile s irene.liander@saab 14.24 View Profile group.com ram.thakur@fischer View Profile connectors.in 10.3 10.2.2 j.babu@staubli.com View Profile 392 Victorinox India Pvt Ltd Switzerland HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.6 D_FLOOR 393 ASELSAN A.S. Turkey Hall_8_11 394 ADS Group Ltd UK Hall_8_11 395 AM DEFENCE & MARINE SERVICES LIMITED UK Central_Hall 396 Argon Electronics (UK) Ltd UK Hall_8_11 397 Audiotel International Limited UK HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.26 D_FLOOR 398 Audiotel International Limited UK Hall_8_11 399 Avon Protection UK Hall_14 400 BAE Systems UK Hall_8_11 401 Bartington Instruments UK HALL_18_GROUN 18GF45 D_FLOOR Ludovic.Letourneur View Profile @bartington.com 402 Britannia 2000 Ltd UK HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.18 D_FLOOR info@talsecure.com View Profile C12 col.sharma@victori nox.in marketing@aselsan. 11.1 com.tr kelly.simpson@adsg 11.32 roup.org.uk rajeshsarrin@gmail. com 11.4 14.16A View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile john.saunders@arg View Profile onelectronics.com glenn.thompson@a udiotelinternational.com glenn.thompson@a 11.43 udiotelinternational.com Julia.Green@avonprotection.com deborah.littell@bae 9.6 systems.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  27. 27. 403 Bruker Daltonics Ltd. UK Hall_8_11 11.35 zia.shaikh@bdal.in 404 Caterpillar Shrewsbury Limited UK Hall_8_11 11.41 405 Chemring Group UK Hall_8_11 11.36 406 Cobham plc UK Hall_8_11 9.4 407 Cranfield University UK Hall_8_11 11.49 408 Ilasco / Keela International UK Ltd Hall_8_11 11.44 409 iOra Software Ltd UK Hall_8_11 11.48 410 Jankel UK HALL_7_A_H 7C.7 411 JCB India Limited UK Hall_14 14O.9 412 MacTaggart Scott UK Hall_8_11 UK Hall_8_11 UK Hall_8_11 413 414 Martin-Baker Aircraft Company Ltd Meggitt Defence Systems Ltd 415 MS Instruments PLC UK Hall_8_11 416 Pearson Engineering UK Hall_8_11 417 Printech Circuit Laboratories Ltd UK HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.70 D_FLOOR 418 SECURITY INSTRUMENTS UK Hall_14 14.29.2 View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile louise@jankel.com View Profile jasmeet.singh@jcb. com brian.thomson@ma 11.3 ctag.com hbosworth@martin11.47 baker.co.uk Christopher.Hilder 11.31 @meggitt.com 11.42 11.37&11.51 crowe_allen@cat.co m wendyfh@chemring .co.uk alison.dean@cobha m.com a.m.frank@cranfiel d.ac.uk arlene@ardmelgroup.co.uk richard.eltze@iora.c om View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile paul.everington@m View Profile sinstruments.co.uk nicola.fenton@pear View Profile son-eng.com nick.potts@rfpcbs.c View Profile om info@securityinstru View Profile ments.in
  28. 28. 419 Shephard Media UK HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO 18 UF.28 R 420 Shephard Media UK Hall_8_11 11.39 maykee.k@shephar View Profile dmedia.com 421 Standard Brands – Zip Military Fuel UK Hall_8_11 11.46 keiron.francis@stan View Profile dard-brands.com UK Hall_8_11 11.34 vmongia@strongfiel View Profile dtech.com UK Hall_8_11 11.45 peter.gick@hrsmith.com UK HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.26 D_FLOOR UK Hall_8_11 romana@thermote knix.com david.harris@ukti.g 11.32 si.gov.uk alison.dunn@ultra11.33 electronics.com marketing@antono v.com 422 423 424 425 Strongfield Technologies Limited Techtest Limited (part of the HR Smith Group of Companies) THERMOTEKNIX SYSTEMS LTD UKTI Defence & Security Organisation 426 Ultra Electronics UK Hall_8_11 427 ANTONOV Ukraine HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.27 D_FLOOR 428 IVCHENKO-PROGRESS, SE Ukraine HALL_7_A_H 429 Motor Sich, JSC UKROBORONPROM State Concern Ukraine HALL_7_A_H 7C.3 HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.27 D_FLOOR 431 Airborne Systems USA Hall_14 432 Allison Transmission India Pvt. Ltd. USA HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.58 D_FLOOR 433 Altius Automotive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. USA HALL_7_A_H 430 Ukraine 7C.3 14.14.1 7A.1 maykee.k@shephar View Profile dmedia.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile db-dabi@mail.ru View Profile bakun@dabi-m.ru exhibition@ukrobor onprom.com ann.tok@airbornesys.com venky.narayanan@a llisontransmission.c om View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile parthiban.m@altius View Profile automotive.com
  29. 29. 434 435 436 AM GENERAL American Technologies Network Corp. Amphenol Interconnect India Pvt. Ltd. 12.43 Anil.Verma@bharat View Profile forge.com USA Hall_12_12A USA Hall_14 14.14.1 trenn@atncorp.com View Profile USA HALL_7_A_H 7 B.2 ashishm@ampheno View Profile l-in.com 437 ATK Armament Systems USA Hall_14 14.11 sara.behr@atk.com View Profile 438 Audo Viso Private Limited USA Hall_8_11 439 Barrett Firearms USA Hall_14 440 Boeing Company USA Hall_14 441 Breeze Eastern Corporation USA HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.2 D_FLOOR 442 Colt Defense LLC USA Hall_14 443 E.I.DuPont India Pvt. Ltd. USA Hall_8_11 444 E.I.DuPont India Pvt. Ltd. USA HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF.22 D_FLOOR yogita.sadana@dup View Profile ont.com yogita.sadana@dup View Profile ont.com 445 ETS LINDGREN ENGINEERING INDIA PVT LTD USA HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.65.1 D_FLOOR Parvez.Javeed@etsView Profile lindgren.com 446 Exelis USA Hall_14 447 FLIR USA Hall_14 448 GE Marine USA Hall_14 14.9.1 449 General Atomics USA Hall_14 14.16C 8.1 info@audoviso.com View Profile 14.8A international@barr View Profile ett.net lisa.mercado@boei 14.5 View Profile ng.com aero.sar@sikaglobal View Profile .com 14.16 mziegler@colt.com View Profile 11.18.1 14.6.1 frederika.shawgo@ exelisinc.com kristina.bade@flir.c 14.6 om robert.bass@ge.co m meghan.ehlke@ga.c om View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  30. 30. HALL_18_GROUN 18GF45 D_FLOOR pgrunwald@greatri vertech.com julie.curtis@honey Hall_14 14.1 well.com HALL_18_GROUN pinki.mukherjee@it 18GF.10.23 D_FLOOR tcorp.com justing@kallman.co Hall_14 14.5 to 14. 19 m 450 Great River Technology USA 451 Honeywell Aerospace USA 452 ITT Corporation India Pvt Ltd USA 453 Kallman Worldwide USA 454 KVH Industries, Inc. USA Hall_14 14.14 cmarion@kvh.com View Profile 455 L-3 communications India Pvt Ltd USA Hall_14 14.23 456 L-3 Communications Systems East USA Hall_14 14.23A 457 L-3 KEO USA Hall_14 14.23H 458 L-3 Ocean Systems USA Hall_14 14.23D 459 Lockheed Martin Aeronautics USA Hall_14 460 Modular Devices,Inc. USA 461 Polaris India Pvt. Ltd RAJDEEP AUTOMATION PVT. LTD. USA 463 Raytheon USA Hall_14 464 Rockwell Collins USA Hall_14 465 Sekai Electronics Inc. USA Hall_14 462 USA HALL_18_GROUN 18GF4.4 D_FLOOR Hall_14 14O.2 HALL_18_GROUN 18GF.62 D_FLOOR View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile Mathihalli.Raghuna View Profile ndan@L-3com.com Ganesh.Rajamani@ View Profile L-3com.com Sharon.DeVoie@LView Profile 3com.com MisbaDamad.Wade View Profile hra@L-3com.com tom.c.cole@lmco.c om pm.rajeesh@rediff mail.com it@technoauto.in purchase@rajdeep.i n paplace1@raytheon 14.15 .com taander1@rockwell 14.12 collins.com april@sekai14.19 electronics.com 14.9 View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile
  31. 31. 466 SIKORSKY AIRCRAFT CORPORATION USA 467 TASER International USA 468 TE Connectivity India (Pvt.) USA Ltd. 469 TE Connectivity India (Pvt.) USA Ltd. HALL_18_GROUN 18GF 9.3 D_FLOOR HALL _18_UPPER_FLOO 18 UF.2 R HALL_18_GROUN 18 GF 6.1 D_FLOOR 470 TenCate Protective Fabrics USA Hall_14 471 Textron Systems Corporation USA Hall_14 472 U.S. Department of Commerce / OTEXA USA Hall_14 473 UTC Aerospace Systems USA Hall_8_11 474 ZING TECHNOLOGIES USA HALL_18_GROUN 18GF45 D_FLOOR Click here for Online Regi stration Hall_14 14.18 14.16A 14.6.3 christine.gentile@si View Profile korsky.com psingh@taser.com View Profile arun.n@te.com View Profile arun.n@te.com View Profile an.rogers@tencate. com kscannel@systems.t 14.8 extron.com marylynn.landgraf@trad e.gov alison.fenn@goodri 11.52 ch.com alok@zingtec.com View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile View Profile