DOMW Structure


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The formal structure of the Defense Offset Management Wing as announced in the revised Defense Offset guidelines.

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DOMW Structure

  1. 1. In light of the recently released Defense Offset Guidelines, the MoD has formed the DOMW (DefenseOffset Management Wing) in the DDP (Dept. of Defense Production).Among other things, theDOMW will be responsible for all post contract management for Offsets as well as Offset Banking.The details of the DOMW can be found below. Organisation Structure of DOMWThe Defence Offsets Management Wing (DOMW) under the Department of Defence Production willbe responsible for formulation of Defence Offsets Guidelines and all matters relating to post contractmanagement.The functions of DOMW include: · Formulation of Defence Offset Guidelines · Monitoring the discharge of offset obligations, including audit and review of progress reports received from vendors · Participation in Technical and Commercial evaluation of offset proposal as members of TOEC and CNC · Implementation of Offset Banking Guidelines · Administration of penalties under offset contracts in consultation with Acquisition Wing · Assisting vendors in interfacing with Indian Industry · Other responsibilities assigned under the Offset guidelines or entrusted by the Government
  2. 2. DOMW works in close collaboration with Defence Acquisition Wing for smooth implementation ofthe Offset guidelines.Address of DOMW:-Defence Offsets Management WingDepartment of Defence ProductionMinistry of DefenceRoom No.: 235-B, South BlockNew Delhi - 110011Fax No - +91 11 23018538 Frequently Asked Questions · Where does a vendor submit the progress reports and claim offset discharge? Progress Reports and Claims relating to discharge of Offsets are to be submitted to DOMW. · Where does a vendor submit proposal for banking of defence offsets? Proposals are required to be submitted to DOMW. · Can a vendor ask for assistance to DOMW in interfacing with the Indian offset partners? Yes. · Which Defence Offsets guidelines would be applicable? The RFP specifies which DPP is applicable. The relevant defence Offsets guidelines of the DPP specified in the RFP would be applicable. · Who will administer the penalties in respect of defaults in execution of Offsets contracts? DOMW will administer the penalties in consultation with Acquisition Wing. · Can a vendor meet the DOMW Officials? Yes. A request for meeting can be forwarded by fax (011-23018538) along with details of the individual to DOMW. Who’s Who for offset
  3. 3. Name Designation Address TelephoneShri A.K. Antony Defence Minister Room No:104 011-23012286 South Block New Delhi-110011Shri Diwakar Nath Private Secretary to Room No: 105 011-23012286Misra Defence Minister South Block New Delhi-110011Shri M.M. Pallam Minister of State for Room No: 108-B 011-23794621Raju Defence South Block New Delhi-110011Shri Anil Kr. Private Secretary to Room No:109-A 011-23794621Singhal Minister of State for South Block Defence New Delhi-110011Shri Radha Secretary Room No: 136 011-23012527Krishna Mathur Defence Production South Block New Delhi-110011Shri A.K. Gupta Additional Secretary Room No: 187-A 011-23012470 Defence Production South Block New Delhi-110011Shri Gyanesh Joint Secretary Room No: 134-B 011-2301219Kumar NS/DOMW South Block New Delhi-110011Shri Rajnish Additional Financial Room No: 131-A, 011-23012915Kumar Advisor & JS (RK) South Block New Delhi-110011Shri Shalabh OSD(SP) Room No:235-B 011-23792069Prakash South Block New Delhi-110011Shri R.R. Thakur OSD(RRT) Room No:235-B 011-23792069 South Block New Delhi-110011Shri Mukul OSD(MS) Room No: 225-B 011-23792069Shrivastava South Block New Delhi-110011Cdr P.K. OSD(PKB) Room No:225-B 011-23792069Bhattacharya South Block New Delhi-110011Wg Cdr S. OSD(SG) Room No:225-B 011-23792069Gopalakrishnan South Block New Delhi-110011