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Theme development final group


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Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Theme development final group

  1. 1. Theme Development Presentation BY: DELIA DAN ANDREEA CRISTEA PAULA DURU INA BAYSON
  3. 3. By: Delia DanTheme 1: Fulfilling a DreamDefinitions To fulfill definition  Achieving something that a person want to do, or hoping for.  Making it come true Definition of ‘Dream’  It is a vision that a person get during sleep.  Images of successful things in life.
  4. 4. By: Delia DanTheme 1: Fulfilling a DreamResearch Dreams of Success  Fulfilling your Dreams This can be a new life • Picking a dream to fulfil Controlling your destiny of how • Believing to yourself that you can achieve it (self-confidence & and what you want to do motivation) A new career • Asking others for help Money • Adjusting your life (starting small) House • Having a deadline Family • Sharing your dreams to others (give you encouragement) • Stay Focused on what you want to do
  5. 5. By: Delia DanTheme 1: Fulfilling a DreamSchool Research How does schools fulfill a person’s dream?  Help you to fulfill your own dreams  To study hard  Get you to a certain University  Can get you to finish a certain Degree  You can get your type of career you wanted to do
  6. 6. By: Delia DanMood Boards
  7. 7. By: Andreea CristeaFULFIL IN A DREAM We all have dreams This is probably one of the greatest needs that people feel in life today. During a research - 10% of people fulfil their dreams and desires There’s a well-known saying that goes “If you can think it, you can do it”. “If you can think it, and believe that you can do it, you will be able to do it”.
  8. 8. By: Andreea Cristea As a kid … • Do big things :princess doctor singer Ballet dancer A policeman
  9. 9. As a teenager… By: Andreea Cristea • Do big things + but also realistic:A lawyer A nurse A manager A nutritionist An artist
  10. 10. AFTER UNIVERSITY- as an adult By: Andreea CristeaMore realisticIf succeed and achieve dreams… A doctor A nurse A manager
  11. 11. By: Andreea Cristea WHAT RELATES TO THE THEME OF FULFILHave a good career Go university Support familyHaving a degree Money
  12. 12. By: Andreea CristeaMOOD BOARDS Dreamy writing, The picture shows that Very Kim Kardashian is classic, stylish, and thinking, it represents like italic. she is dreaming.
  13. 13. By: Paula DuruTheme 2: TraditionDefinitions Tradition Definition Passing down from generation to generation.  Statements  Beliefs  Information  Legends  Ways of Celebrating  Inherited way of doing things.
  14. 14. By: Paula DuruTheme 2: TraditionResearch A tradition is a type of belief that were passed down. Examples:  Celebrating a type of holiday  Clothes and food  Culture  Manners (ways of speaking)
  15. 15. By: Paula DuruConvent of Jesus and Mary Tradition Old modern picture In the grim aftermath of the French Revolution, a young woman of vision and courage - Claudine Thévenet, whose brothers and an uncle were guillotined during the Reign of Terror - spent her time, her energy and her money in providing food, clothing, education and a secure home for orphaned and abandoned children. She was helped in her task by a number of like-minded charitable young women and in 1818 founded the Congregation of Jesus and Mary.
  16. 16. By: Paula DuruConvent of Jesus and Mary (Tradition) THE SCHOOL AIMS to give each pupil an education which will help her to develop her own personal gifts, both spiritual and social, and achieve the highest academic standards of which she is capable. We hope each pupil will receive the help and guidance that will encourage her confidently to make her contribution to life as a responsible and self-disciplined Christian.
  17. 17. By: Paula Duru The Convent of Jesus and Mary enjoyed over 10 years as a specialist Language College. It was one of the first schools to achieve specialist status in this area and received funding directly from the government to promote languages and the international dimension both within the school and in the local community. Convent once had nuns teaching students.
  18. 18. By: Paula DuruTradition of Convent (Languages) We are a rich, diverse and inclusive school: there are over 35 languages represented. Many students at the school have an additional language which they may speak at home such as Polish, Arabic, Portuguese, French, Italian and Spanish. These students are encouraged to participate in the early entry scheme and are supported in their learning through the weekly lessons offered as part of the Saturday School provision.
  19. 19. By: Ina BaysonTheme 3: Changes (Butterfly)Definition ‘Changes’ Definition  To gave a completely different appearance  Transformation  Something different Changes of a butterfly  Transforming to a caterpillar to a butterfly  Evolution of person  Became more mature  Life stage  Freedom
  20. 20. By: Ina BaysonTheme 3: Changes (Butterfly)ResearchButterfly Symbolism of Butterfly a flying insect.  Long life (Chinese) Consists of 4 stages of life cycle:  Freedom  Egg, larva, pupa, and adult  Soul (Greek) They have large, coloured  Resurrection wings, and fluttering flight  Lightness They have short life spans, but  Change an adult butterfly can live to 1  True Beauty (as we grow older week to a year depending on true beauty shows) what specie it is
  21. 21. By: Ina BaysonTheme 3: Changes (Butterfly)Research on Life Span Stages Life Stages Development Psychosocial Crisis (interaction in a social environment)Infancy (birth to 2yrs) Social attachment, Trust or Mistrust maturing, etc.Toddlerhood (2 to 4yrs) Language, fantasy, self Pride, Shame, Doubt, controlEarly School Age (5 to Group play, moral Guilt7yrs) development, gender role Initiative identification, preoperational thoughtMiddle School Age (8-12) Team play, concrete Industry, inferiority operational thought, self evaluation, social cooperation
  22. 22. By: Ina BaysonLife Stages Development Psychosocial CrisisEarly Adolescence (13-17) Physical maturation, Group Identity membership in peer Alienation groups, sexualized relationshipLater Adolescence (18-22) Career choice, autonomy Individual identity, role from parents, internalized diffusion moralityEarly Adulthood (23-30) Marriage/relationships, Isolation, intimacy childbearing, workMiddle Adulthood (31-50) Management of career Generatively and household, child rearingLater Adulthood (51-up) Developing point of view Despair of death, Acceptance of one’s life
  23. 23. By: Ina BaysonTheme 3: Changes (Butterfly)Balanced amount of imagesand texts The sub heading looks old The picture looks luxurious The title of the magazine looks like its modern