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Innerwealth Living Inspired Magazine July Edition

  1. 1. July 2010 IW SOUL MAG 1 Thamo Nepal Himalayas 3400m IW SOUL Soul means being IW INNERWEALTH there 100% and this We believe that if online magazine joins We started it’s worth doing, out Blog and Web in Innerwealth because it’s worth doing celebrating all the we were just well. Whether it’s a ways we can clear frustrated with day at the office, a distractions, cut different religious night at a night through the people beating each club, trekking Nepal mediocrity and do other up, there’s no or just chilling out, whatever we do, 100% Soul in that so we watching TV. with heart and soul. offer an alternative. [1]
  2. 2. IW SOUL #1 Let Nature Be Your Guide “Go Outside Go climb a hill, swim a lake, paddle a kayak, walk the forest... We don’t need walls in which to celebrate soul we have nature an reality.” Chris Walker WELCOME Fighting For Religious Rights is a Losers Game Thousands of years of wisdom distilled through nature History teaches us well. Nature is an alternative only when an Every religious war that has ever been individual is ready to understand that “I am not won, has been temporary. my thoughts.” Every religious wall that’s been erected Over these past 30 years we’ve worked in has eventually come down and yet, we still Indigenous Communities who, in the name of build them. righteousness and anger have become Poverty drives people to religion. And so, terrorised by their own abuses, we’ve worked simply putting up Nature’s Laws as a unifying in organisations where the families of execs theme to all embattled boundaries between wish them to stay away, go on trips and work nations and people is not, in itself, going to longer hours because they’re just an ugly change the universe. But, maybe it’ll help. intrusion on a beautiful home. Religious boundaries are not limited to Non Violence starts with the individual organised religions. Strong opinions - and that’s where we believe reconnecting righteousness about any topic at all is a people with their True Nature through Nature, boundary, a religion is just a set of beliefs and can make a massive shift in Global leadership. About Chris Walker there are many tree hugging, whale watching, Poverty is often financial, but there’s a Hated by some, loved by others, Walker challenges the status oil spill condemning people who’ve actually worse poverty, and those are fear and anger. quo in a mission to shake the formed their own little boundary, little divide The violent protester, the righteous world into a new awareness. By between do and don’t that are just as terrorist terrorist, the vindictive ex-partner, the spiteful reconnecting people to their as the next religiously motivated suicide parent and the raging street criminal are just as true nature through nature, bomber. poor after they abuse or steal as they were Walker believes that the wars between, religious, physical before it. Poverty really is a state of Soulless and emotional boundaries will Existence that does not change with religion. decrease. [2]
  3. 3. my own stuff and turn up for others. So, I go Leadership Lessons from the SHERPA LIFE up before my group and over prepare. Himalayas 2. Can You Lead Me through By Chris Walker Challenge? Each year I am gifted to lead groups of There’s a radical difference between people into danger, in fact, groups and management and leadership and that individuals pay me to lead them into difference is the difference between success dangerous places. and failure on any mountain adventure. It’s been twenty five years and forty-nine Leadership is about the FUTURE, management journeys up into those mountains, on the path is about the NOW. Both are important, to the base camp of Mt Everest and seven management I can delegate, leadership I other of the world’s over 8,000 meter peaks. cannot. We don’t put on crampons or use ice axes as a Sometimes people don’t respect me as rule, we trek to one of the two highest trekking their leader and at first I thought this was bad, peaks in the world, and at about 5600 meters but then I came to see that when people don’t above sea level, it’s a serious challenge for see that I add value to the future, in other most people, in the short two week window words they don’t need me or my knowledge in they have for a holiday. order to get them where they are going, I am I did an MBA but as a guide up in these not the leader. Leadership means add value mountains over these twenty five years I’ve and if I don’t add value to someone’s future, I learned a lot about people and leadership and can only manage. these insights are what I’d love to share. 3. Do You Really Care? What are people asking themselves about People want to know what’s in it for me you as a leader, at work, at home or in sport? leading them. Is it the money, the power, the 1. Can You Get Me There? glory or do I have a real commitment? It took Acclimatisation is a process in which the 15 trips to prove this one statement, “I really mind and body are challenged to adapt to new care.” levels of altitude and oxygen. As a leader I 5. Can I trust you? cannot be working on my own acclimatisation The way people think, act, feel, enjoy, or while I am helping others. I can’t be working on give to others doesn’t change just because they achieve something. Thinking is the Dumji Festival Time. Dumji Festival in the Himalayas celebrates the end of one year and the new beginning of the next. A time of ritual, dance and celebration - marked with generosity, prayers, Dumji Festival food and fun. A beautiful personal time for Sherpa people and those they invite. [3]
  4. 4. process and if we’re intending to change everyone else. In the end, results are reality ON TOP ourselves or our lives, it must begin with the and I found it better to expose people to next step, not some destination. circumstances that represented the challenges A leader obsessed with the destination of the future in order to estimate their capacity. may have scant regard for the process and is 9. Do You Have A Bigger Picture than therefore, outside of trust. Me? 6. Do You Have Compassion? On one trip to Nepal four guys challenged Like the process of acclimatisation we my competence as a leader probably 30 or 40 can move through life facing challenges and times a day. They asked about the future, the then taking a rest at certain times. We grow at route, the dangers, the escape routes if there the border of chaos and order, and we need to were emergencies, the lodges and more. The realise that people need a break sometimes question is, do you have a plan B and at other times encouragement to re- There is no power, no empowerment if educate themselves to move through there is no plan B. The person who can incompetence. implement plan B fastest is the leader. We call 7. Are You Beyond Doubt? this, “the Helicopter” approach. There are many obstacles on a Himalayan 10. Do You Trust ME? walk, but none so terrible as doubt. There are Everyday people ask me “what’s ahead” many process for dealing with doubt, but and there’s a temptation to present the best of there’s only a few that really move doubt to it. Wisdom in the end suggests that good news confidence without hardheadedness which balanced with challenge news makes people always leads to catastrophe. trust you more because it’s the truth. A leader is transparent and hardheaded We can’t manage or lead anything we’re bluff, to overcome doubt is the most in. The helicopter approach means rising transparent. Is your ability to achieve what we above the push and shove to see the order in want believable in you first. Do you believe in the chaos yourself or not? 11. What’s Your Real Experience? 8. Do You Really Know ME? A leader who is surprised at what goes on At first I used to trust that what people around them, is no leader. They’re a follower. said they were capable of, and wanted to Surprises in human behaviour is the most achieve was what they were capable of. This revealing incompetency. In a world where the proved to be a terrible over trust in people’s book is judged by the cover, it’s nice to know judgement of themselves mainly because they that really, we’re deeper than that and this is had no real understanding of what lay ahead. one of the questions that takes us there. Only I know what’s ahead really well because I ***** am, as the leader, meant to know it better than Chris Walker Mountains are Sacred Places Nepal Himalayas There’s something spiritual about being in the presence of the highest mountains in the world. Suddenly your thoughts are small and the world is big and it feels good to know it. And with that experience there comes a sense of Soul, a deeper awareness, a creative, inspired, calm, and that’s an unforgettable reality. [4]
  5. 5. STOP 10 KEYS TO NATURAL HAPPINESS All human problems come from our inability to sit quietly, happily in a room by ourselves. Pascal. If a fire-fighter arrived at a fire worried rather than the celebration of it, or even better, about the laundry, one could be forgiven for a way of giving it. thinking that something was not going to go as In happiness it is always wise to planned. And yet, everyday, leaders can fail to remember, you can’t give what you haven’t turn up to lead their teams with unfinished got. business on their plate. Ten Easy Keys to Happiness at Work The beginning for moving from coach to leader, from manager to leader is to deal with 1. Contentment your own stuff so you can turn up to lead 2. Understand Emotion others through theirs. In other words, “Turn up 3. Stillness Happy.” 4. Me Time - Circuit Breakers This means, you are happy before you 5. Helicopter Mindset work, speak, write, achieve, get married, get 6. Expunge Doubt divorced, attend the graduation, win the golf 7. Real Expectations - No Surprises tournament or the lotto. You’re happy before 8. Meditation and Concentration and as such, can be repelling no matter how you lose the weight, finish the book or buy that 9. Clear Your Worries enthusiastic they try to achieve. car. 10.Peace of Mind - Nature Underpinning the success of most great Happiness that comes from doing or people is a deep awareness of contentment, getting or having is a very vulnerable that everything is going to be all-right, even if Contentment happiness, an emotional happiness that can be they fail. Most Western life is based on the premise stolen in a blink and therefore has no base for The cause of discontent is separation. that something is missing, and with work, leadership. Unreliable people don’t get trusted. Separation from nature, from other human effort, seduction and accumulation that The first place people have to rely on a beings (competition), separation from our missingness will go away. Hence, for most of leader is that the leader is actually going to Innerwealth. A separation that comes from us life is based on the premiss of doing things turn up, 100% of the time with their laundry thinking without feeling. Separation of mind, in order get things which in the future will done, their desk clear, their head straight and intellect, emotion from Reality. cause us happiness. peace in their heart. A stressed leader is no Understanding the REAL nature of things Based on this premise our consumer leader unless the people they lead are even will help you find contentment and relax into society, democracy, relationships, religions and more stressed, a self fulfilling prophecy. your ambitions. It will help you communicate most ambition drives us from birth to the When somebody asks you, “what makes with others better, and turn up more in a better grave, and for this there are both benefits and you happy?” there are many ways to answer. space as a leader. Remember, a needy leader drawbacks. But the best answer for a leader at home or at is really just a follower. The benefits we’ll utilise in the work, at least the best internal answer is BETTERMENT area of this Happy, Better, Understand Emotion nothing makes me happy, “I’m happy Faster program for now, in Happiness, we can Emotion is the most pleasurable and most naturally.” see that always wanting can create a sense of painful of all the faculties of life. It cannot be In the West we are in the habit of seeking never content, which, underpins a huge one without the other. Emotion can vary form things to make us happy, and this turns life into amount of human discontent, illness, violence, the most tender and absorbing love, to the an emotional roller coaster. Food, people, self-sabotage and communication problems. A most violent hatred. These two can be directed addictions, alcohol, work, knowledge, needy person has this “discontent” mastered successively to one and the same object. relationships become a passport to happiness Emotion is the most dangerous of all the faculties - overworked it can lead to a great [5]
  6. 6. 10 KEYS TO HAPPINESS If you could peel away all the wants, needs, hopes, desires - you’d find happiness motivator or actor or a patient in an insane Stillness is an opportunity to asylum. experience that connection to our Emotion is the chief faculty by which you Happiness independent of our move the minds of other people. Insofar as circumstance. Nelson Mandela might be they realise your Emotion within themselves, a good example of this gift in practical they will respond to your use of it. application, the Dali Lama another. Emotions should always be definitely Me Time - Circuit Breakers coupled together in your mind with the ACT You’ll meet people, and maybe do you wish the other person or persons to this yourself, where their day, from wake perform. In order to know what emotion you food, rest, abuse like over exertion and over- to sleep is one continuous thread of worries need to feel within yourself you must know study. Adult might understand family and thinking, punctuated with driving, during WHAT you want them to DO. dynamics. The locally successful adult will which the thinking continues, and time with When you know WHAT you want done, by understand the order in the chaos of their family, during which thinking continues, and one or a crowd, you can study what Emotion chosen field - sport - business. The national then a few glasses of wine during which to use to get that thing done. Thus, emotions champion understands regional matters and thinking becomes blurred and then sleep. carry you to the heights of fame or success, can see the order in it. The international We think, but really, most of the time we Every famous person has become so by champion can see order in national events. In only think that we think. Giving yourself circuit reason of the Emotion they were able to arouse other words as we rise in leadership and breaking moments between meetings, in the heart of the general public. success we rise in the capacity to be superior between work and home, between email and Now you can see the influences that also (see the order in) to the dynamics of the level conversation might just be the difference act on you. Those that lead you also spread at which we’re leading. Global leaders need a between healthy communication and not. It their emotion out to you, and sometime this is universal viewpoint otherwise they lead by may also be the difference between burn out not well thought out. In an ideal world you force and haphazard control. (in business this and sustainable work and, last but not least, it would choose those you hang out with to is called fraud). could be the difference between self-respect harmonise with your chosen emotion, but this and head spinning self-sabotage. Expunge Doubt is not possible. Clients, friends, followers, Start your day with your happy time, me A child is encouraged to ask why, why, leaders are not always conscious of their time. Don’t wait until something gets you down why? And we are motivated to answer this impact on others. before you seek solace. Take time alone and in question because we wish to expunge doubt in Hence, for happiness we must take a place of harmony with nature to connect to the child’s mind, give clarity. charge of our emotional state. Firstly by your own measure of happiness, and then go Doubt is the enemy of happiness. choosing the appropriate emotions we wish to out into the day with that awareness. Doubt leads to lost courage and lost have and secondly by being aware of, and not reacting to others. This skill I will share with Helicopter Mindset courage leads to complacency (settle for less) and settling for less leads to boredom and you in your program. Managers work down in the emotion of boredom is the opposite to happiness. Stillness everyday life while leaders need to rise above For many people activity is the antidote to it. A key ingredient in personal happiness is boredom. “Aholisms”, such as work-”aholism”, There’s a word we’re often afraid to use in the ability to cut through the fog and be still. alc-”aholism”, food-”aholism” and our modern era of compassion and human Behind all the spin, the physical aches sex-”aholism” victim - “aholism” and rights, understandably is superiority, however, and pains, the mental turmoil of life, the need blame-”aholism” are just a few ways people if you are not superior to a circumstance you to be responsible and pay your bills, provide escape boredom and it’s friend, unhappiness. are left to manage it for minimum damage and for others and meet budget, behind the TV But action is not the solution to boredom, maximum comfort. shows, theatre, sports and ambitions, there’s a just as kissing is not the solution to lost To be superior to a circumstance is to you that just wants peace and quiet. It’s called intimacy. understand that circumstance from a the listener. The Spirit. Inspiration lives beside happiness in the helicopter mindset, to see order in chaos. This is a pretty important part of life that human heart and this is what can be blocked The person at the top of any team group we sometimes ignore or hand over to others to and cause doubts to rise. or country understands the greatest order. care about, mostly because we perceive that it In the program I’ll share the skills to The child understands order in pleasure has no “value” in achieving what we want. But unlock inspiration and therefore expunge and avoiding pain. The youth might understand it does, it can, if we connect to it, guide us doubt. order in their own body and consequences of well. [6]
  7. 7. TEN KEYS TO HAPPINESS Continued that keeps us focussed and concentrating Real Expectations - No Surprises rather than what we do know. There is cause and there is effect in every This is the responsibility of circumstance. Sometimes, we forget to link a leader, to keep the intensity of those two and get a surprise about the effect, work interesting enough to or result. absorb the concentration of the One glaring example of this is treating our individual, and to see the values as hierarchical, and therefore setting warning signs when a priorities for goals. This modern mess is the person can do their job with Happy ideal way to bring about great disappointment. their hand tied behind their Regardless For example: working hard and finding your back and either promote relationship failed. Or getting healthy and them to greater challenge or finding your finances in a mess. move them to another Balance is a vital key to happiness occupation. The idle mind is the because the pain of regret always outweighs soil of trouble. the pain of discipline. The future is predictable, But we are our own leaders what we do, think, eat, don’t do, today, causes too. So, we must ensure that tomorrow. our life is not blamed on others We’ll spend time examining how you can to present to us things and cause what you want in the future through projects of interest in order to disciplines today, habits, that guarantee it. stimulate our concentration. The real success, Peace of Mind - Nature Meditation and Concentration the real lover, the real inspired individual will Love Nature - Love Life. Concentration - meditation is an act always drum up a new exploration, they will Even the most stressed person gets more which must have the cooperation of all five not be the victim of an overly compassionate happy, more relaxed and more creative and senses. and sleepy leader. generous out in nature. Something changes in But concentration is never developed by Clear Your Worries a person when they feel at peace with nature. the practice of concentration. Concentration This doesn’t mean climbing Mount My father died from worry and stress, and can only be developed by the intensity and Everest or paddling a kayak half way around in his years before finally passing he’d say, extent of your interest in whatever you are the world, no, it means loving something about “most of what I worried about, never doing. being somewhere, out in nature. happened” Happiness and worry cannot Real concentration/meditation on a useful A flower always represents generosity and cohabit. I’ll share a process to help you defeat subject never occurs while you are busy love, even when it’s grown in Vietnam, trimmed worry during your program. learning to concentrate or meditate. in Holland, scented in the local importer’s A person who arrives home at night, or When you concentrate on concentration, warehouse and sold in a multi chain massive who goes for a jog with worries on their mind you are not concentrating. When you meditate supermarket with as much love as a floating might, in the end feel some relief but that relief on meditation you are not meditating. tennis ball. Flowers are a part of nature, and is temporary at best. Concentration requires a subject worthy their meaning transcends the journey they’ve Worry is a habit, and unresolved worry of your full and undivided attention. had. that carries over into other areas of life buries Delinquency, uncontrolled emotion and I remember once giving a friend some itself in cells, muscle tissue and brain matter. negativity is caused not by the lack of flowers that were clearly labelled as “not The actual cause might be forgotten but the concentration but by the lack of a subject expensive.” Probably a supermarket chemicals of worry stay, embedded, and these worthy of it. newspaper and plastic enclosure. She was are what eventually trigger illness. Two people might meet each other and thankful but a little dismissive. The next time, I Worry does not get resolved by worrying become engaged in courtship. They re-wrapped those flowers in an expensive about worry. I remember well at a Zen retreat concentrate on each other, but after a time, branded paper, and handed them to her with trying not to think. The monk had told us that nothing is new and that concentration may greater pride. The response was a miraculous we just sit there, and eventually with focus and diminish. Those people might go to counselling shift. It’s not the flowers is it? It’s the nature of open eye meditation we would reduce our and do all sorts of concentration training but the giver. mind noise. Of course I started trying to this is not helpful at the root. It would appear, Nature is perfect and the key is, how we eliminate that mind noise by thinking, “mind that it is what we don’t know about a person feel when we’re out and amongst it. Not what noise go away, which was, in itself, mind noise. we do, but how much we love it. [7]
  8. 8. WHAT GETS IN THE WAY OF Is Happiness a Choice? HAPPINESS? The most powerful and precious gift we can have are the keys to happiness and yet, we seem confused. Happy people work better, love better, do better and more. Five Common Blocks to Human Happiness and How to Deal with Them Anger Knowledge Of all the blocks to happiness, anger and it’s associated emotions Knowledge is the most dangerous asset if that knowledge can’t be of hate and resentment are the worst and the most severe of these is applied. When theories are touted as realities we are trapped shaping anger and hate that is not conscious to the owner. This reveals itself in the ego into a duality, a public “what I want to be” versus a private “I more subtle ways of criticism, impatience, short temper, control know I am not walking my talk.” This dichotomy turns life into and negativity. a red alert emergency. Greed Blind Ambition You can’t be unhappy and thankful at the same time, When life becomes so busy that we can’t enjoy our 5 Blocks to so much unhappiness comes from the insatiable appetite humanity, can’t feel the tenderness in our heart, can’t for more and more and more. Appreciating what you’ve got Happiness enjoy a smile, can’t give a coin, can’t let go of our is the key to overcoming greed. opinion, can’t smell a flower, can’t stop for a breath then Fear we have done ourselves out of a life. Robots and All stress is made from either fear or guilt. They’re brother and sequential programs will replace most of what we do within ten sister. Fear of the future - guilt about the past. Overcoming fear is a years, all that will be left in the world is work that involves humanity, the major skill in healthy living. one thing robots can’t duplicate. Will you be employable then? KNOW YOURSELF STILLNESS APPRECIATION BALANCE PEACE OF MIND Your Constitution Break the Circuit Your Vibe Go - Stop Clear the Past determines far more Sitting, breathing, What you Can you turn Are you than your hopes, using the senses, appreciate grows, up in play and arriving here dreams, desires. Why remind yourself what you don’t just be there carrying not live in harmony that happiness is appreciate, for others? unhealthy with nature and what not conditional on depreciates, Celebrating stuff in your your heart and soul outcome, it’s the people become as being without head and heart were designed to place from which we you treat doing? and body from thrive in? start. yourself. yesterday? [8]
  9. 9. Personal Growth FRUSTRA Growth rings on a tree show that a tree has ambition to grow, then stop, then grow, then stop. Each time we grow, we stop and that stop is called Frustra.. Frustration, unable to grow because our beliefs need to shift. It’s called UNlearning. We rise to the level of our Own Incompetence - Nature never grows in straight lines, and neither do we. We Tin the Self Leadership diagram a person has scored themselves accelerate sometimes, slow down in others. We grow as people at the out of 10 in each area of life. The outer ring is 10/10 absolutely perfect, border of support and challenge, and sometimes that’s not exactly the inner circle is 0/10 absolutely miserable. as we planned it. You ask this: If I could wave a magic wand and turn this Living and working in harmony with nature’s cycles is a person’s score into 10/10 in all areas tomorrow, and I great balancing act. When to accept things as they are, Happy to asked them back next year to do the same scoring, when to chill out and bask in past glory and when to put the Better to Happy what would the Self-Leadership score look like? pedal to the metal and go forward with some determination to Better The answer is, the outer circle (what’s possible) would is a really fine piece of judgement. have grown and the score would be, once again, the But that’s not the most important question... No, the most same as today. important question to answer is “What’s Going On?” Frusta means frustration. It doesn’t prove that you’ve stuffed Helicopter view of anything gives you superiority to circumstance up, it proves you’ve grown, and it’s time to become a beginner again. and therefore wisdom in dealing with it. It’s like looking from the outside Beginners mind puts you back in the fun of learning. in at your life, your relationship, your health. Most often, people who are Want to learn, and therefore unlearn your opinions, in order to outside of your circumstances can view them more wisely than you. change your score. NO COMPENSATION CONSCIOUSNESS PEOPLE [9]
  10. 10. INSPIRED All Eyes are turned to the future..... LEADER OR MANAGER? A leader leads people toward the future. A manager makes the present comfortable, functional and enjoyable. Where do you spend your time? Where do you add value? Happiness doesn’t motivate people, but Management is the process of eliminating the lack of it does. So, managers focus on unhappiness, but, as we’ve seen, in a making people happy because they want to consumer society (Nature) there’s an endless eliminate the “de-motivators.” stream of possibilities for becoming Making people happy really helps, dissatisfied - unhappy. It is so easy to take for because unhappiness really does cause granted what we’ve got, take things for people to struggle. The problem is, with granted, and compare ourselves to what we unhappiness gone, most people don’t have a could have. Overcoming discontent is therefore real motive to go forward. a real motivator for most people but it’s energy Begin with the idea that you have to sapping and leads to unethical responses and manage your own life for happiness before you often can manage others. Then realise that you can There is a more powerful mechanism. not make people happy. That’s a cat chasing With Happiness in the bag and an appreciation its tail. If a person is not happy now, then no for what is, there can be an incredible Manage or Lead matter what you add, they will have the habit opportunity to go into the future, happy but Both are important but they are of seeing imperfections and therefore remain in inspired to do better. two different topics. Manage is a constant state of dissatisfaction. Like eating, Can you see the radical difference. One comfort, pleasure, happiness filling, hungry, eating, filling, hungry. Therefore leads to disappointment and ill-health, the and play now. Lead means management is a really difficult and thankless other leads to success, love, contribution and discipline, ambition, desire and anticipation for the task unless it is given without expectation of betterment without doing harm to others. So, future. The glue that binds return. It is, in some ways, a mothering or as well as what do we need to manage - we people, long term, is the caring role, supportive, recuperative. can ask “WHAT FUTURE DO YOU WANT?” latter. [10]
  11. 11. NON VIOLENT AMBITION Motivation versus Inspiration There’s violent ambition that’s powerful, achieves things at great cost to others, takes huge energy and is mentally and physically exhausting. Then, there’s inspiration which is sustainable, non violent and contributes to a better world.. Your choice Nobody Trusts a MANAGER Do you trust managers? I don’t. During this phase of the program we’ll discuss and I’ll share some A store manager has the store’s best interest at heart, no matter amazing insights as to the real difference between a manager (who all what they say, they better do good for the store or they get fired. but the most needy people trust) and a leader, one who is trusted. A product manager has the product at heart, they might say they Most companies and families love tomato sauce, or what’s called care, but do they? It’s mostly marketing hype in America, Ketchup. I call most managers Catch-up, because they A sales manager gets paid for sales, so, when they tell you how spend most of their time trying to Catch-up with complaints, much they care about the environment, do they or is this good fixing problems, sorting out issues, fighting fires and sales pitch? dealing with drama. It’s a stressful job. If you work as a Would you trust a comedian to lead you through the Leadership doctor or nurse in the emergency area of a hospital jungle? Odds are, if they’ve done a great job of managing is about the you’ve chosen that career. But not everyone wants to your laughter, you know they’ve got the ability to jerk you future risk be in such demanding, healing and drama solving role. around if they need to. free. Some people want to be leaders and pioneer the future. Great managers are great tricksters. Great leads are not. Even those people in the emergency must, in some part of So, what’s the difference? They both recruit you to do things by their lives outside that work, want to progress. Leadership linking with your emotions - what is the difference. means tomorrow, knowing it, and going there, risk free. GOT TO SHOULD NEED WANT CHOOSE TO - LOVE TO The poor Structures put 100% emotion, Leadership The flame of intensity individual who is in place to would rather coat begins. A sense burns in this heart, in got to mode is cope with fear the world in of tomorrow, and with it, rational in personal and guilt self leather than wear and sacrifice thinking that combines poverty, even if perpetuate sandals. The short term WHAT is wanted, with it’s the final of strong height of need, should how. No longer blind, the world cup or identity, insecurity and and got to for this person leads with helping refugees obsession, completely long term consequence, cause or running a addiction and unwilling and ambitions. leading to effect. billion dollar conflict. unable to trust Discipline This person will cause company. anyone, starts - others to follow. especially self. includes others Trust is automatic. [11]
  12. 12. VISION QUEST Everything that happens in life starts with a desire. All Eyes are turned to the Future, unless they’re unhappy.... It’s hard to do good if you don’t feel good. I believe that it’s best to prepare for your focus. This in essence means 100% personal some serious improvement in your abilities to off site with me well in advance, and I think responsibility for turning up ready to achieve it. you’ll agree that it’s the best way to make the contribute. Sometimes it’s good to compare yourself most of our time together. to someone who has achieved more than you Process There are three points of focus for your but don’t aim to the height where you become The process of preparing for the HAPPY, June retreat: Happy, Better and Faster. envious. Envy just means you set the bar too BETTER, FASTER program involves a simple Let me explain. Innerwealth initiated a high too quick. vision quest done alone, at home, in silence. global initiative to improve workplace wellbeing What this process involves is asking about 15 years ago. The primary focus of this yourself a series of simple questions and Be, Do, Have program is to help people in all walks of life writing down the answers - as they come to The emphasis of a vision quest must start become happier, do better and sort things out you in any random, unintelligible order. with have. What do I want to HAVE in 3-5 years faster. We’ve had incredible success with this Each day, answer the questions then put from now. These things are tangible, in Canada, and now, we are achieved some the sheet with your answers in a safe place, countable, measurable and can be weighed. great steps forward in Australia. and don’t look at it again until this is all Please don’t write HAVE HAPPINESS... That’s The premise of the program is simple: We finished. a BE. want to teach people how to make their Each day, start a fresh sheet of paper and The second question, and equally happiness bullet proof by separating what we ask yourself the same questions as yesterday. important but not of material nature is BE. do from how happy we are. Don’t miss a day. What or Where do I want to BE in 3-5 years This has remarkable impact on people at By my calculations you should be able to time. That could be a place, (New York) a home too, because many people enter integrate 5 continuous vision days. Try not to space (pregnant), or even a change of status relationships unhappy and hope the discuss this with your partner until after the like married or CEO. relationship will somehow improve that program, but, if they’re inquisitive and you Finally, theres DO. What do you want to unhappiness. Under this strain, relationships can’t explain it, please just give them this be DOING in 3-5 years time. struggle. introductory note and let them fully understand Doing could be More of what you are The emphasis therefore is Turning Up in the reason you are embarking on this journey. currently doing, but please, don’t make the life, relationship, sport, work, happy already. mistake of saying NOTHING. Doing nothing is This is a remarkable freedom and most of our not a Goal, it’s slow suicide. Doing means what high end athletes and entrepreneurs report and The Questions: would inspire you, cause you to concentrate extraordinary shift in their productivity and The base line of health, energy, success, more, study more, learn more and teach more. achievements in this one skill alone. So, we’ll ambition, romance, leadership and peace of It can even involve giving. chat about this early in your program and then mind is DESIRE. Nobody but you will read these answers share how. When we know what we want and we so, please avoid the all too often tendency to The second, and in many cases the most think we are going to get it, we’re inspired. be right, or say what others would like or what difficult area of this initiative is in BETTER. When we know what we want and we think we you think you should say. Just use this chance There are many programs and techniques for are not going to get it, we’re depressed. to be really, really, really, honest. NO ONE WILL self betterment, but the majority of these lead Ambition is a two edged sword. Set the EVER READ THESE SHEETS BECAUSE. to imbalanced focus and subsequently ambitions too high and we become When you finish the five consecutive days imbalanced lifestyles. disillusioned and usually end up in some of filling out these sheets, make a little back In your program we’ll be encouraging you Eastern Ashram saying “It doesn’t matter.” But yard ceremony and burn all but the last one, to look to the future to create balanced it does. and even the last one can be burnt. This is a ambitions in all 7 areas of your life. And it’s in Set the ambition too low and there’s no process, not an outcome. this area of the program that we’d love to ask challenge, you become bored with yourself, Each day might be the same as you to do some preparation. your work, your life and lose concentration. yesterday, but, like a child treat this as a Simply it’s ten minutes a day, between Such loss of focus often results in calamity, chance to dream beyond your current reality. now and the program. accident or disaster. Go on, have a go! Teams Diversity Set the Bar High Enough The best teams are made up of the best When doing your daily questions aim for people, independent people, whose personal around 3-5 years for the time-frame and, make motive combines with others for a united sure the bar is set so that you’ll have to do [12]
  13. 13. FASTER Get there Nobody wants to get more slower, except old that is... SEARCH FOR TEACHERS AND PROCESS TO GET YOU THERE FASTER, HAPPIER, AND BETTER CONTRIBUTION Think Faster Play Slower Make Decisions Faster Pulse Rate Slower Get Over Emotion Faster Immune Breakdown Slower Clear Confusion Faster React to others Slower Get over the Past Faster Fall out of Inspiration Slower Find Stillness Faster Kids Grow Up Slower Get What you want Faster Life Passes You By, Slower Good Work - means faster. Fall in Love Faster Opportunities lost Slower If you could do what you need to do, and get on with what you Recover Faster Moments of Beauty - Slower want to do faster, what would you do with all that spare Peace of mind Faster Special Feelings last Longer time? If you had five extra hours a day, could you fill it with things you love or just Unhappiness leaves Faster Aging Comes Slower occupy the time with things you feel would be productive? [13]
  14. 14. Moving Between Happy and Better FASTER - Faster. How long would it take to live your life all I hope this has been as much value to you over again? as it has been to me in my work and personal If you took out those things that turned life. out to be a waste of time, those times when For me, it’s the culmination of years of your emotions kept you from those you love, or Zen practice, meditations, yoga, business from meeting the one you love, how long science and experience. would your life add up to? Be Happy and make that happiness Healing takes no time, but we make it independent of what you do, who you’re with, last, sometimes for years. where you are or what you own. Be happy Learning takes no time but sometimes we means be thankful and content. make it last - just for a simple experience - Do Better means contribute more, make twenty years or more. your efforts to improve your own life and It is said that if we add those “aha” wealth, but do this under the mindful moments up and put them all together in a awareness of healthy living, both for yourself bundle our life would total around ten minutes. and others. Those unforgettable inspirational Faster is not about rushing, in fact moments of realisation and love are truly rare. sometimes rushing around is, in the long term For the average person, those moments slower than deliberate and emotionless are accidental. But they do not need to be awareness. Sometimes stopping - patience is accidental. a short cut. But no matter what the process the The first question is what do I want? intent is to waste less time be more present The second question is what does my and therefore do the right thing whenever team want? possible. Like weight loss, wouldn’t it be The third question is how do I stay happy smarter to save that trouble and not put it on in going there? the first place? Then a whole swag of more detailed With Inspiration questions are needed. Chris Walker Time There is one thing that can never be replaced, and that is time. It comes and goes and is gone. It is the most precious thing you can give another person, and the most Nothing is precious thing you can Permanent steal from someone. Don’t waste it. [14]
  15. 15. and walking in the park, well they're a few of Article: Concentration Article: Self Worth and TIme the Better done with More Time." Concentration - meditation is an act What seems compassionate in giving But when it comes to recovery after a which must have the cooperation of all five people "time" to sort things out, may not be stress, illness, bad mood, emotional upset, or senses. achieving the positive result the giver expects. a decision, a choice, a grudge or anger, there But concentration is never developed by Take D who was working in one company I aren't many people who could legitimately say, the practice of concentration. Concentration consulted with, they had given her nearly three "more time is better." can only be developed by the intensity and years to sort out a marriage break-up, Of course, if our process is weak, or our extent of your interest in whatever you are tolerating late arrivals, time off for counselling head is in turmoil, then longer might give time doing. and days off for stress. When I arrived, hired to for clarity, however, that's just like driving a Real concentration/meditation on a useful "speed things up" to happy, better, faster I 1954 Austin Prefect through the city at peak subject never occurs while you are busy noticed a huge push back from any shift in hour and wondering why people are screaming learning to concentrate or meditate. productivity improvement. After I dug below at you or paddling a 30 kg wooden surf ski in a When you concentrate on concentration, the surface, it was a company wide joke that ski race and wondering why you got left you are not concentrating. When you meditate no company, seriously considering behind. on meditation you are not meditating. productivity, leadership, good work, client Faster, is better if the pace of the world Concentration requires a subject worthy satisfaction or employee well-being would makes you uncompetitive to be slower. of your full and undivided attention. leave a situation where D could come and go Remember that whether it's your business, Delinquency, uncontrolled emotion and as they pleased. your client, the race you're in, your health, your negativity is caused not by the lack of The fact was that D had been given money, your relationship, it is a competition, concentration but by the lack of a subject permission to become the lowest common and there are forces out there wanting to worthy of it. denominator in the team and yet she was team displace you. Keeping up, or staying ahead in Two people might meet each other and leader. She would change things without any life requires FASTER. become engaged in courtship. They concept of the process cost, she would assert Take health for example: The bugs and concentrate on each other, but after a time, her negative moods on the group, and as time bacteria floating around our cities and in our nothing is new and that concentration may went on, and D's self-worth became more and water would kill a person who was time diminish. Those people might go to counselling more self-obsessive, the quality of her choices transported to the present day from say, and do all sorts of concentration training but became poorer and poorer. D's boss was 1860.Their immune system could cope with this is not helpful at the root. It would appear, acting with compassion but was in no way, the competition from bugs and virus, but not that it is what we don’t know about a person doing what's best for D or everyone else in the quick enough to be of much value. that keeps us focussed and concentrating firm. Your relationship is another example: rather than what we do know. FASTER is not new news. What do you think a realistic competitive This is the responsibility of a leader, to We're communicating faster, travelling expectation might be from your partner for you keep the intensity of work interesting enough faster, getting news faster, having things faster. recovering from the following: a bad day at to absorb the concentration of the individual, It's not new news that the evolution of the work, a disappointment in sport, a hard night and to see the warning signs when a person planet is linked to faster. All technology is on the booze, a quarrel with your mate, a worry can do their job with their hand tied behind driving a faster world and that, harnessed in of any kind, an ugly comment toward them? their back and either promote them to greater the right way, is an ever increasing valuation on Do you think, like in 1910, they'd give you the challenge or move them to another time, self-worth and humanity. benefit of a year, a month or a few hours? Life occupation. Faster foods, faster crops, faster fuels, is evolving and whether you like it or not, we The idle mind (lost concentration) is the faster drinks, faster medicine, faster operations must too. soil of trouble. to save lives, faster rescue, faster response to But there are institutions devoted to NOT But we are our own leaders too. So, we disasters, faster intervention in human-rights FASTER. must ensure that our life is not blamed on crisis. And where faster is not fast enough, we I worked with the public service and for others to present to us things and projects of complain bitterly. them, FASTER more often than not, is interest in order to stimulate our concentration. If the post is slow, the internet is slow, if associated with redundancy because if you get The real success, the real lover, the real your website is slow, facebook is slow, if skype your job done faster, you’ll have nothing to fill inspired individual will always drum up a new is slow, if your batteries don't recharge faster the time. You’ll be “rationalised." exploration, they will not be the victim of an you upgrade. Faster is, for the new generations In some healing therapies FASTER is overly compassionate and sleepy leader. better. associated with loss if income for the therapist. RESISTANCE IS FUTILE I've witnessed this conflict between FASTER I meet people who say to me, "the world Article: Change - How long does it and REVENUE over and over again during my is going too fast it needs to slow down" and I take? years in this work. It is, in most cases, not in say "evolveyabastard" - with a smile. There are There are some things that are better the financial interest of the service provider to people who're now taking the role of the done by taking more time to do them. Some reach completion, faster. "Retirement" generation who, just really got left remain obvious but things like eating, kissing, behind in the evolution race. They can't think [15]
  16. 16. fast enough, can't type fast enough, can't Broken Heart - 15 -30 minutes after your divorce just turned you into an cope with the speed of decision making fast Bad day at the office - 2 minutes "individual" who can't be hurt. Or, your new enough and want the world to SLOW DOWN - Disappointment with someone special - 3 relationship which is the new focus of your life, I WANT TO GET OFF. minutes cost you your Inspiration and Career. Sucking FASTER IS FANTASTICER Life changing decision - 10 minutes juice from one area of your life to feed another Faster is fantastic. Why waste precious Changing Your Life - 1 hour is not change or Betterment, it's suicide. time? Why be in a bad mood for more than the Betterment is built on tangible reality. By time it takes to get out of it? Why be separating Happiness from Betterment we Article: Happy, Better, Faster exhausted for longer than necessary? Why be achieve an amazing step and that is, to Happy, Better, Faster is based on a ill or in pain for longer than you have to? differentiate how you feel, from what you do. premise that the primary goal of humanity is to Staying FIT for work and life starts with Betterment is, in this paradigm a means of be happy and make better and do those as the identification of a series of really important doing things, contributing, achieving things, fast as humanly possible. questions: giving service, making a better world that is no This article focussed on betterment. The 1. What would I do with the time if I finish longer a GIVE TO GET model. By separating key to which is in the understanding of motive, this task faster? your Happiness from your Betterment you mind and manifestation. How do we get what 2. Am I ready to act if I make this decision uncover an amazing power. we want in the shortest period of time? faster? Stuff you do, get, have, want, desire, What you want might be a better world, 3. If I had an extra three hours a day, what need, don't need, win, lose, fail, succeed, love less violence, more food for the starving, a new would I do with it? or don't love - doesn't make you happy or car, a 3D tv or even a partner in life. It could be 4. Do I really want to turn up more in my unhappy. That's a separated topic and by sales results for next month or a new cat for relationship, or am I turning up to the level I doing this you loosen your ego from your the family home. Nobody can judge us for the can cope with them? doing. In this one small step, you free yourself highness or lowness of our ambitions, 5. If I get through this drama faster, will I to give it a go, have some fun, try some things however, we do encourage people to be be lonely and fearful, and is that why I'm and not get into a mess trying to own stuff to holistic in their desires. To make sure all seven hanging onto the past? make you a happy person. They are different areas of life are well represented so as to avoid 6. If I knew what I knew now, how long topics. imbalance and regret. That topic is well would it take to live my life over again? (usually Five Planes of Betterment covered in our seminars. ten minutes) There are five distinct planes of But now, lets turn our focus to 7. If "How do I get more done in less Betterment. They are: manifesting what you want in a generic sense. time" results in getting more done in less time, 1. Physical - The desire for pleasure of all is what I am doing worth doing at all? the senses. Speak to a woman who has read a book FASTER IS BETTER This natural attraction to all things or is keen to manifest something and she will If you are in love with your partner beautiful, safe and comfortable is the often recommend a certain process for wouldn't you want to spend more time with fundamental search of the primal and natural achievement. Speak to the average bloke and them? If you love your work wouldn't you want self. It never goes away, can never be satiated he will recommend another and sometimes we to spend more time doing it and less time on and most often dictates choices in life. find this divergence in process quite confusing. low priorities? If you love your sport wouldn't 2. Mental - Comparison drives the desire Different guru's some spouting ideas of "THE you want to do it more, recover faster and do it for improvement. SECRET" which is basically sitting on your Butt again? Driven by the continual dissatisfaction and wishing stuff would come true. While Doing what you love means deriving a and appetite of the physical self, the mental others, talk about "Waking up Some Giant" benefit from something and ultimately FASTER plane starts to work on comparison. How who'll reach out and grab life by the balls. It means, deriving that pleasure more often, with could I get more, and make it better, with less seems, both work - sometimes. less distraction. effort? In Happy, Better, Faster we're not It's time for a revolution in WORKPLACE 3. Monetary - The desire for Resources debating the validity of Betterment as a motive WELLBEING. Faster is not just a technology and Power to cause change in our life and or even advocating one process as better or issue it's a SELF- MANAGEMENT issue and in others worse than another. What we are saying, too many teams, the brakes have been on for With Physical gratification, and mental clearly to the Global Workforce, is that there too long. Slower is not better, even in healing, comparison firmly motivating betterment we are hidden consequences, and if Betterment meditation, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, - and all now reach for bigger and more sustainable improves one area of your life but sabotages the alternative medicines - SLOWER is NOT measures of betterment and enter the sacred another, it isn't BETTER, is it? better. and spiritual realm of material wealth creation. Too many Betterment programs and HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Money. Thus, competitive standards inspire Betterment process "rob Peter to pay Paul" Marriage Break Up - 2 weeks to new technologies, our own potential and they shift the focus of your life from one value completion integration of our physical and mental gifts into to another, for which the consequences are Depression - One Day to Recovery the world - in other words - money drives unseen maybe for years until, single and Bad Mood - Ten minutes at the most citizenship and community. successful you realise that your paradigm shift [16]