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Millennial Moms + Content


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Have you met the millennial mom? Tech savvy, social and focused on quality, she's a power consumer and she knows what she wants. Understand and connect with this critical consumer segment with essential takeaways on preferences and purchasing habits courtesy of the (add)ventures insights + content teams.

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Millennial Moms + Content

  1. 1. millennial 
 moms connecting through better brand content
  2. 2. Today’s millennial supermoms are also power consumers. Winning over their hearts and minds begins with a strong brand story and a sound strategy. Here are some key insights to help 
 you understand and connect with this critical segment.
  3. 3. She’s connected and creative.
  4. 4. Millennial moms are among the top consumers and sharers of visual media on Instagram and Pinterest. They’re exposed to a constant stream of creative ideas, inspiration and innovation. have even tried selling 
 handmade goods online39% Source:
  5. 5. tip Give them beautiful creative and bite-sized content that is share-worthy.
  6. 6. She’s persnickety about quality.
  7. 7. When it comes to her child, 
 millennial moms want the very best. Millennial moms report that ‘Safety’ and ‘Value’ are the top decision drivers when evaluating brands. Source: 2015_State_of_Modern_Motherhood_Report1.pdf
  8. 8. tip Match the production quality of your content to the product or service quality you want to portray.
  9. 9. She keeps 
 it real.
  10. 10. Millennial moms value transparency and authenticity, and have a keen sense for spotting fakers. of millennial moms pay more attention to ads that feature imagery of real moms. 57% Source: True-Stories-of-the-Modern-Family_Go-to-Market_report-highlights.pdf
  11. 11. tip Use lifestyle imagery and keep it authentic to resonate with her reality.
  12. 12. She buys brands 
 that share her values.
  13. 13. Millennials are debunking stereotypes and redefining the modern family 
 (think single parents, LGBTQ parents and stay-at-home dads). Source: True-Stories-of-the-Modern-Family_Go-to-Market_report-highlights.pdf millennial parents are more likely to purchase a product if the brand features diverse family types. 41%
  14. 14. tip Focus on your brand’s higher purpose to build loyalty based on values, not features.
  15. 15. Social is good…
  16. 16. Use of YouTube by moms is growing from generation to generation. It’s now the second most popular social platform and the #1 video platform for this segment. of millennial moms use YouTube weekly, a 15% increase over Gen X moms. 58% Sources: BabyCenter_2014_Millennial_Mom_Report.pdf, 1in5 online video viewers are moms
  17. 17. …but 
 multi- platform 
 is better.
  18. 18. Millennial moms are extraordinary researchers, relying heavily on reviews before and during the purchase process. reference Amazon reviews68% Source: 2015_State_of_Modern_Motherhood_Report1.pdf reference other retailers’ reviews63% reference third-party reviews52%
  19. 19. tip Implement a diversified strategy including channel partner engagement and online reputation management.
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