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Fallacies of distributed computing


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Networks are great in theory, but have some well-known limitations that you should bear in mind when using them. Come find out what they are so that you don't make the same mistakes.

Published in: Technology, Spiritual
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Fallacies of distributed computing

  1. 1. Fallacies ofDistributedComputing
  2. 2. Léon Brocard
  3. 3. Peter Deutsch
  4. 4. The network is reliable
  5. 5. Latency is zero
  6. 6. Bandwidth is infinite
  7. 7. The network is secure
  8. 8. Topology doesn’t change
  9. 9. There is oneadministrator
  10. 10. Transport cost is zero
  11. 11. The network ishomogeneous
  12. 12. The network is reliable. Latency is zero. Bandwidth is infinite. The network is secure. Topology doesn’t change. There is one administrator. Transport cost is zero.The network is homogeneous.