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Searching CPAN Offline

Searching CPAN Offline with CPAN::Mini::Webserver

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Searching CPAN Offline

  1. 1. Searching CPAN o ine Léon Brocard London Perl Workshop
  2. 2. Me Léon Brocard French, live in London Like food Like the colour orange Founded,, Now in Started YAPC::Europe Perl hacker
  3. 3. What is CPAN? CPAN is an acronym standing for Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, an archive of over , modules of so ware written in Perl, as well as documentation for it.[ ] It has a presence on the World Wide Web at and is mirrored worldwide on more than locations [ ]. CPAN can denote either the archive network itself, or the Perl program that acts as an interface to the network and as an automated so ware installer (somewhat like a package manager). Most so ware on CPAN is free so ware.[ ]
  4. 4. CPAN is big , Uploads , Distributions , Modules , Uploaders
  5. 5. It all began a long time ago TPC , during OSCON In Monterey, CA
  6. 6. I got annoyed was closed source (and still is) I am not always connected to the internet Latency
  7. 7. Kobesearch I played with searching, but didn’t get very far Randy Kobes wrote Search::CPAN::Lite ( Needs to extract les and generates a database
  8. 8. Time passes Didn’t do anything for a while Needing to extract les and generate a database was too much work
  9. 9. Needed distraction from writing a book
  10. 10. Insight in the shower Do not need to extract CPAN Indexes are good enough Can extract on the y
  11. 11. Actually Not CPAN, but MINICPAN CPAN::Mini & minicpan CPAN::Mini::Webserver
  12. 12. And Assume we have a (MINI)CPAN mirror Dependencies: all of CPAN
  13. 13. Dependencies App::Cache, Archive::Peek, CGI, CPAN::Mini, File::Type, HTTP::Server::Simple, IO::Capture::Stdout, List::MoreUtils, MIME::Base , Module::InstalledVersion, Moose, Parse::CPAN::Authors, Parse::CPAN::Whois, Parse::CPAN::Meta, Parse::CPAN::Packages, Path::Class, Pod::Simple::HTML, Perl ::Say, PPI, PPI::HTML, Search::QueryParser, String::CamelCase, Template::Declare, Test::More
  14. 14. Release . Sat Aug : : BST
  15. 15. Releases . Sat Aug : : BST . Fri Aug : : BST . Fri Aug : : BST . Tue Aug : : BST . u Aug : : CEST . Fri Aug : : CEST . Mon Aug : : BST . Tue Aug : : BST . Fri Aug : : BST . u Aug : : BST . Sun Sep : : BST . u Sep : : BST
  16. 16. Other people andya, bricas, corion, clkao, evdb, jesse, markf, martijn, miyagawa, ranguard, rjbs, rsavage, tokuhirom
  17. 17. All about search brocard acme::bu y acme bu y acme-bu y blood -orange bu y -test camel case
  18. 18. Other features Bonjour OpenSearch Acts like Acts like CPAN mirror Install modules
  19. 19. Show me $ minicpan_webserver HTTP::Server::Simple: You can connect to your server at http://localhost:2963/
  20. 20. Future Slight tweaks
  21. 21. Summary CPAN::Mini CPAN::Mini::Webserver