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A/B Testing 101


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Learning the basic principles for effective A/B testing and design optimization. See examples and learn about common mistakes.

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A/B Testing 101

  1. 1. A/B Testing 101Design optimization through testing
  2. 2. 6 Elements of Effective A/B Testing1. Clear Hypothesis2. Test one variable at a time3. Clear & defined success metrics4. Volume & statistical significance5. Randomization6. Documentation
  3. 3. A/B Testing in a visual…
  4. 4. Newspaper Homepage Test: A B The importance of the ‘little things’.
  5. 5. Does image size & scrolling matter? A B
  6. 6. Order of price plans presented A B
  7. 7. Fine-tuning the call-to-action
  8. 8. Conversion Funnel Flow: Landing Page Case Study Contact Us Form Submit Conversion Funnel: Of the 100% of people who landed on the landing page, only 14% made it to the conversion step of submitting the contact us form (a sales lead).
  9. 9. Josue SierraMarketing Consultant302.442.6170jsierra@trellist.comTrellist® Marketing and Technology117 N. Market St. Suite 300Wilmington, DE 19801T 302.778.1300F