Balboa Park Commons: Collaborative Digitization for a Public Resource


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Presented at the University of San Diego 2014 Digital Initiatives Symposium.

Presentations by:
Alan Renga, Archivist , San Diego Air and Space Museum
Rosa Longacre, Registrar/Archivist, San Diego Museum of Man
Kristi Ehrig-Burgess, Library Archives and Digitization Manager, Mingei International Museum
Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, Asst. Director of Digital Media, Balboa Park Online Collaborative is an IMLS Funded project that was made possible by the hard work of Perian Sully, Christina DePaolo, Rich Cherry and Chris Borkowski and the participating partners of Balboa Park Online Collaborative.

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Balboa Park Commons: Collaborative Digitization for a Public Resource

  1. 1. Alan Renga, Archivist San Diego Air and Space Museum Rosa Longacre, Registrar/Archivist San Diego Museum of Man Kristi Ehrig-Burgess, Library Archives and Digitization Manager, Mingei International Museum Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, Asst. Director of Digital Media, Balboa Park Online Collaborative COLLABORATIVE DIGITIZATION
  2. 2. Alan Renga, Archivist San Diego Air and Space Museum
  3. 3.  Major national aerospace-related resource  Open to the public  San Diego has a very significant aviation heritage: Curtiss, Ryan, Consolidated/Convair
  4. 4.  SDASM’s Archives houses over 2 Million photos, slides, negatives and transparencies documenting the aviation history of San Diego, the U.S. and the world!
  5. 5. Just received a donation of 3000+ Atlas Missile Films from Lockheed/UAL
  6. 6. The Museum’s mission is to: Preserve significant artifacts of air and space history and technology. Inspire excellence in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Educate the public about the historical and social significance of air and space technology and engage its promise for the future. Celebrate aviation and space flight history and technology. The mission of the Library & Archives is to: identify, acquire, preserve, and make available for research published, documentary, and visual materials that chronicle the development of aerospace technology and experience. Digitization is vital in achieving these missions!
  7. 7.  Sniper 16mm Hi Def Film Digitizer  AVI files  Captures slower than real time…50% speed
  8. 8.  You Tube Non Profit Partnership: no time limit on videos  Over 1100 have been put on YouTube  800,000 Views  Adsense????  Excellent for grants!  Easy to add Youtube links in our online catalog, “Aerocat” by EOS linked on Expression Engine designed website  Fulfilling the Library and Archive’s Mission on a scale never before thought possible! 
  9. 9.  It is difficult for me to concisely summarize how much I enjoyedwatching this. It brought tears to my eyes, honestly.  Beautiful history of aviation.  This is pretty cool stuff for any of u aviation / history / gear head grease monkey types out there.  The "youth" that built this glider is my daddy!! He was born to fly...absolutely fearless. That grin at 1:41, I have never seen him smile like that except when I watch this video.  Unfortunately, my father, LCDR James A. Smith, did not survive....this is a very tough video to watch. But thank you for sharing this video, and thank you to all that fought this fire and saved a countless number of other men.  My dad was on this carrier and thank you to whom ever put this footage on here. I've heard this story many times since I was young. I also saw him in this footage. Very sad incident. Glad he lived to tell it.
  10. 10.  Files enormous…AVI files over 10GB  Transferring to DAMS slow process  Have to reformat all metadata to the DAMS specifications  Had to purchase additional server space to allow DAMS to download files  Causing a lag in uploading Films to BPOC Commons
  11. 11.  Link YouTube, Flickr and Online Catalog to DAMS and store metadata in one place (DAMS)  Store metadata in one place
  12. 12. Balboa Park Commons: Collaborative Digitization for an Open Public Resource Rosa Longacre, Registrar/Archivist at the San Diego Museum of Man
  13. 13.  Over 50,000 photographs, slides, and negatives  Over 400,000 ethnographic collections; including baskets, pottery, textiles, weapons, and folk art SDMoM Photograph & Object Collections
  14. 14. • Photographs  Albums, oversized • Slides  35mm, stereo slides, lantern slides • Negatives  35mm, 4x5 negatives, glass plate negatives Photographs, slides, and negatives, oh my!
  15. 15.  2012 Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Hidden Collection Grant  Two Year cycle  Allowed us to catalog 25,000+ images from Southern California in PastPerfect  Export the metadata from PastPerfect to Piction  2014 Council on Library and Information Resources (CLIR) Hidden Collection Grant  Three Year cycle  Will allow us to catalog an additional 25,000 images & 7,000+ archaeological records in PastPerfect  Export the metadata from PastPerfect to Piction and ArcGIS CLIR Grant
  16. 16. Photo Capture Station  Canon EOS 5D photo capture station  Captures images in RAW with EOS Utility  Manipulate images with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop
  17. 17. Cataloging Procedures  PastPerfect 5.0  Cataloging Procedure Manual for both Object and Photo Catalogs  Cataloging “Digital Surrogates”
  18. 18.  Allows SDMoM to put our collections online for the first time, giving access to researchers and the public  Great collaboration with neighboring institutions  Ability to borrow photo capture station  Great for grants  Allows us to catalog from digital surrogates  Less handling of originals Successes
  19. 19.  Data ingestion into Piction  Exporting metadata from PastPerfect to Piction  Fixing mistakes in Piction  Information must be re-FTPed  PastPerfect  Lone wolf in the park Challenges
  20. 20. Collaborative Digitization Mingei International Museum Kristi Ehrig-Burgess Library Archives and Digitization Manager Digital Initiatives Symposium University of San Diego April 9, 2014
  21. 21. Art of the People. Art of the World.
  22. 22. Our Mission Furthering the understanding of art of the people (mingei) from all eras and cultures of the world
  23. 23. • Collections and Exhibition PR/marketing and IT budgets • Grants, private donations, foundation funds • Strategic Plan- buy in and support from upper management and board members • Staffing needs for digitization: interns, volunteers, museum staff, professional photographers
  24. 24. Frances Hamilton White Reference Library
  25. 25. Library, Archives & Object Collection • 10,000 books, periodicals, videos • 300 linear ft. of institutional archives which include documents, PR articles, photographs, 35 mm slides, 4” x 5” transparencies, film strip negatives, 16 mm film, VHS, Beta, DVDs • 24,000 permanent collection objects from 141 different countries includes pottery, jewelry, textiles, costumes, baskets, furniture, dolls and toys • 15,000 beads, one of the largest collection of beads in the world
  26. 26. Variety of Media Variety of media requires various methods of digitization • Rapid Capture station (Canon EOS 5D photo capture station) for photos, transparencies, negatives • Slide Scanner for 35 mm slides (Nikon LS 5000 ED- Super CoolScan 5000) save files as NEF and convert to DNG, cropped and adjust files in Photoshop • Samma Solo for VHS and Beta tapes- o.pdf • Cannon Image Runner 3230 (“copy machine” as scanner) scan at 600 dpi • Objects (point and shoot for quick record shots, professional photography for print and web projects)
  27. 27. Scanners
  28. 28. Samma Solo • Samma Solo for VHS and Beta tapes- SAMMAsolo.pdf • Real time capture • Cataloging on the fly along • Excel lists • Offsite- 52 U-matic tapes - BPOC offices • Onsite Mingei International Museum - 250 VHS with volunteers and interns to assist
  29. 29. SAMMAsolo Photo from the Hallwalls BLOG, Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, NY
  30. 30. File Output Derivatives • FLV _ Flash Video • mov • mxf • • wmv • Xml The BPOC has all of the files in storage. Mingei typically stores the file and converts these to mp4 files through iskysoft convertor for upload to vimeo or in the case of study video we provide dropbox links to staff and docent for the videos
  31. 31. Digitizing Objects
  32. 32. Photography-Rapid Capture Station • Can work for some 3d work, but is best for flat objects
  33. 33. “Studio” Photography
  34. 34. Image courtesy of Dennis Price
  35. 35. Images courtesy of Dennis Price
  36. 36. Workflow • Organize media by similar types and sizes • Digitize materials (cataloguing* may take place before or after digitization) • Save images to external drive • Rename image RAW files • Convert images to DNG, create Master tif files • Copy images from external drives to servers, upload to DAMS ftps • For images of permanent collection objects, link images in Embark (CMS) • Create files for website and upload to website FTP • Export metadata from Embark, send to BPOC as .xslx or .csv file for syncing • “Push” selected images and metadata to the BPOC Commons • Goals: Create MARC records in web-based Library World Database for archives collections with attached pdf finding aids, create EAD finding aids and disseminate these through the OAC (Online Archive of California
  37. 37. Challenges • Diversity of materials to digitize • Lots of images and metadata in many “locations” means that it is not easy to update information consistently • DAMS, CMS, Website are not integrated – they do not “speak to one another (i.e. Systems integration with DAMS; CMS: EmBark, PastPerfect, Library World, EOS; Websites: WordPress, Drupal) • Multiple servers/server space for all the digital files • In many cases we are all using different databases to track our collections • Servers assets in more than one place, ftps, multiple servers, consistently syncing data
  38. 38. Great Aspects of Collaboration with the BPOC • Borrowing digitization equipment • Implementation of the shared Piction DAMS • IT support and technical expertise • Learning from and sharing with partner institutions • Balboa Park Commons