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Diversify Your Oregon Workforce - Abilities at Work


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Diversity in today's workforce is good for business, good for morale, and great for productivity as well as public relations. Abilities at Work is a non-profit that helps employers in Oregon hire wage-based employees with learning or developmental disabilities.

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Diversify Your Oregon Workforce - Abilities at Work

  1. 1. A non-profit 501(c)3 that partners with businesses in Portland, Oregon’s metropolitan area to help adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities gain meaningful, community-based employment.
  2. 2. Who We Are Founded as Oregon Employment Services Corporation (OESCo) in 1986, Abilities at Work has fostered competitive integrated employment for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) for over 30 years. While much has changed since the organization was first founded, our overall calling has not. We remain deeply committed to identifying, creating and supporting positive wage-based work opportunities between local companies and individuals with I/DD who have traditionally been excluded from employment in community settings. Since the organization was founded, we have served more than 300 individuals and partnered with more than 100 local businesses.
  3. 3. What We Do “We partner with businesses to make a difference” • Abilities at Work fosters partnerships with local businesses towards the successful employment of individuals with disabilities and the enhancement of workplace diversity. • We encourage employers to hire the people we serve and utilize the Work Opportunity Tax Credit, a federal incentive for businesses to employ individuals with disabilities.
  4. 4. Our Approach Our structured approach has the power to generate mutually beneficial, long-term relationships between local progressive businesses and some of the area’s most special individuals. We work with the employer and the individual every step of the process, from resume-building, to interviewing, to new-hire paperwork, to providing ongoing “Job Coaching”/ liaison services free-of-charge. Mutual satisfaction is our specialty!
  5. 5. Why Partner with Abilities at Work? / Why Hire Someone with a Disability?
  6. 6. Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  7. 7. Let’s Work Together to Make a Difference! • Visit our website to learn more: • Contact us: • Email: • Phone: 503-641-5820 • Address: 134 SE 5th Ave Ste D, Hillsboro, OR 97123 • Facebook: