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Titantwister Social Media Management


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Monthly Maintenance and Moderation
•General Social Media Strategy and Social Integrated Marketing Consulting
•Formal Analysis of Current Marketing Deployment, Social Strategy Development and Integration
•Research and Analysis
•Social Media Maintenance
•Customer Base
•Active Daily Moderation; Interaction with Customers and Client Follow Up on Social Channels. •Application Development
•Social Analysis and Reporting
•Art & Design, Sentiment Analysis, Google analytic

Case study: Audience hit: Israelities

Promoted Twitter poll: with 42000 engagements and 627 responses on Disneyland like park.

Socially devoted: Twitter Best Fans
Twitter Reply Rate,My Best Tweets,Twitter Popularity,Twitter Collage,use control rate(addiction), Twitter grader, Keyword Search

Using fan of the week app:
Absence rate = [#days absent in month]
/[average number of fans during monthXno of total work days]

Stratified sampling:
Age groups
Occupational groups
Topographical regions

Confidence interval for population mean
Patriarical domination : male to female
Realistic user engagement (Authenticity check)

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Titantwister Social Media Management

  1. 1. BUSINESS: Brand naming |Identity design and Logos | Web designing and Web development
  2. 2. MOTTO: Simple & Memorable
  3. 3. MISSION: “We enjoy sharing the projects and posts we make just as much as we enjoy creating them. Sit back & take a moment to browse through some of our recent completed work.”
  4. 4. *2.5 billion internet users in the world
  5. 5. Creating a hype in the digital world Discover the timeless and global market, making people aware about your business and taking it to the next level.
  6. 6. LET US AUTOMATE YOUR DIGITAL MARKETING We'll turn your ideas into great results. What makes us different? Our innovative and xperienced team, who knows how to take your business to the next level.
  7. 7. Get ready to stand out Sentiment and Content Analysis Analysis of Queries & Response Rate Quantities to measure: SOV
  8. 8. TRIGGER THE CONSUMER IN A BENEFICIAL WAY Social Media Marketing and Optimization Email Marketing Search Engine Optimization Lead Funnel Sentiment Analysis
  9. 9. Social Media Marketing
  10. 10. Cost $550/month $700/month $1000/month Fan base 5000+ 7000+ 9000+ Posting 2 posts a week 5 posts a week 1 post daily Facebook Tab No Yes Yes Instagram: Integration optional.
  11. 11. Cost $300/month $450/month Twitter Bot Yes Yes Tweet Curation 1 tweet daily 20 tweets a week Follower gain (relevant) 20 30
  12. 12. Cost $500/month $800/month Page followers 100 200 Lead conversion: $40 per form filling
  13. 13. Cost $100/month $400/month Channel followers (no bots) 50 150
  14. 14. Cost $100/month High risk newsletter promotion Sent to all existing leads Mailchimp List update Free upto 2000 users
  15. 15. Cost $1000 One Time $1500 One Time Standardization of G+ page Weekly updates Synchronised Keyword Analysis One time One time Use of adsense (Google ad) + Youtube channel premium For One month only For 45 days Conversion tracking through Google Analytics One Report Midterm and final report for future Blogspost No Yes
  16. 16. Sentiment Analysis: Response Rate Analysis of Queries (Resolved/Unresolved) Competitive Intelligence : Growth rate, daily engagement rate , country reach:distribution of fans, people talking about, admin posts by day, most engaing post types Brand Share Of Voice = brand mentions / (brand mentions + competition mentions) keyword search
  17. 17. Data Extraction Facebook • NameGenWeb • GetNet Twitter • AnaTweet • TrendMap
  18. 18. Data Visualization (Optional) Gephi Pajek/Netlogo
  19. 19. Report sharing & Representation Excel: Use of macros to develop Pi charts Vizify
  20. 20.