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Zorays Solar Pakistan Presentation in University of Lahore


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A case study on Solar Poles Mounted Solar Energy System installed in Baluchistan presented to students of University of Lahore.

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Zorays Solar Pakistan Presentation in University of Lahore

  1. 1. Zorays Solar Pakistan
  2. 2. Slide2 WelcomeMessage Zorays Solar Pakistan seeks to harness its exclusive, cutting- edge technology and innovative creativity to deliver global energy solutions that cater to consumers’ daily needs. Khalid Islam Chief Consultant Zorays Solar Pakistan
  3. 3. Slide3 TheCompanyJourney Setting Examples for others to follow Oct2014 Zorays Solar foundation was laid in Oct 2014. Founded Listed to operate under Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan. SECPIncorporation 2014 2017 Grown to the point where we are present in 26 different cities and 18 districts across Pakistan. Now
  4. 4. Slide4 HelloI’m Khalid Ex-Director General, Pakistan Council of Renewable Energy Technologies Ex-Chairman, PCSIR Ex-General Manager, EDB Ex-DG, NPSL, Islamabad
  7. 7. Slide7 Why OnPole? Increase in the generation as depending on the geographic location. Maximizing electricity due to increased direct exposure to solar rays. 12~25% empirical
  8. 8. Slide8 Comparison Adjustable-tilt to gain more power over the year. 2D Manual Zorays Sun Tracking Pole using Flanges to orient according to tilt in 5 degrees of Freedom. 0 +2%
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  10. 10. Slide10
  11. 11. Slide11 Othersalientfeatures No shadow casted on modules due to wild plants and grass Protected from animal destructions. Less cleaning requirements.
  12. 12. Slide12 Fabrication In House Production Fixing Civil Structure RCC 1:2:3 25% 75% Stainless Steel Nut & Bolts and Washers
  13. 13. Slide13 SunTracked/MechanicallyadjustablePVModulesMountingPoles 1 – Number of PV Modules = 8 ( 320 W – 72 Cells – 6 inch by 6 inch ) 2 – Height of Pole = 5 feet 3 – Diameter of pole = 5 inch 4 – Base Plate = 16 inch by 16 inch 5 – RCCB Mounting Structure = 15 inch by 15 inch by 42 inches deep 6 – Pole with Yellow Powder Coating 7 – Mounting Angle Iron Yellow Emulsion Paint
  14. 14. Slide14 PhotovoltaicModules Inclusive 12-year product warranty 25-year linear performance guarantee •At least 98 % of nominal power during first year. Thereafter no more than 0.6 % degradation per year. •At least 92.6 % of nominal power up to 10 years. •At least 83.6 % of nominal power up to 25 years. 160 Poly Crystalline PV Modules 72 Cells 315.5 Wp made in Korea
  15. 15. Slide15 80kVA/64kW3-PhaseHybridInverter Solar Charge Controller Pure Sine Wave Hybrid
  16. 16. Slide16 BatteryBank32X200AH:76800Wh
  17. 17. Slide17 HousingofInverterandBatteryBank Thermally Insulated 14 F x 8 F X 10 F with 1.5 Ton Inverter Air-conditioner Separation and Double Entrance for Access to Inverter & Battery Bank and Separate Earthing.
  18. 18. Total Cost PKR 6.00 Million The cost of this power plant including all above Hardware and Services: Rs.126.00 per Watt USD $ 1.2 per watt USD$ 1= PKR106
  19. 19. Slide19 ClientTestimonial We found that the price of such Sun-Trackable poles mounted structure @USD$ 0.18 is quite reasonable and affordable as compared to a larger canvas Quaid e Azam Solar Park. The poles are powder coated and warranted for 30 years. The additional benifit of these high rise poles are securing the hazards of touching or damaging the modules if installed on ground. Moreover scaling of dust level on modules is 80% less than the ground mounted modules already installed in the same premises. Pakistan Petroleum Limited  “
  20. 20. Slide20 Services VITAL SERVICES • Designing of PV Plant • Fabrication of Poles • Installation of components • Commissioning and testing • Training of Staff • After sales services PERIPHERAL • Transportation from Lahore to Sui, Dera Bhugtti, Baluchistan • Hiring of Crane • Civil Work and Labour etc. • Supervisor and Technicians
  21. 21. Slide21 Component Quantity Poly Crystalline PV Modules: 315.5 Wp . FF 80% Hanwha, Korea 160 modules Hybrid Inverter: 80 kVA/64 kW Pure Sine Wave, 3-Phase, 5-Wire. Fully Automatic One Set Medium Rise Mono Poles: 2 m Double Axis for Sun Face and Tilt Adjustments 20 Poles Battery Bank: 12 Vdc 200 AH Back up Power: 76800 W Time for full load 1:30 Hrs 32 Batteries Wire and cables, Conduits and Copper Connectors and Lugs etc. AC Cable 35 mm 3 Core: 170m DC Cable 25 mm 300 Wires: 115 m Housing for Inverter and Batteries : Double Walled thermally Insulated with Two separate Entrances, Two windows double Ceiling & Air Exhaust etc. One with 1.5 ton Inverter Air Conditioner
  22. 22. Slide22 ContactUs +92 300 816 32 64 ZORAYS SOLAR PAKISTAN, 69-C, CCA, DHA, Phase-V, Lahore, Pakistan
  23. 23. ThankYouFor the Attention