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What Web Trends Will We See in 2012?


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A rundown of some of the latest trends that you can expect to see in the web design world.

Published in: Design, Technology
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What Web Trends Will We See in 2012?

  1. 1. user experience agency
  2. 2. ResearchWHAT WEB TRENDS WILL WE SEE IN 2012?
  3. 3. • Responsive web design: 1. Adapts to the width of the device being used, from PC to tablet to mobile 2. Eliminates the need to produce separate websites for different devices 3. Designs are content focussed with the same content displayed across devices 4. Reduces time and cost• Particularly useful for sites with a wide user-base of technologies This is an example of a responsive site. As you can see, it• Built with fluid grids, it is relatively adapts from 1-column up to several for a desktop site. The overall look and content remains throughout each easy to prepare a site to be version responsiveResponsive Design and Progressive Enhancement
  4. 4. • It’s not only mobile apps that can take advantage of native functionality• HTML5 can be used to detect, and make use of, things like cameras and microphones without having to use external, third-party plug-ins• This means that everything users would require should be available to Twitter makes use of many native elements in it’s mobile them at their point of access app. With direct transition between camera and app, as well as mirroring smartphone messaging functionalityNative Features
  5. 5. • Online and native apps are becoming more and more popular• You’ll see more of them on both your desktop and mobile screens• This normally means a much more integrated experience for the user• Visually, it is likely that sites around the web will start taking cues from mobile and tablet app experiences Here at Zabisco, we use the web app ‘Conceptshare’. It allows us to share creative work quickly and easily amongst the team, whilst adding commentsApplications Everywhere!
  6. 6. • The smartphone market, globally, is yet to slow down its growth• Mobile sites and the progressive, adaptive websites will only continue to match this growth• This means a likely reduction in Flash sites, in addition to copywriters taking out all the filler from sites to optimise the mobile viewing experienceMobile Market Growth
  7. 7. • 2012 sees a number of companies bringing out new tablets, the most notably, of course, being Apple with their new iPad 3• companies are ready to bring out much cheaper alternatives which should see tablets in many more households• As such, designers should be prepared to design for this medium• Sites should optimise their sites for users of tablets, most notably, the elderly and children, who are proportionally more likely to have access to a tablet than an alternative Tablets are available in a range of prices, sizes and uses. Are you designing for them? method of browsingTablets
  8. 8. • Pop-ups are no new thing for the internet• Pop-up windows are increasingly incorporated into designs to reduce clutter on pages• They give a clean, easy to follow journey for elements such as forms and login elements The Zabisco design for Outsourcery sees pop-ups used for contact elements as well as for logging in. They’re a great way to get vital information across without distracting from any other user journeysPop-ups
  9. 9. • 2012 looks to be the year of User Experience• With content and design being so integrally linked and user journeys being ever more adaptable, a user guided approach seems to be the only way through the complicated web landscape• Designers should be mindful of this and seek to gain the best possible As a User Experience agency we are used to giving our knowledge of what a set of users will designers thorough research on a sites users, including journeys and personas, that allow them to create a site expect from a site that is easily perceived by the end userUX Design
  10. 10. • The web is moving into more • Integrated services, such as native mediums, all with different screen functionality are working their way sizes and requirements: onto the web as well as on mobile 1. Designers should allow for this, creating • User experience should be a key. Be sites that are accessible for all users mindful of user journeys and who 2. Designers should also consider that a wider variety of users will have access will actually be using the site: to these devices, including the young 1. Make use of UI elements, such as and old pop-ups, to make journeys more 3. These users will be used to app and straightforward other mobile UI, so its worth considering how these elements can be incorporated into web designConclusion
  11. 11. Thank you!Tom