Infographics - A Business Tool, by Marcus Marritt, Zabisco


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A presentation, using real executed infographic examples, that discusses how useful infographics are as a business communication tool

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Infographics - A Business Tool, by Marcus Marritt, Zabisco

  1. 1. user experience agency
  2. 2. Hello!Marcus MarrittCreative Services Directormarcus@zabisco.com0203 1511 330
  3. 3. Infographics – A versatile, flexible, hard working business toolWhat’s important to remember with infographics is that they can work for you inso many different ways.As long as your content / data story is relevant AND strong enough, infographicscan be employed in multiple business comms situations – whether they be internalor external.
  4. 4. Infographics as a business tool
  5. 5. In this document, by giving realexecuted examples of infographics, Iwill explain how valuable a modernbusiness tool infographics are.Lets explore more ……..
  6. 6. DesignInfographics; a brief introduction
  7. 7. Infographics have the power tostimulate your audience. By presentingideas more efficiently, it gives yourbusiness or organisation the power tobetter communicate specific concepts,complex processes and / or businessresults.Ultimately giving a greaterunderstanding of what you want tocommunicate.Infographics; a brief introduction
  8. 8. DesignInfographics in internal comms
  9. 9. Infographics are not only about communicating your content story to others, butcan help you understand your own data.Using visual cues, infographics can help you discover and understand inherentrelationships in your data activity.You may have a business decision to make, a need to review recent results, or aorganisational structure to review – data visualisation can really help youunderstand the situation.Infographics in internal comms
  10. 10. Zabisco – Mobile App v. Mobile WebHow a infographic can help map out akey strategy decision, whether a mobileapp or mobile web is right for you.Whether you have a A/B strategydecision to make, or you are exploringmultiple options, using visual cues givesa clear understanding of the benefitsand negatives of each.Infographics in internal comms
  11. 11. Inafishbowl – Organisation structureHow a infographic can help understandyour own structural processes andorganisational workings.Whether you are a startup looking toconfirm your internal structure andprocesses, or an organisation undergoinga restructure, data visualisation will helpyou pinpoint patterns and relationships.Once you have this set, your infographiccan be used as a external presentationtool.Infographics in internal comms
  12. 12. ASOS – Fashion Finder infographicHow a infographic can visualisebusiness growth and results.Using data visualisation techniques topresent sales, growth, results internallygives your team a clear and fullunderstanding of business activity.(The infographic presented here is a cut down version of the fullinfographic, to remove all internal sensitive data and results)Infographics in internal comms
  13. 13. "In an organisation with as many different divisions internally as we have, usinginfographics to communicate our business activities is a great way to share with thewhole team internally what is happening in our industry and the results we areseeing. Breaking away from the standard presentation tools we have used in thepast really helps everyone engage with, and be excited about, what we are doing.“ Brenda Van Camp, Senior Director, International Head of Marketing Strategy & Client Insight, Christie’s (Zabisco are currently working on the first of a series of infographics for internal use at Christie’s)Infographics in internal comms
  14. 14. DesignInfographics in external comms
  15. 15. There are massive possibilities of bringing infographics into your external commsstrategy.We have seen a huge growth in infographic use within PR, to either work alongsidea press release or replace the written word with a visual.Infographics are also strong in giving your audience a soft introduction to what isotherwise a heavy subject matter, such as a full report or industry white paper.Infographics in external comms
  16. 16. BlackBerry – SMB InfographicUsing a infographic tocommunicate a product messagewithin a overall campaignstrategy.Adding hyperlinks andinteractivity can make the visualwork hard for you, and tie inexternal content sources online.Infographics in external comms
  17. 17. Acronis – Global Disaster RecoveryIndexUsing a infographic to visualisereports / white paper publications. Asoft introduction to a heavy contentsubject matter.As a mechanism to engage youraudience by pulling out the hero stats /content you can establish interest in theaudience before presenting the fullscale report.Infographics in external comms
  18. 18. eFIG – The Benefits of PlantsUsing a infographic tocommunicate productinformation and benefits in a funand engaging way.Providing content to youraudience as a desktop wallpaper,you can communicate productbenefits via a soft sell approach.Infographics in external comms
  19. 19. Zabisco – The InternetAs a pure marketing tool infographicscan communicate the products,services, knowledge and expertiseyour organisation has to offer.What better way to show how engagedyou are in the industry you work withinthen by displaying your field of passionin a infographic.Infographics in external comms
  20. 20. What I aim to have achieved in this presentation by using real executed examplesof infographics across multiple business situations, both internal and externalcomms, is how versatile infographics are as a business tool.Bringing data visualisation into your comms strategy gives fantastic scope to theengagement and subsequent understanding of your data / content messaging. (All infographics included in this presentation have been designed by Zabisco)
  21. 21. Thank you!Marcus MarrittCreative Services Directormarcus@zabisco.com0203 1511 330