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YL19 digital 06

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2019
Digital category - Team 6

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YL19 digital 06

  1. 1. Bring Jan Amos Komenský back to life. He is a well-known as the teacher of nations who wanted to educate the whole world. He believed literacy would change the world one day. E-shop checkout would allow consumer would have an option to round up their bill to a whole number (e.g. 46 CZK to 50 CZK) or donate 2 Komenský to achieve #JsemKomenský. Touchpoints: 360 video on social media for brand message and lead generation, e-shop checkout #JsemKomenský campaign would make it easier to donate and would challenge people to be a hero as Komenský was. Czech republic doesn’t have many nowadays heroes and always lacked them. But the one who stand out were truly impactful. Jan Amos Komenský is well known as the teacher of nations who wanted to educate nations and who believed literacy would change a world one day. We live in a world of subscription services, and with many services being subscribed to, our audiences’ end of month bank deductions is beginning to feel substantial. People are cutting down on subscription services, so an additional standing order on our audiences’ bank account would not be welcome. Grocery shopping site already have consumer trust. By working with these established brands, an unfamiliar name like Mary’s Meals would gain some cred- ibility. 360 video of animated Komenský in a Malawi classroom. He will express himself with speech bubbles. Users explore the 360 space of the empty classroom. He will inform them that “It would only take 2 Komen- ský to feed one child school lunches for a year.” Names of our donors will be tagged in a timeline of the years donations. We’ll make it easy for our target audience to donate… by collaborating with grocery e-shops in a win-win- win situation: - Target audience already has their card saved on the website, and rounding up their bill a few CZK for charity is a no-brainer - Mary’s Meals can communicate who they are and what they do, to their target audience on a trusted platform that they often spend money on - Grocery e-shop benefits from lead generation and positive brand association by helping the charity with raising donations 360 video post on SoMe with an animated Komenský in a Malawi classroom expressing his dreams and how Mary’s Meals is helping to achieve them. Micro donation when people shop online. Consumers would hardly feel the additional payment, and all of these micro donations would add up to a substantial amount. Komenský is already pictured on Czech banknote of 200CZK we will add a wordplay “It takes only 2 Komenský for a lunch per whole school year.” People who donate 200Kč will be able to have their Komenský smile featured on Mary‘s Meals social channels. Campaign Summary Creative Insight How does it work? Solution

Young Lions Czech Republic 2019 Digital category - Team 6


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