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  1. 1. 2013 CANNES LIONS -DIRECT LIONS- 2013.07.29 *참고 : 전에 작성된 수상작들은 브랜드 컨텐츠에서 대부분 포함하지 않음.
  2. 2. Grand Prix
  3. 3. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT Objectives. Metro Trains had four prime objectives: 1. Reduce train related accidents in key accident areas by 10% over 12 months. 2. Generate a stated commitment to be safe around trains from our core target of 5% (40,000 pledges) over 12 mo nths (ABS 2012, Population by Age and Sex, Regions of Australia). 3. Generate campaign awareness of 25% in the core target. 4. Generate buzz (social, public relations) for the campaign to multiply the campaign budget by 5%. CREATIVE EXECUTION Dumb Ways to Die used a radical approach to public safety messaging. By using entertainment rather than shock t actics, we were able to engage a young audience wired to resist lectures and warnings from authorities. And given the importance of peer-to-peer recommendations in behavioural change, this approach meant that yo ung people would actively share the safety message amongst themselves, rather than simply mocking it as they w ould usually do. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE Dumb Ways to Die was an integrated direct campaign that used entertaining content to reposition being unsafe a round trains as the dumbest way to die. We didn‟t preach, we didn‟t threaten, and we didn‟t lecture. Branded content was designed to raise awareness of train safety and get it on the agenda. But every element of t he campaign directed people to pledge to be safe around trains: we wanted to get users of Melbourne‟s Metro sy stem to actively invest in changing their behavior. RESULTS Before spending a dollar on media, the music video received over 20 million YouTube views. The song charted on iT unes in 28 countries, and made the top 10 in several. Over 3 million facebook shares made it the most shared PSA i n history. The website is nearing its millionth pledge to be safe. In post-testing, 39% of our core audience said they would act safer around trains because of the campaign. For the three months post-launch (the most recent data), Metro exp erienced a 21% reduction in accidents and deaths in key accident areas compared to the same time last year.
  4. 4. Gold
  5. 5. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT The task was to bring to life Coca-Cola‟s new „Crazy for Good‟ strategy in an optimistic and powerful way. The insight was that a moment of happiness has the power to bring the world closer together. So we set about bringing that moment to two groups who would normally never connect but who were familiar with the value s of Coca-Cola - India and Pakistan. A 3 day direct response event encouraged them to step forward let them interact like never before. In doing this we built brand love and proved a core belief of the Coca-Cola brand: what unites people is stronger than what s ets them apart. CREATIVE EXECUTION Small World Machines are a highly visible and tangible realisation of Coca-Cola‟s values, compelling consumers to get activel y involved with the brand in a way that had never been done before. They are purpose built to encourage interaction and break down borders, spreading Coke‟s message of optimism and happin ess. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE At the heart of the campaign lay 2 purpose built Coca-Cola machines equipped with world-first technologies that opened a portal between India and Pakistan. Over 3 days, hundreds used the Small World Machines for the first time. Each has a full body touchscreen, invented for the campaign, that allows eye to eye contact and physical interaction. To use the machines, participants had to actively engage with each other, sending messages of peace, love and happiness. Each was rewarded with a can featuring the languages of the 2 nations. RESULTS RESULTS AFTER SEVEN DAYS Over 10,000 attendees put aside their differences and became part of the experience, creating over 700 connections across t he border. Here is what‟s happened so far: • OVER 18.5 MILLION TOTAL REACH across Facebook and Twitter. • 4860 unique mentions online from news websites TV broadcasts, blogs and forums. • 25% increase in worldwide mentions of Coke or Coca-Cola within Tweets. • Trending in the Top 10 on both YouTube and Twitter. • Broke a traffic record by over 2x at with an average of 5.5mins spent on site. • Pakistanis and Indians spent the most time on site with 9:33mins and 7:38mins respectively. • Sharing from beat any previous Coca-Cola Story by over 500% And most importantly over 55% of total reach came from India and Pakistan, showing that the social discussion of togethernes s and peace is happening with the right people. Currently over 1.4 million views on YouTube.
  6. 6. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT In today‟s economy it‟s very hard to start up your own business. Banks don‟t give out loans easily so how could KBC build up a relationship with future business owners and become a good b ank in the eye of the general public? Was the target audience: The main focus was to support and attract future business owners (client and non-client). But the campaign involved every B elgian. The strategy: By bringing the public and future business owners together in search for a solution for both their needs, KBC BANK became a partner instead of an enemy in these times of crisis. CREATIVE EXECUTION The strength of the creative and originality: KBC Bank became an intermediary between the people in the towns and future business owners in order to find a solution for both their problems. The bank became a true partner in times of crisis which was never seen before. This was most appropriate to the brand: Banks are the enemy in these times of crisis. So this campaign truly changed the peoples‟ perception and created a better vi ew on the future. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE Some towns have businesses that other towns unfortunately don‟t. So in every town or city there‟s a store missing that people desperately need. That‟s why KBC bank went searching for The Gap in the Market in every single town and city in the country. On we asked everyone in the country to fill in the type of business they were missing in their town or cit y. That way future business owners could see which kind of businesses were needed in which towns and cities. RESULTS - No less than 171.157 gaps in the market were reported.(on a total of 6 million people) - On average 560 reports for every town or city. - Almost 1500 fresh new business ideas were generated as a direct result of this campaign. - The lack of missing businesses became a national issue. - It was put on the political agenda. The website became an exchange forum in its own right. And the top-tier winning startups got an ad in the national print pres s about their particular story. Boosting their business, - and the image of KBC.
  7. 7. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT Ribeiro is a home appliance retailer well known in Argentina for its unique instalments policy. Ribeiro finances produc ts in many “mini-payments” to achieve extreme low prices. Our challenge was to develop an effective call to actio n campaign to attract new customers. Ribeiro allows people to buy „big‟ things for really „small‟ monthly instalments. Keeping this in mind, we came up with a new selling strategy: "We don't have to sell. We have to make people aware that for the same amount of money th ey spend on day-to-day trivial items, they can buy a brand new product”. CREATIVE EXECUTION - Taxis worked as Ribeiro‟s itinerant stores. Ribeiro increased their points of purchase from 5 to 50 in Buenos Aires. - We reached people at the moment they where already spending money to offer a better deal for the same fee. - Using the taxi‟s ticket as the first instalment payment was an efficient way to attract consumers directly to Ribeiro. - We kept Ribeiro‟s main promise for real: Allowing people to buy „big‟ things for „small‟ fees. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE We decided to go where people were wasting their money and show them a better way to spend it. So we got into the place where spending money makes less sense: taxis. We installed touchscreen displays inside to show what you could buy for the price of a journey. Products matched the fare. Ex: “You could get a TV for this taxi ride”. Passengers could buy the product when the trip finished, using the taxi ticket as the first instalment payment. RESULTS 1- Taxis worked as Ribeiro‟s itinerant stores. Ribeiro increased their points of purchase from 5 to 50 in Buenos Aires. 2- More than 450 people went to Ribeiro with their taxi ticket in the first 2 weeks. 3- Traffic to Ribeiro‟s website increased 9% in the first month of this action.
  8. 8. Silver
  9. 9. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT The purpose of the campaign was to increase the audience of the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. We filmed the o rchestra playing themes of classic movies and used YouTube to make people realize they already like classical mu sic. CREATIVE EXECUTION The creative performance was completely relevant to renew the quantity of fans and attract more people to atte nd the concerts of Brazilian Symphony Orchestra. Besides impacting the target audience on YouTube, where its pr esence is massive, the surprising manner through which the communication was made guaranteed success in dial ogue with an audience younger than usual. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE We used banners on You Tube to attract people to a website where the same classic movies videos from You Tube were embedded and synced with the orchestra playing the theme songs from these movies. People would then realize that there was always a classical music behind the classic movies they love. This way w e changed the perception of the classical music genre and the Brazilian Symphony Orchestra could be entertaini ng for a broader audience. RESULTS By demonstrating that classical music is in inserted in the daily lives of people more than they realize, the Brazilian S ymphony Orchestra drew attention to a portion of the audience who, until then, was not used to consuming the genre, or attending such events. The answer came through a significant renovation to the age group of the audien ce, with a 40% increase of young audience at the concert. And the tickets sold out for this year’s season.
  10. 10. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT The Museum of the Great War opened in 2011 with a double aim : to offer a new vision of World War 1 (a more «shoulder-high» vision), and of course to promote the duty to remember. That is why they wanted so much to connect with the young generati ons. Now, it is a fact : in France as in many other parts of the world, the young people spend more time on the social networks than. .. in war museums. So we had to find a new way to get them interested in WW1. And Facebook seemed to be the perfect plac e to target them. CREATIVE EXECUTION With little money, we could not rely on paid media to achieve our goal. To get the attention, we needed a brand new way of t alking about history. With social media at the core because this is where the young people spend so much time. We also had t o convey the shoulder-high vision which is specific to the museum. And, if possible, to put the museum collection on the foregr ound. So Facebook 1914 was exactly what we needed. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE On facebook, people say everything about their life. Their carefree, peaceful life. So we thought : what if facebook had existe d in 1914 ? Imagine what they would have posted ! So we did not create a usual brand page about history, but a page looking like a real user profile. The profile of an ordinary young man torn apart from his family and thrown into WW1 slaughter. And we t old his everyday life through hundreds of posts and documents. We turned history into a human story with twists and turns, day after day, week after week, to immerge the young generation into that terrible period. English Facebook translations; RESULTS 50 000 Likes within the first 2 weeks. More than 7,500 shares. More than 6,500 comments (and hundreds of questions answered by the museum). 9 million people heard about Leon. The French National Board of Education relayed Leon's page. +45% of visitors in the museum. 3 million euros of earned media : - TV : France 2, France 3, Canal+, BFM TV, France 24... - Radio : Europe1, France Inter, Radio France... - Internet : The Huffington Post, LCI, Rue 89, Le Nouvel Obs... - Press : Le Monde, Le Point, Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Marianne... All for the cost of 400 printed invitations to the press conference : 250 euros.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT Nike has access to cutting-edge facilities, unique insights into training and world-class trainers. The aim was to give everyone ac cess to this exclusive experience, and create a new product from it. Our strategy was to combine Nike‟s expertise in motivation and sports science with the Kinect sensing technology to create a d emocratised service where everyone can receive the same top-tier training as elite athletes. The title drew users from the Xbox i nstall base and inspired existing Nike+ members, giving them new ways to reach their fitness goals. CREATIVE EXECUTION Our mission was to create a truly authentic training experience, the closest thing possible to working out at Nike with their mast er trainers. The title is packed with innovations such as live video training with friends and the 90 day reward schedule, which are based on insights gleaned from trainers in how to motivate and guide athletes. This was then delivered through an experience that brings Nike to life. We crafted the environments down to the blades of gras s and floorboards to feel authentic, and modelled the trainers‟ movements and used their real voices and words of encourage ment. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE Nike+ Kinect Training is designed to provide the world‟s best personal trainer, in your home, for less than the cost of a single pers onal training session. Nike+ Kinect Training became the #1 selling Kinect title of holiday 2012, cementing it as the pinnacle fitnes s title on the world‟s most successful console. RESULTS Nike+ Kinect Training became the #1 selling Kinect title of holiday 2012. On Amazon it maintains a rating of 4½ stars. Consumer reviews included quotes such as “I bought this game and cancelled my gym membership.” “More immersive than any other fitness game.” ESPN "Nike+ Kinect Training is as good as a real trainer and costs less than 1hr's lesson." Chris Anderson, Former Editor-in-chief of Wired Magazine “Keeping fit has never been this cool or addictive.” Men‟s Health “The best exercise game yet.” Fast Company
  13. 13. Bronze
  14. 14. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT Vodafone is investing €500m in data network infrastructure. In 2012 we had to find a way to increase mobile Internet trial. CREATIVE EXECUTION The Digital Public Library was the perfect product to promote the mobile Internet trial by creating a new social habit in Romania: reading from smartphones and tablets. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE We created the first Public Digital Library in Romania, an out of home product that combines mobile technology and free education. People could get their favorite book just by scanning the QR code in our library. We launched it plac es of transit with high traffic like train stations, malls, subway stations, city walls and stores. The initiative got media attention and besides the massive coverage of our library, the main TV channels joined us t o support the digital reading cause by offering tutorials in their high audience shows about reading on tablets and s martphones. RESULTS 3 times more downloaded books than the biggest e-books retailer in Romania 61,228,185 media impressions €440,074 worth of earned media 52% brand buzz, the highest level of buzz registered for a telecom company in Romania, in 2012
  15. 15. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT Help the Tafel foodbank generate donations so they can support the needy with food. CREATIVE EXECUTION The hand-shaped fork is an everyday object turned into a message: I am hungry. Give me something to eat. It can be understood all around the world and by people of every age and therefore has the potential to change the w ay people eat. Because every time someone uses the fork at home, it reminds him that having food is nothing to b e taken for granted – and, of course, that there is the Tafel foodbank, who he can always donate to. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE The main reason people don‟t donate? The effort. You have to watch posters that make you feel guilty, read leafle ts that cost time, visit websites, scan QR-codes and arrange transactions via your bank account. Our aim: To reduc e the effort to zero. Or better: to minus one. How? We created a desireable product – a fork in the shape of a han d – and handed it out in exchange for a deposit along with the food on gourmet festivals. Now the effort was dem anding your money back. Which caused the first edition to be sold out in just a month. RESULTS The only response possible to our Helping Hands was to keep one. We produced 30,000 forks with production- and material costs of about one Euro per fork. The deposit was two Euros a piece, but many gave more, so we ended u p with an average of about 2.7 Euros per fork, which means 80,000 Euros, or 50,000 Euros of pure profit. Our target fi gure of 12,000 Euros for the season was cracked within the first week, and it took only three more to sell out the enti re first edition.
  16. 16. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT Facing high rent rates and competing with the world‟s largest fashion brands, Hong Kong-based independent desi gners struggle to reach more clients. As they cannot afford prime store locations or compete with the big brand m arketing budgets, our challenge was to develop an innovative approach to business that would provide a unique i n-store experience and help them acquire new customers. CREATIVE EXECUTION Online stores use the 'You may also like…' feature to suggest additional items for purchase consideration. With Shop Elsewhere, we brought this to the real world as designers recommended items that would compliment an in-store p urchase; only the recommended items were from another designer. With this cross-recommendation model, each participating designer instantly increased their reach while also creating a unique in-store experience for customers as they received first-hand recommendations from the designers themselves. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE Shop Elsewhere is a platform where brands collaborate by recommending each other‟s products through an in-sto re activation. For each item in store, a tag displaying a unique QR code is created. By scanning the QR, the custo mer accesses a mobile website where they discover a matching item from another designer. A map showing the o ther designer‟s location drives the customer in-store to buy the recommended item. RESULTS Five designers formed collaborations within the first week offering recommendations for more than 40 design combi nations and helping raise traffic to each other‟s stores. The movement is still growing with more designers joining acr oss Asia. Shop Elsewhere has also seen a positive response from customers, who generally shy away from larger bra nds and seek out new designers, as the movement helps them discover new designers that match their own taste.
  17. 17. DESCRIBE THE BRIEF FROM THE CLIENT Target audience –School children in rural India. Strategy - Most schools in rural India lack basic facilities. Students don‟t even have desks to write upon. They have to s it hunched on the floor for hours. This gives them bad posture, poor eyesight and bad handwriting. NGO Arambh wa nted an easy and economical solution that would improve the quality of education in rural schools. CREATIVE EXECUTION Strength and originality – Our strength was our unique design. Made out of discarded cartons, it was economical, eco logical, portable and most of all useful for children in rural schools. And it cost less than twenty cents per piece. It was most appropriate for the NGO Aarambh, because it was cost-effective and hence sustainable. It was easy for u s to get corporate and retail outlets involved in this project. With their support, we could reach children in hundreds of rural schools. CREATIVE SOLUTION TO THE BRIEF/OBJECTIVE We needed to come up with a solution that was effective and economical. First, we decided to use discarded carto ns for raw material. For this, we approached corporate houses and retail outlets. Using these, we then created Help D esk – a folding desk that could also be used as a bag. We distributed Help Desks to several rural schools. This helped t he children of these schools study with ease. It also helped them carry books on their long walks to school. Most impo rtantly, Help Desk played an important role in improving the quality of education in rural India. And it cost less than tw enty cents per piece. RESULTS We distributed Help Desks in over 600 schools in villages. Now, around 10,000 kids in rural India write with ease. They st udy more comfortably and cheerfully. It is also easy for them to walk to school as it helps them carry their books. Also, there has been a significant increase in the number of children attending schools regularly. With a desk under their la ps, a bag over their shoulders, life at school is a lot more fun. Material Cost:Rs. 0/- (Received donated used carton from Corporate Houses) Cost for development of Die-cut:Rs. 3500/- or $64 Cost per piece: Rs. 10/- or 20 cents Transportation: Rs. 28,500/- or $516 Total Cost: Rs 132,000/- OR $2,390.88
  18. 18. E.O.D