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Circular esturiary hydrogen

Theory I
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Circular esturiary hydrogen

  1. 1. CIRCULAR ESTURIARY HYDROGEN By Teodor Kalpakchiev
  2. 2. SOCIOTECHNICAL SYSTEM • Supranational meshworked sub-system collectives • Expert coalitions,Policy-Science Boundaries and Regional Integration • Selling innovative capital pooling and regeneration mechanisms • Collecting CO2 as a debt-offsetting mechanism
  3. 3. DIAMOND NEXUS (KALPAKCHIEV,2020) VERTICAL SPATIAL SCALING CONCENTRIC PLANNING Ref.,Above: (T.H. Morrison et al., 2019): S0959378019302729 Policy Testing
  4. 4. CIRCULARITY • Horizontal Dimention and Self Replication • Adaptive Externalizations • Bilateral Twinning • Trans-spatial Adjustments • Self-Governing Networks of Cities • Positive Energy Districts • Floating Farms • Drone-collected Evidence • Industrial Ecology • Prosumption of resources • Self-improvement systems • Nexus Thinking • Modular Product-Service Systems • Repairable and Upscalable Components • iFixit Movement – Lessons from REDD+ and the EU ETS • Leasing society The Four Four Concentric Cycles as a Multi- Level Governance Phenomenon
  5. 5. VIRTUAL ESTURIARY COMMODIFICATION • Liquid Democracy – Continuous Preference Drilling and Predicitve Learning • Allowances for revitalization as a form of collectively negotiated microfinance • Peri-Urban Factories for Carbon Credit Generation – Lessons from early phase of digital wallets and mining fro credits • Social Credit System Governance • Purity, Degradability, Net Gain Effectivess and Sociotechnical system innovation as guiding capital isomorphisation
  6. 6. GOVERNANCE • Experimental policentricity – multi-sector,multi- polity outreach • Profits of shares vs. prosumption – economic viability • Green,Blue, Bio and Artificial Hydrogen – causality and cost saving competitiveness • Emission Trading Allowances and Financial Blending in a Hybrid socio-spatial telecoupling • Debt cancellation as tradable allowances, post- growth and sustainability accounting, social enteprises unions AUTONOMOUS LOADING THE HYDROGEN ECONOMY