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Plug-In Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Consumers Webinar


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A Clean Cities representative will first give an overview of plug-in and hybrid electric basics and the business case for an electric vehicle. Next, several OEM companies will give descriptions of the plug-in and hybrid electric models available to consumers. Finally, a speaker will talk about the incentives available to consumers when purchasing EVs.

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Plug-In Electric and Hybrid Electric Vehicles for Consumers Webinar

  1. 1. The Evolution Marketing Leaf: Our story, data & fun energy facts Presented by: Lisa Geason-Bauer, President Evolution Marketing llc 262-354-0341/
  2. 2. History of Evolution Marketing vehicle Use Jan 1st, 2008 – Dec. 31st, 2011 • 26,865 miles driven – approx. 6,716 miles per yr • approx. 10.5 tons CO2 generated (vehicle had average fuel economy of 25 mpg) •approx. expense for gasoline (2008-2011) was $3072.46 Projected expense for gasoline in 2012 was $980.00 (based on $3.5 per gallon price) Approx. 14 cents per mile
  3. 3. Leaf  at  Odyssey  Event   2  leafs  together!  
  4. 4. Why the Leaf makes CENTS! •  The majority of our clients are within a 30-mile radius of Oconomowoc /office. •  Driving in ECO-mode increases the driving range for the vehicle (over 120 miles) •  Evolution Marketing only drives about 7000 miles per yr. •  Purchasing renewable energy from the electric company is cost effective. •  Great advertising opportunity – showcase brand everywhere we go!
  5. 5. ß  American  Family   Insurance           crowd  gathering  at  Odyssey   Event  as  Lisa  talks  about   her  leaf        
  6. 6. Comparison   Na,onal  Average     Evolu,on  Actual  Data     3,500  miles  driven       4,548  miles  driven   1,190  kWh  purchased     1037.9  kWh   purchased   $114.05  expense   $99.61  expense     3.4  miles  per  kWh   4.38  miles  per  kWh  
  7. 7. Performance  in  WI  winter    Jan.  1st    –  April  21st,  2013  energy  use  data   1,820.9  miles  driven   513.2  kWh  purchased  @.096  per  hr.   $49.24  Total  expense  for  electricity   .027  cents  per  mile     3.54  miles  per  kWh  
  8. 8. Thoughts  ….   If  during  the  winter  months  the  energy  economy   for  the  leaf  decreases  to  3.4  or  3.5  miles  per  kWh,   a  business  case  sRll  exists  for  the  electric  vehicle.   14  cents  per  mile  (Old  vehicle)  à  2  cents  per  mile     Purchased  CO2  offsets  à    Zero  Emission   Yrly  upkeep  $120  (oil  changes)  à  Rre  rotaRon   (included  in  lease  rate)      
  9. 9. See  handout  2013  data     •  Take  away  messages…    costs  =  2.4  cents  a  mile  (includes  winter  data)    average  kWh  per  mile  =  4  vs.  3.4  (naRonal  av.)   2013  data:     drove  4,424.8  miles  &  used  1,100  kWh  =  $106.79     Verses  2012  data     drove  4,548  miles  &  used  1037  kWh  =  $99.61    
  10. 10. EvoluRon  Leaf  &  other  zero  emission   vehicles  …  Any  quesRons??