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Alternative Fuels for Taxis Webinar


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Learn about the available alternative fuels and technologies for taxi companies. Next, several area taxi companies will talk about the fuels and technologies they have
incorporated into their fleets. Finally, a Clean Cities representative will talk about grants and incentives available to taxi companies.

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Alternative Fuels for Taxis Webinar

  1. 1. The Union Cab Experience Reducing Our Carbon Footprint John McNamara, MMCCU Business Manager (Union Cab of Madison) PhD Candidate (St. Mary’s University)
  2. 2. All Taxicabs are “green” • Each cab replaces 18 or more car trips • Avg. 1.45 pass/trip not incl. driver • Work in conjunction with Mass and Intercity Transit
  3. 3. Union Cab of Madison Coop • Worker Owned Cooperative – All “employees” are owners with equal vote – Safe and humane work environment • 9-member board – Elected from membership – Power to make all decisions
  4. 4. Audit and Finance Committee Finance Team Green Team Education Committee the membership Member Admin Support Team Steering Team Business Manager President Elections Committee Board of Directors Governance Policy Committee Operations Team Street Marketing Team Human Resources Council Policy Code HR Policy Committee Vice President Strategic Planning Committee the membership the membership Peer Review Steward Council Directors Council Workers Council Mediation Council Attendance and Shortages Behavior Review Council Accident Review Council “At a certain point, the policy manual becomes the boss.”—Melissa Hoover, USFWC
  5. 5. Embracing Good Stewardship • • Propane Experiment in 1990’s Core Values early 2000’s – Membership Forums and Plebiscite – “We are dedicated to operating our cooperative in an environmentally responsible way.” • Creation of Green Team – Mission to implement Core Values – Tasked with finding an alternative test vehicle – Created Buy-in • No Idling Program • Encouraged better driving habits (10% increase in fleet mpg)
  6. 6. Final Steps • Exploration of Alternative Fuels – Spent a year researching fuel options – Several months test driving different vehicles – First Taxi Prius in Madison on June 1, 2010 • Financial Crisis in 2011 – – – – WI Changed to Broker System for NEMT in 2011 Accelerate Retirement Plan Replaced all 35 remaining sedans Saved almost 8,500 gallons of fuel per month (refueling moved from every 12 days to every 27 days) – Savings: • Approximately $30,000 per month • Increased fleet mileage from 16.7 mpg to 24.77 mpg • Reduced carbon footprint by 4,000 tons/year
  7. 7. Bob Frick General Sales Manager for Badger Cab Co., Madison, WI Office: 608-237-8024 Cell: 608-239-5678  Employed at Badger Cab since 2005.  Responsible for Commercial sales, hiring, training and retention of drivers at Badger Cab.  Prior experience as Vice President Sales, International Sales Manager, and Territory Sales for Automotive Aftermarket Driveline Component, engine, and transmission remanufacturers.  Originally from St. Charles, IL, Higher Education at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater; Madison resident since 1991, married to my wife Susan since 1980, 2 sons, Andrew and Thomas, Andy a senior at Carroll University, Waukesha, WI, and Tom a senior at UW Whitewater. Badger Cab Company 700 Cottage Grove Rd. Madison, WI 53716