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7 Golden Rules to Facebook Marketing


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Here are some golden rules that will ensure your Facebook Marketing campaign to be a success!

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7 Golden Rules to Facebook Marketing

  2. 2.  As per the earnings call for the first quarter of 2013; daily active users onfacebook have reached 665 million and the monthly active users have passed1.1 billion for the first time 42% of marketers say Facebook is critical or important to their business. The number of businesses that say Facebook is critical or important to theirbusiness has increased by 75%. 62% of marketers said social media became more important to the marketingcampaigns in the last 6 months. Social media has a 100% higher lead-to-close rate than outbound marketing. Companies that acquired customers from Facebook: B2C is 77% and B2B is43%. Marketers struggle with lead generation on Page 2/15Source: State of Inbound Marketing, 2012, Social Media Examiner & Facebook Quarterly Earnings 2013
  3. 3. 01Facebook isfor FUN!02Intelligentbrandingworks!03Humanizeyour brand!04CreateNoteworthycontent!05Engage &Interact06Timing &Frequencyis Vital!07Track, analyze Page 03/15Owing to the constant growth of Facebook and the immense reach and buying capacity of itsusers, marketers now consider it as a crucial media channel to target their customers.Below are 7 golden rules that will ensure your Facebook Marketing campaign to be a success.7 GOLDEN RULES TO FACEBOOK MARKETING
  4. 4. Facebook is a FUN place that offers a relaxing, virtual space where peoplecome to interact, share photos and videos of people, things and beliefsthat matter to them.FACEBOOK IS A FUN ZONE!No Hard Selling or Sales PitchReal life Sales strategy is differentfrom Facebook life sales!Give them creative, FUN content!Understand their psyche;they are here to have fun!Period! Give them fun! Page 04/15
  5. 5. INTELLINGENT BRANDING WORKS!Your Facebook brand image should be a miniature version of your website. Inaddition to this, it should reveal some spectacular information exclusively forfansYour Facebook Timeline cover and profile image should reveal your brand imageand promiseThe About section of your Facebook page should provide brand information andURL link.Create a 2 way connection between your Facebook page and your websiteUse Facebook Tab apps to showcase your brand features.Facebook Brand page = Minibrand website + exclusivecontent for fans! Page 05/15
  6. 6. Let your fans know that they are interacting with people and nota machineShowcase your team.Build healthy relationship with fansConverse with your fans. Reply to their comments using firstnames -Make them feel specialHelp them and let them help you. Ask questions. Get their viewpoint / opinion.WHO WE Page 06/15Facebook is a ‘socialnetwork’ for a reason!Your Facebook fans wantto with you, not yourbrand or your logo.HUMANISE YOUR BRAND
  7. 7. CREATE NOTEWORTHY CONTENTBoring, run of the mill contentProduct and brand pitchesLengthy copyOutdated, repetitive contentContent that does not keep thecustomer in mindPhotos work like magic!Post and share great video content!Make your copy short and crispBuild on your customers’ passionpointsBe unique, give them Page 07/15Create fresh and noteworthycontent that educates,entertains and /or empowersyour fans!NOTEWORTHY CONTENT RANKSHIGHER IN THE EDGERANKALGORITHM
  8. 8. AFFINITY = If you spend more time interacting with certain friendsby commenting, liking and posting on their walls, your affinity withthese friends will be higher.WEIGHT = Type of post. The level of interaction you have witheach of your friends, in terms of liking, commenting etc.determines the weight.TIME DECAY = With passage of time, the relevance of a postdecreases and its ranking in the newsfeed.What is the EdgeRank Algorithm? Page 08/15EdgeRank is the algorithm that decides which storiesappear in each users newsfeed on Facebook.EdgeRank = Affinity x Weight x Decay
  9. 9. WHO WE AREENGAGE & INTERACT! Page 09/15comScore report reveals, fans spend 40% of their Facebook time in the Newsfeed and only about 12% of their FB time is spent on profile and brand pages.In order to be seen in the News Feed, here is what you need to do: Build relationships Ask for opinions. Get feedback Run contests and quiz. Gratify your fans Encourage fan to fan conversation Reply to all comments. Reply with first names. Help solve your fan’s issues Let them help you too. Reciprocity matters. If someone writes on your wall,respond!The famous EdgeRank algorithm decides which stories appear in each users Facebook newsfeed.
  10. 10. TIMING & FREQUENCY IS VITAL! Find out when your fans are most active. Use this time to interact and engage them. Publish your best content at the time when you are likely to get most responses. Create a powerful Facebook marketing strategy which entails the number of postper day / week. Knowing what time to post is important but so is meeting the needs of your fans Simple Rule: Post when they are online, not when they are asleep Tip: Post daily. Atleast once. But don’t overdo it.Remember too little postingmay make your fans forgetyou and too much will borethem out! Page 10/15
  11. 11. Monitoring and tracking Facebook Analytics will bring to light severalareas that you may be overlooking that may be causing your fan page toeither plateau or not get enough traction!TRACK, ANALYZE & EVOLVE!Here are 6 metrics that you need to track to create the right impact on Facebook: Fan Reach – Helps measure the quality of your audience and the appeal of your content to them. Organic Reach – Gives you directions on how to improve your content strategy. Engaged users – Helps you understand the number of people that have either liked, shared orcommented on your posts. Talking about this -Highlights the number of your fans who liked, commented and shared to showengagement to their friends. (Subset of Engaged users) Click through Rate – Helps you to know the number of people who have checked yourlink, watched you video or looked at your photo. Negative Feedback – Gives you the number of people who did not react favorably to your post.Growth in fans and theirengagement with yourbrand, measures thesuccess of your campaign! Page 11/15
  12. 12. Facebook is FUN!Intelligent Branding Works!Humanize your contentCreate Noteworthy ContentEngage & InteractTiming & Frequency is VitalTrack, Analyze & Page 12/15
  13. 13. ABOUT WEBCOBBLERSCONSULTINGWe provide highly sophisticated suite ofinteractive digital solutions to meet yourbusiness and brand objectives.TECHNICAL & INNOVATIONWe design and develop feature-richwebsites, social media and mobileapplications and custom software forfacilitating deeper community interactionand ecommerce.BRAND MANAGEMENTOur digital brand management servicesenable you to manage, monitor and buildyour brand equity in the digital world.TRAININGWe offer standard and custom trainingworkshops, seminars and webinars tocorporates and social media Page 13/15We are a team of highly imaginative and deeply inspired young brandconsultants with contagious passion and endless creative energy.
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