The new seo few marketers really get


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The new seo few marketers really get

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The new seo few marketers really get

  1. 1. Page 1The New SEO Few Marketers Really Get - WealthMagnate.comThe New SEO Few Marketers Really Get[1][2]OK, It’s already quite known authority is the main factor for rocking the search engines… it isalso known social media is huge for SEO nowadays.However Let’s talk about the new SEO few marketers really get… because it is neither being thebest SEO, nor knowing the most awesome backlinking strategies that will get you on page one…at least not if you are doing it the old school way – building 10 page sites and shooting blind forbacklinks all over the internet.Small sites just don’t have a chance in rankings on page one, which is why marketers have beenblogging a lot more lately. Blogging itself though is not gonna make your site authoritative… atleast not for Google..Don’t you think a stagnant 5 page site about bees that gets 500 backlinks a day stinks? Of courseit does and Google don’t want to see that…Google wants to see fresh content, lots of content, contextual backlinking, socialbacklinking, a community and authority…but I’m sure you already know that by know, since you have already spent some time reading ourSEO section [3].And because big sites are more reliable for Google, they automatically justify all the backlinksthey get, meaning when your blog has the needed authority you can shoot for almost any kind ofbacklinks you want.Having that said it is time to let you know the three main components of the new SEO:
  2. 2. Page 2The New SEO Few Marketers Really Get - WealthMagnate.com1 FreshnessYou have to publish regularly… a lot of people got that right and blog often. However quality isimportant as well… and to be able to publish often and at the same time to really write awesomecontent you have to read often as well.You don’t want to publish just for the sake of filling your site. No point of doing that, you reallyneed to spend at least half an hour a day reading, so you could manage to post awesomeness. Ispend a lot of time online and read a lot of blogs and can tell you too many people blog just tohave content, and don’t concentrate on the main thing – making that content killer.You have to build your site and make backlinking as natural as possible. Getting thousands ofbacklinks to a stagnant site doesn’t look very natural, which is why you need to publishregularly. Not only this, but as I said in the post ” Google makes updates… so what? you will besolid after you read this [4]“, having a lot of pages helps your internal linking, which is vital forthe new SEO.2 PopularityPopularity is what drives the internet. It ain’t easy at all and it is the main reason so manySEOs have hard times ranking… they just don’t understand popularity. They now how to buildperfect sites, get lots of backlinks – both naturally and unnaturally, yet they don’t know how tobe popular.SEOs have been concentrating on getting the most backlinks for too long… now it’s all aboutpopularity, the more popular your content is, the more shares it will get, the more people will talkabout it, the more backlinks it will get and the higher it will rank.That’s just how the new SEO works. Instead of thinking: “how the heck should I get morelinks?” you should be thinking: “how the heck can I get more people to like me and my content”Backlinks get you short-term rankings… any idiot can build a site and get some backlinks torank…It takes a special kind of idiot to maintain those ranking though.You should not build links for just building them. You have to build quality backlinks that wouldget you traffic and work as a bridge to your site.And to do that you will have to post your content on high traffic sites, which is not that easy…but of course there are numerous ways to do it… some are listed here [5]and here [6].
  3. 3. Page 3The New SEO Few Marketers Really Get - WealthMagnate.comThis is why social signals are so important nowadays… contextual backlinks along with socialsuch and awesome content are the key.Gaining popularity is pretty tough as I already said and it could not be manipulated, which leadsus to the third component – the community.3 CommunityBuilding a community should be your main goal not only for killing it with SEO, but forpopularizing your content, gaining more buzz and mostly becoming important online.It is really really difficult, yet once you manage to do that – game is over, you will start rankingfor whatever you want easy, you will start getting likes and shares and most importantly – youwill start making real money.Your community will do the most of your SEO for you.Building a community is quite a broad topic, but I’ll try to list some key element to help you getthere faster.- Publish really awesome content – descriptive, amusing, funny, controversial and emotionalsuch.- Syndicate that content all over the popular sites and social networks- guest blogging, contextual backlinking and the like- Get information about your visitors (install optin forms and make them want to subscribe byoffering something cool, and not your super secret top secret free report)- install social sharing buttons- get people back to your blog via email- comment section, forum section and everything you think of that will help people interact andchat.That’s pretty much all you have to know to really understand the new SEO and don’t get stuckoptimizing the crap out of your blog only to see it is not enough to get to page one.
  4. 4. Page 4The New SEO Few Marketers Really Get - WealthMagnate.comImage credit: [7]1.