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Parenting Through Adoption Campaign


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An innovative campaign aimed at getting people to adopt!

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Parenting Through Adoption Campaign

  1. 1. God creates life, you can build one…Adopt oneHome is the place where a child learns family values learns how to limit their desires, abide by rules and consider therights & needs of others. Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe or simply just call it a family; whatever you call it,whoever you are, you need one. Unfortunately, many orphans and destitutes around the world yearn for the entity called‘Family’. In India alone, there are about 12 million orphans who do not have a home or family to associate themselves to.Of these 12 million, a mere 2518 children (2009) are legally adopted and the rate has been alarmingly declining for thepast few years!!! This disparity has inspired us to embrace the cause of ‘Adoption’.Why Adopt?The progress of a Nation depends on the able shoulders of its youth. It’s time we nurture orphans into young adults whobecome the face of development, the vision that is India 2020. An adopted child who gets good education and supportfrom family will be encouraged to pay back to the society by adopting another life thereby forming a chain reaction; andultimately it will be India that will reap the benefits.Breaking the Barrier:Every Indian should challenge the mindset that prevails and start accepting its duties towards the society. It’s time webreak the myth “Bloods thicker than water”.The adoption process might be cumbersome and take you through a gamut of emotions ranging from grief, anxiety,curiosity and nervousness to ultimate inexpressible joy.Target Group:The campaign would initially target childless couples, widows/widowers, elderly people and those who decide to stayunmarried.Campaigning:A successful adoption requires open communication, acceptance and a supporting environment, one that recognizesadopting a child is a viable and wonderful alternative for achieving parenthood and this can be done by bringingawareness amongst people. We would be reaching out to the people through all forms of media like advertisements onTelevision and Newspapers. Social networking sites which have become an inevitable part of our life could play a majorrole in promoting Adoption. We can also rope in celebrities like Sushmita Sen, Sandeep Sopparkar and Angelina Jolie toendorse Adoption who would be more than willing to be associated with such a noble cause. Corporate SocialResponsibility now an integral part of every corporation could touch upon this topic for monetary support to further thecause.“Every orphan in this world deserves to see happiness. If each us of can contribute to make an orphan’s life betterjust imagine the difference it will make!!!"