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Shoe Campaign


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A campaign for promoting shoes by Welingkar's students.

Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Business
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Shoe Campaign

  1. 1. Product 1: Shoes
  2. 2. Deliverables Advertising Objective: ◦ To persuade the customers to make the initial purchase of the shoe and switch from competitors’ brands to Perucossi Brand Positioning: ◦ Perucossi will position itself as the world class shoe that will add value and class to the owner’s personality by appealing to style and comfort.
  3. 3.  Demographic segmentation ◦ Age : 25 + ◦ Gender : male ◦ Income : SEC (A) / higher economy class/ upper middle class ◦ Occupation : Business men , Professionals Psychographic ◦ Lifestyle: We will target men who are full time working professionals. They will purchase shoes for the workplace as well as for the party wear.
  4. 4.  Differentiation: ◦ Use of high quality leathers, such as calf and suede ◦ Use of high technology combined with careful handicraft of the artisans of Veneto, considered to be, for many generations, masters of tradition, renowned and appreciated in whole world. ◦ Thus, the result is a shoe of highest quality, which combines the classic line with lightness and comfort.
  5. 5. • Type of advertising: – Print Ads: Business newspapers & Magazines – Out of Home(OOH): AC buses, Bus stops, Main road billboards – Social Networking: Facebook ,Twitter & LinkedIn – Strategic Relationship: Tie up with a premier formal clothing brand
  6. 6.  Chose upscale, trendy mall that receives a lot of walk through traffic. This generates large amounts of visibility for the product Another method of communication is advertisements in daily business newspapers, Business magazines. Indulge into a strategic relationship with one of the upscale formal clothes stores. The two stores will be co-branding their products as clothes and shoes are intuitively linked. Often times shoes are purchased to go with the new outfit. The strategic alliances will be used to acquaint customers of the formal clothes stores with Perucossi as the customer demographics are quite similar. The alliances will include discounts when both shoes and clothing are purchased as well as display some of each companys products at the other
  7. 7.  Message: ◦ An apt footwear choice matching the personality and status quo of a manager in corporate environment Consumer key insights: ◦ Comfort, Durability, Brand name and Aesthetics Tone of advertising : ◦ Persuasive i.e. creating the need for having premium shoes
  8. 8.  Concept: ◦ Advertisements would portray that wearing Perucossi adds a class to your personality and gains admiration from others who eventually develop the desire of owning them One big idea: ◦ Also, the tag line “ It just cant go unnoticed! “ would create a feeling of being admired by others and thus induce towards owning the shoes. Thus the idea is to create a “ Demonstration effect “
  9. 9. Rough Sketches• We can have series of print ads showing different situations where others are noticing and admiring Perucossi shoes worn by the person.• For eg: • The boss entering the office and his colleagues gazing at his shoes • The person wearing Perucossi is being noticed by others while in the Lift • Shoes being noticed while in a formal party
  10. 10. It just can’t go UNNOTICED!