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Employ-Abled (A Social Responsibility Initiative)


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Empowering special people, in order to benefit the disabled individuals as well as their societies in lasting and meaningful ways!

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Employ-Abled (A Social Responsibility Initiative)

  1. 1. Employ-abled -Creating jobs for the differently abledBusiness Plan: Community DevelopmentWelingkar Institute of Management Development andResearch, MumbaiTeam Name: GiversTeam Members: Yogeeta Raisinghani Ronak GandhiEvent Category: Social ResponsibilityE-mail address: / marshal3000in@yahoo.comMob: +919930477529 / +919773446447
  2. 2. Business Plan: Employ-abledExecutive SummaryMission statementTo create comprehensive rehabilitation opportunities for the differently-abled persons soas to facilitate integration into the mainstream of society, and to enrich the life ofdifferently-abled persons as well as the interfacing individuals and community.Business opportunityThe Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995 mandates that: “The appropriate Governmentsand the local authorities shall, within the limits of their economic capacity anddevelopment, provide incentives to employers both in public and private sectors to ensurethat at least five per cent of their work force is composed of persons with disabilities.”The business plan proposed is based on creating job opportunities for people withdisabilities by starting a training centre and a placement agency for differently abledpeople. A job portal exclusively for differently abled people will be started to promotethe employment of disabled people within corporate India.Objectives:  Train and develop skills of differently abled people by setting up a training centre. They will be taught basic computer skills, vocational skills, etc. and other skills required by those specific individuals which will help to improve their employability; at a nominal cost.  Create employment opportunities for differently abled people by starting a placement agency exclusively for them.  Channelize the initiatives undertaken by NGOs and Government for employment of differently abled people.  Start a job portal exclusively for differently abled people, which will also attract advertisers targeting this segment, and hence generate revenue. Page 2
  3. 3. Business Plan: Employ-abled  Helping differently abled people to become financially independent and thereby helping their families also.Target group  Companies  Unemployed differently abled people  Advertisers for our job portal (Companies whose target customers are differently abled people; for e.g.: Hearing aid manufacturers, wheel chair manufacturers, etc.)  NGOs and other bodies for training differently abled peopleFeasibility Study and market AnalysisThere are several placement agencies and training centers in the market today. But thereare none which are dedicated exclusively for disabled people. 70 million disabled inIndia, and only 2% are educated and 1% employed [1]. With so many initiatives by theGovernment of India and NGOs, it will be the next buzz word as a part of CSR activitiescarried out by the organizations. There is a huge potential in this market.Marketing strategy  Tie-ups with NGOs to channelize existing initiatives; for carrying out training activities for differently abled people; which will also benefit in building company’s goodwill and brand.  Use of social media networking for promotion.  Job portal exclusively for differently abled people, this will attract advertisers targeting that segment.  Organizations willing to access information of candidates applying for jobs from the job portal will have to take membership of the portal by paying subscription fees.[1] Source: Page 3
  4. 4. Business Plan: Employ-abledFinancialsInvestments involved in this project are as follows:  Cost of setting up office for placement agency and training center  Cost of creating and maintaining the websiteWorking Capital will be required for:  Salaries to staff  Administration cost  Advertising expenditureSources of Income will be as follows:  Income from placements done, i.e. commission received from companies where differently abled people are placed by us.  Fees received from people who join our training program.  Income from advertising on job portal.  Subscription income from organizations taking membership of our job portals to access information of the registered candidates on it.Implementation Strategy  Launching the job portal exclusively for differently abled people  Setting up Placement agency which will help create employment opportunities for the differently abled people.  Setting up training centers in association with NGOs and other non-profit organizations for differently abled people to improve their skills and employability factor.Scalability and SustainabilityThere are 70 million differently abled people in India. Out of which only 1% areemployed. One in every ten children is found disabled in India. This leaves us with animmense potential of tapping this market. Organizations will be more than willing toemploy a differently abled person who is well trained and suited for the job. This will notonly provide employment to the differently abled person but will also help in building theorganization’s goodwill and brand.Advertisers targeting differently abled people will advertise with us because this will be avery nice platform for them to market their products or services and reach the rightcustomer. Page 4