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  1. 1. “I wish tomeet “I wish to meetSelena real New YorkGomez” City firefighters” “I wish to “I wish to be a meet real cowboy” Ballerinas”
  2. 2. Our Mission:“We grant the wishes of children with life- threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength, and joy”
  3. 3. A little bit ourselves… What is Make-A-Wish??Well we were founded in 1980, after granting our very first wish to Chris Greicius. Ever since we have been fulfilling wishes for children with life- threatening medical conditions. Our mission andvalues are to impact the life of children by granting their number one wish.It is important to grant wishes to theses childrenbecause they deserve to experience their dreams come to life. We have worked very hard to grantover 250,000 wishes world-wide and will continue to do so.
  4. 4. The Process . Our four steps to making wishes come true:1. Referrals- we rely on the referrals from doctors, parents and even children. They must be between 21/2 and 18 years old and have never been granted a whish from a make-a-wish foundation. 2. Medical Eligibility- to receive a wish, the child must be diagnosed with a life threatening disease. 3. Finding the true wish- we send our wish team(volunteers) to learn what the childs true wish, they do this by connecting with the child and help them explore their imagination. 4. Creating Joy-Finally our wish granters create an unforgettable experience for the child
  5. 5. Our very first wish… This is Chris Greicuis, and his wish was the first we ever granted in 1980. Chris was a 7 year old boy who was dealing with leukemia. Everyday he would dream of becoming a police officer. One day U.S. Customs Officer Tommy Austin had befriended Chris and his mother, Linda Bergendahl-Pauling. That meeting changedChris at age7 Chriss life . Not only did he get to be an officer, he received his own uniform, had a tour over the city in a helicopter, and finally passed his motorcycle proficiency test so he can earn his wings to pin on his uniform. Sadly Chris passes away, however he at least got to live his dream and is celebrated
  6. 6. Some more wishes….. “ I wish to show Jack Black my Kung Fu Panda moves” “I wish to meet Tom Brady”
  7. 7. InputsIn order to run our very successful and effective organization we need a bit of help. We rely on money from donations and fundraisers that are held by our amazing volunteers. We also have wonderful sponsors, who use their businesses to assist us. For example Macy’s helps us by holding their annual “Thanks for Sharing” campaign. Other sponsors include The Walt Disney company, Delta Airlines, and even Toys- R-Us. We have our wish granters who work hard to grant wishes. The most important thing we need in our organization, are the children. Our number one goal in our organization is to make wishes come true for our children. So we need your help, by referring them to our organization.
  8. 8. Outcome and OutputsWe would have to say that in Make-A-Wish, our biggest reward is the outcome of our program. We live to make wishes come true for the innocent children who are dying and suffering from incurable illnesses. It may take a lot of time and effort to make these wishes come true. However when complete strangers come together and help us out, it shows our children that our world and society isnt unscrupulous and there is good people who care about them.. The memories we create will last a long time and will undergird our values and principles in every single child. We want our children to know that even if they are dealing with deadly illness, that doesn’t make life unfair, and it shows them how to be strong. We are glad to know that not only are we serving the children, but we are also serving parents. This is why we are swollen with pride to say that a wish is being granted every 38 minutes.
  9. 9. Critical Thinking Critical thinking is a great part of our organization. We are constantly thinking of different ways we can benefit the livesof our children. The biggest part of our organization is to being open to new ways of thinking. This allows us to create asystem in which we can allow our children to be creative. The children are the ones who come up with their wishes and itsimportant for them to use their imagination. Because of this, itis also important for our members to understand the different viewpoints of others. This is another key point because this allows us to understand the different needs of our parents and children. We want our kids to be able to think critically. Overall we want them to look for and understand the systemof meaning to our organization. We feel that it is important for them to understand that we do this for them and that they deserve this.
  10. 10. Critical actionWe have to act critically to make our organization successful. Everything we do has to be thought in a critical manner. We are dealing with special children who are counting on us to make their wishes come true. Therefore its important for all of our members to engage thoroughly in the needs of our kids. Since every child is dealing with different illnesses, we need to try our best to serve them as much as we can. We need to focus on specific understanding necessary to reading the severity of these illnesses. Sadly, there are times when we are dealing with children who are restricted and we need to make sure we are conducting activities that are safe fro everyone. That is why when we are making critical actions, we must be able to connect to our surroundings and to one another.
  11. 11. The Shuttleworth foundation Please Help!! Although we know, the Shuttleworth foundation focuses more on philanthropy, we are certain that we can worktogether in order to change some lives all over the world. The Shuttleworth... Make-A-Wish Foundation… * Looks for social advocates *We believe that our who are helping to change the members are social advocates world for the better and are who are helping change seeking help from social society and the lives of the mode. children who we work with. We work with children all over the world and we encourage our children to think outside the box. We believe that this will allow our kids to contribute to society, one day.
  12. 12. The Shuttleworth Foundation…. The Shuttleworth… Make-A-Wish *provides money for active * We are actively trying to leaders who are at the make a difference in kids lives. forefront of social change. Our wish granters work hard They recognize amazing to install a positive outlook on people, and help fund. our kids lives. We work hard to make them happy but to also see the good in the world and society. So that maybe one day they can possibly help us help other kids the way we helped them.
  13. 13. How I relate to this….. (student connection) I am a strong believer that children are our future. However it is sad that a great majority of the childrenin our society are being affected by deadly illnesses. I am so lucky to have never dealt with something asheart-breaking as this. I connect to this cause because I want to help sick kids. I want to grant their wishes. Iwant to be able to say that I helped make a wish come true. When I was in high school, I was actually part of our Make-A-Wish club. Unfortunately, many students lost interest in participating and we lost the club,however this will not make me stop helping the cause. My goal for this project is to grow more awarenessabout this cause. I want more young adults to care as much as I do.
  14. 14. Community NeedIts important to understand that the community needs our organization. There are so many innocent children living with critical illnesses. Who spend their lives in hospitals. They deserve for their dreams to come true. as a community we need to come together and show these kids that anything is possible. Our organization benefits the family and friends of children who are suffering form illnesses. Our community needs us because we bring joy and happiness to our children who are great dreamers. Our community needs us to shine a light on our children. We give them hope to keep fighting for their lives.
  15. 15. How you can get involved….There are many ways you can get involved into our organization.We are looking for people who want to make wishes come true. If you are adept in helping the community, we need you! For starters we can use volunteers for events, fundraisers, wish granters, translators, office help and even public speaking. Donating is another big part of our cause. You can donate money, toys, computer equipment, shipping sprees, and evenairline miles. However if you want to be more hands on, you can adopt-a-wish. Adopting a wish is more hands on but its just as rewarding. You will work with our team members to pick a child,help create the wish, and fund it. We love having the community help us out, and most importantly we enjoy working in uniformity to create beautiful memories. Please check us out on:
  16. 16. Thank you!!We want to thank you for taking time and helping us out!!