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Loving the Bots: Your Guide to the AI Revolution by Purna Virji at The Inbounder New York


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Purna Virji's presentation at The Inbounder New York, May 22 2017.

Published in: Marketing
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Loving the Bots: Your Guide to the AI Revolution by Purna Virji at The Inbounder New York

  1. 1. PURNA VIRJI, MICROSOFT Loving the bots: Your guide to the AI revolution @PurnaVirji
  2. 2. @PurnaVirji I write for: I speak at:
  3. 3. @PurnaVirji@PurnaVirji Human or AI? When I step Whereby a new World do I enter Betwixt and between I do linger There on the stair — A poem
  4. 4. @PurnaVirji “ “Human or AI? Republican Darrell Issa has beaten Doug Applegate, a Democrat, in a race for California's 49th Congressional District seat, currently held by Issa. Republicans retained control of the House and lost only a handful of seats from their commanding majority, a stunning reversal of fortune after many GOP leaders feared double-digit losses. At several points this year, Democratic leaders predicted that Donald Trump’s presidential nomination would prompt an anti-Republican wave that would sweep 20 or more Democrats into the House. Democrats seized four redrawn, GOP-held districts in Florida and Virginia and held small leads in several other battlegrounds. But they could not unseat Republicans in key districts across the country, including suburban seats they believed they could easily win with Trump on the ticket.1 1. “Rep. Darrell Issa elected to represent California 49th Congressional District,” Washington Post. November 28, 2016. <> @PurnaVirji
  5. 5. @PurnaVirji@PurnaVirji Human or AI?
  6. 6. @PurnaVirji@PurnaVirji@PurnaVirji Today @PurnaVirji @PurnaVirji • What can we expect from AI? • What should you be doing about AI now? • Top tools and resources
  7. 7. @PurnaVirji What can we expect from AI?
  8. 8. @PurnaVirji Data processing Vision Speech Language @PurnaVirji
  9. 9. @PurnaVirji Meet Xiaoice @PurnaVirji
  10. 10. @PurnaVirji
  11. 11. @PurnaVirji
  12. 12. @PurnaVirji Where was the landing page?
  13. 13. @PurnaVirji What should you be doing about AI now?
  14. 14. @PurnaVirji Bring on the bots!
  15. 15. @PurnaVirji 1. AI and the chatbot
  16. 16. Chatbot Customer experience requires multiple hops and re-establishing context across transitions. @PurnaVirji
  17. 17. Sofas Chatbot: A sample interaction @PurnaVirji What is a tufted sofa? Hi, what type of furniture can I help you find for your home? Sofas and sectionals Love seat Others Fantastic! What type of sofa are you currently looking for? You can select a sofa type from the options below. Sectional sofa Tufted sofa Others A tufted sofa is also known as a Chesterfield sofa. It’s known for its quilted or tufted style. Here are two photo examples of the style. Did this answer your question adequately? Do you want to talk with a home decorating expert? Yes, please connect me No thanks
  18. 18. @PurnaVirji | #sejsummit Which is easier?
  19. 19. @PurnaVirji | #sejsummit
  20. 20.  Minimum steps?  Easier than alternative?  Intuitive? Chat bot Checklist
  21. 21. @PurnaVirji Want an easy way to test bots?
  22. 22. @PurnaVirji | #sejsummit
  23. 23. @PurnaVirji Bot assistants
  24. 24. Sales bot: A sample seller interaction @PurnaVirji
  25. 25. @PurnaVirji 2. AI and the digital personal assistant
  26. 26. @PurnaVirji What does the DPA know? User’s preferences For example: • Cuisine preferences • Where I live and work • Favorite sports teams User’s context For example: • I’m leaving home • Location of next meeting • I’m working late
  27. 27. @PurnaVirji
  28. 28. @PurnaVirji
  29. 29. @PurnaVirji
  30. 30. @PurnaVirji
  31. 31. @PurnaVirji | #sejsummit Know the power and limits of speech @PurnaVirji
  32. 32. @PurnaVirji I need to reset my password. Okay human, take note because I’ll only say it once. Your new PW is: 1$Gt32*@#XW9^@UjEr!!Lx Goodbye!
  33. 33. Speech forces the bot to keep communication to a minimum @PurnaVirji
  34. 34. 30% of web browsing will be screen-less by 2020. (Source: Gartner) @PurnaVirji
  35. 35. Render screen-less + hybrid interactions @PurnaVirji
  36. 36. Audible Conversion Checklist  Anticipate needs  Have info available  Make it seamless
  37. 37. @PurnaVirji | #sejsummit Let’s try it out. @PurnaVirji
  38. 38. @PurnaVirji Tools you can use @PurnaVirji
  39. 39. @PurnaVirji 1. Bot Framework
  40. 40. @PurnaVirji
  41. 41. @PurnaVirji
  42. 42. @PurnaVirji 2. Cortana Dev Center
  43. 43. @PurnaVirji
  44. 44. The Cortana ecosystem • Cuisine preferences • Where I live and work • Favorite sports teams Cortana Devices SDK • I’m leaving home • Location of my next meeting • I’m working late
  45. 45. @PurnaVirji 3. Cognitive Services
  46. 46.
  47. 47. SearchSpeech Language KnowledgeVision Microsoft Cognitive Services
  48. 48. Let’s recap @PurnaVirji
  49. 49. @PurnaVirji@PurnaVirji@PurnaVirji
  50. 50. @PurnaVirji Start with the problem.
  51. 51. @PurnaVirji Thank you! Say hello @PurnaVirji @PurnaVirji
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