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Volition meetup 2020.05


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COVID-19 presents a number of challenges and an air of uncertainty for those of us in the real estate investment sector. During these tense times, it takes a different approach to find investors and source capital
for our ventures.

Some people say: “just find a good deal and the money will find you.”
Does that ring a bell? We’ve all heard it.

Unfortunately, it’s NOT that simple. Especially right now…with such HUGE stock market volatility that have affected so many people (and their retirement savings). In reality, you need to have a bunch of investors who are already in the wings, ready to roll... and THEN find a good deal. ...THEN it will work.

So how do you reach out to these investors when you have a good deal? How do you get them to pay attention during all of this COVID Pandemic stuff?

Our guest speaker this month, Dave Dubeau, firmly believes that RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to develop a strong bench of partners and investors who are looking for a good deal.

That way, when that golden opportunity comes around, you can pounce on it immediately...Because you KNOW you have their support and financial backing.

And out of this crisis there WILL be a lot of golden opportunities that will be coming up. The question is, will you be ready and able to take advantage of them? That’s why we're hosting a special LIVE online presentation all about finding investment partners and sourcing capital in uncertain times with Dave Dubeau (Investor, Author, Trainer,
Investor and Capital Attraction Specialist).

Entry Fee: The workshop is FREE!

Volition Properties

Volition Properties is an award-winning Toronto boutique real estate investment firm that provides advisory and turnkey real estate investment services. Its mandate is to help real estate investors sustainably invest to build wealth in the Toronto real estate market by investing in low-risk, freehold, cash-flowing income properties over longer-term real estate cycles.

[Volition (vō-ˈli-shən): The power to make your own choices or decisions; fre

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Volition meetup 2020.05

  1. 1. @volitionproperties Volition Investment Mastermind May 2020
  2. 2. @volitionproperties Who is Volition?
  3. 3. @volitionproperties Thank you Creeds!! We’re still open for coffee takeout and dry cleaning!
  4. 4. @volitionproperties Who is Volition? ● Certified Real Estate Investment Advisors ● Toronto’s Exclusive Investor Realtor for REIN Buyer’s Group ● Nominated for REIN’s Highest Award (Michael Millenear Leadership Award)… (and a bunch of other awards: SilverInvestment Award, Bronze Investment Award, Chairman’s Club, President’sClub, Top Producer, blah blah blah) ● $25M+ in personal holdings over 50 doors
  5. 5. @volitionproperties Realty ManagementAdvisory Mentorship & Education & Consultation Acquisition of Investment Properties Design & Renovations Leasing & Property Management Renovations We are Toronto’s leading full-service, bespoke Real Estate Investment Firm
  6. 6. @volitionproperties We do normal stuff better than normal agents! ● Why list with us? Investor advantage! ○ Your primary residence is a key tool in your investment portfolio ○ Active buyers / investor list ○ The BEST marketing ■ Virtual 3D Dollhouse, Drone, Lifestyle video ■ Multiple languages, foreign investors ● We can also help you find your dream home! ○ Top 1% of all agents ○ Extensive local knowledge of one of your biggest investments ○ Combination personal residence and investment property
  7. 7. @volitionproperties The Volition Team!
  8. 8. @volitionproperties Private Volition Mastermind Chat Group ● Open to Investor clients & Advisory clients. ● Talk about news, tenant issues, share contacts, basically help navigate the difficulty of this investor world! Let us know if we missed you!!
  9. 9. @volitionproperties We hit over 2000 members! Yayyyy!
  10. 10. @volitionproperties Sign up for Advisory! ● 60 Minute complimentary Advisory Consultation ● We will help you determine ○ Where you are at ○ Where you want to go ○ Help you build a customized plan to get there ● Send us an email at to schedule a session!
  11. 11. @volitionproperties Ming’s Market Minute
  12. 12. @volitionproperties Market Update - Sales Volume
  13. 13. @volitionproperties Market Update - New Listings
  14. 14. @volitionproperties Sales to New Listings Ratio - Just for this month
  15. 15. @volitionproperties Market Update - Average Resale Home Price
  16. 16. @volitionproperties Volition Market Data
  17. 17. @volitionproperties Toronto Downtown Core
  18. 18. @volitionproperties Volition Metrics - Downtown municipalities
  19. 19. @volitionproperties Volition Metrics - Downtown SF Detached
  20. 20. @volitionproperties Toronto - Everywhere else
  21. 21. @volitionproperties Volition Metrics - Uptown municipalities
  22. 22. @volitionproperties Volition Metrics - Uptown SF Detached
  23. 23. @volitionproperties Volition Metrics - Condos
  24. 24. @volitionproperties What’s news?
  25. 25. @volitionproperties COVID Predictions - Who’s right?
  26. 26. @volitionproperties TD Forecasting Toronto Home Prices to Increase By 7.8% in 2020
  27. 27. @volitionproperties Home Prices in Toronto Could Drop More Than 14% By 2023: Report prices-fall-dbrs-morningstar/
  28. 28. @volitionproperties Tales from the Trenches! The impact of COVID! Ed, Sam, Ming ● What has the impact been to home sale prices? ● Are homes still selling quickly? ● How are rents on triplexes? ● What about condo sale prices? ● How are rents of condos? There is certainly more risk for a buyer - but that’s why it’s a buyers market!
  29. 29. @volitionproperties COVID-19 - The Volition Action Plan
  30. 30. @volitionproperties The Main Event How to Raise Capital during a Pandemic with Dave Dubeau!
  31. 31. @volitionproperties Dave Dubeau - Real Estate Entrepreneur ● Dave Dubeau is a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Investor Attraction Expert based in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. ● He began his real estate investing career in 2003 doing 18 deals in 18 months. He later switched his focus to client-first rent to own deals, and nowadays he invests in multi-family (apartment building) properties. ● For the last several years Dave has been a leading authority on helping mom n pop real estate investors to find money partners and raise capital. Using his proprietary 5 Step Money Partner Formula™, Dave helps his real estate entrepreneur clients to grow their portfolios significantly and in record time by attracting investors (instead of chasing after them). ● Host of the Property Profits Podcast which is an excellent resource for investors.
  32. 32. @volitionproperties Now What?
  33. 33. @volitionproperties Sign up for Advisory! ● 60 Minute complimentary Advisory Consultation ● We will help you determine ○ Where you are at ○ Where you want to go ○ Help you build a customized plan to get there ● Send us an email at to schedule a session!
  34. 34. @volitionproperties Next Meetup - July 17th, 2020 The future of AirBnb and short term rentals in Toronto - you don’t want to miss this!
  35. 35. @volitionproperties
  36. 36. @volitionproperties THANK YOU!