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Internet advertisement brief

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Internet advertisement brief

  1. 1. INTERNET ADS SEM , Social Ads
  2. 2. SEM• Ads on Search Engine• Be above the other listings on Google
  3. 3. SEM• Rank one of the first on the Related KeywordsGoogle Listings• Example Keyword : Yaprak diş kaplama ( laminate veneers )• Who is looking for laminate veneers on Google is going to find Lumineers• For the ones who is looking for laminate veneers they can easily find Lumineers
  4. 4. Social Ads• Target Social Audience
  5. 5. Social Ads• Example Target : Private University Students and Graduates• They can able to afford Products such as Lumineers• Example Target : Dentists• We can show our products via ads just Dentist who is living in specific cities and age group
  6. 6. Services• Ads Development• Ads Targeting• Ads Optimization• Ads Reporting