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Search Engine Working Technology


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Search Engine Working Technology

  1. 1. How does search engine work ?
  2. 2. Easy to understand (?)• Stores information of the web• Classify information and rank them• Bring us with the most relevant content related keywords
  3. 3. Hard to do it (!)• Billions of Web Pages• Billions of Gigabytes data• Every milisecond millions of new data• Characteristic differences with languages ( localization )• Requires huge amount of investment• Respond query less them 1 second
  4. 4. Google Data Centers• 11 Data centers in the world• Each data center consist of 10.000 Computers• Last data center cost 600 Million U.S Dollar
  5. 5. Google Data Centers
  6. 6. Google Data Centers
  7. 7. 3 Main aspects of Search Engines• Web crawling• Indexing• Searching
  8. 8. Search Engine Scheme
  9. 9. Web Crawling• Walks Around the web• Follows link from every site• Retrieves information from web pages html• Stores information in Data Centers
  10. 10. Indexing• Analyze the stored information by web crawler• Classify them• Rank them
  11. 11. Searching• Keyword query on search engine• Fetch related links of the keywords• List them according the relavance