Market Insights Seminar Series Summary - August 2010


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Summary of the Market Insights Seminar Series presented in August 2010

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Market Insights Seminar Series Summary - August 2010

  1. 1. Melbourne 10th August 2010 Sydney 12th August 2010 • Market Insights • Centralised Data Solutions Presented by Adrian Ewart, Nick Banbury (Sydney) and Peter Aitken (Melbourne) Introduction Veda Advantage Solutions Group Pty Ltd (VSG) successfully held its latest pair of Market Insight Seminars in Melbourne and Sydney this month. The aim of the Insights Series is to provide marketers from a range of backgrounds with the opportunity to take a step back from their normal routine and get a clearer understanding of interesting developments in the marketing world. These insights are drawn from the experience of our Consulting Team, both with regards to general trends across a number of industry sectors and visibility of strategies being exhibited overseas. Naturally the presentations do not rely on pure anecdotal evidence, but are supported by objective analysis and statistical trends. The latest seminar followed our normal formula by examining two subjects. The first being the ongoing trends of the financial markets and how this reflects on consumer confidence. The second reflected the growing ease with which organisations can centralise their customer data and leverage it to improve customer communication particularly for on-line applications. VEDA ADVANTAGE SOLUTIONS GROUP Tel: 1300 783 099 Email:
  2. 2. Melbourne Market Insights 10th August 2010 VSG has access to a broad range of information sources, some of them unique to Veda Advantage, and others that are available Sydney through a range of public sources. The principle that has been 12th August 2010 established from past seminars is that the demand for credit products is intrinsically entwined with consumer confidence and the performance of the ASX. This was clearly demonstrated in the seminars conducted a year ago when the predicted trends accurately indicated that the GFC was starting to have a diminishing impact on the economy. During the latest seminar it was demonstrated how the economy is still on a road to recovery. This was supported through evidence in demand for credit, movements in the ASX and consumer confidence. It was also substantiated that there is a strong link between consumer confidence and fluctuations in interest rates. VEDA ADVANTAGE SOLUTIONS GROUP Tel: 1300 783 099 Email:
  3. 3. Melbourne 10th August 2010 Sydney 12th August 2010 Regarding the financial sector, analysis over time demonstrated the impact of the GFC on the ‘big four’ banks particularly the flight to quality. More interestingly it would seem that as the market has picked up this trend has started to reverse. VEDA ADVANTAGE SOLUTIONS GROUP Tel: 1300 783 099 Email:
  4. 4. Melbourne 10th August 2010 Centralised Data Solutions Sydney The second presentation was based around centralising customer 12th August 2010 data for marketing purposes. Based upon trends that are evident from the popularity of various systems across Europe and the USA, this is becoming an increasingly common practice. This was reinforced by presentations at the recent 2010 ADMA forum, where a number of leading organisations discussed how their systems were proving successful in improving customer communications serving customer needs in a real-time environment. During the seminar a number of key elements were discussed that may be driving this trend, these included that it is becoming increasingly easier and cheaper to develop this type of system and that it has distinct applications related to on-line marketing and serving customers in real time. Consolidating Silos The presentation covered some of the basic principles of the development of a centralised data environment (e.g. establishing a single customer view), covering off on the barriers that this would normally face, and how these can be overcome. VEDA ADVANTAGE SOLUTIONS GROUP Tel: 1300 783 099 Email:
  5. 5. Melbourne 10th August 2010 Single Customer View Sydney 12th August 2010 VEDA ADVANTAGE SOLUTIONS GROUP Tel: 1300 783 099 Email: