Valtech - Introducing Agile Marketing - Jump 2013 NYC


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Valtech - Introducing Agile Marketing
@Jump 2013 NYC conference

Joacim M. Jeppesen
Director, Business Development & Digital Innovation, New York City

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Valtech - Introducing Agile Marketing - Jump 2013 NYC

  1. 1. valtech_ Agile Marketing: The New Imperative Greetings. Nice to meet you.
  2. 2. Hello, I amJoacim M. JeppesenDirector, Business Development & Digital InnovationNew York
  3. 3. What we do.! “We help brands triumph in the digital age.” Our obsession: Performance.
  4. 4. We see the world in a unique light... Sweden Denmark UK Germany France USA Korea India China16 offices, 9 countries, 3 continents. > 100+ InternationalListed on the Euronext Stock Exchange. Digital Projects.Over 1,800 people, One agile organization. Delivered.Turnover: USD $180 million
  5. 5. What we do!Helping brands embrace disruptive digital change. Strategy User Experience Technology Agile Redefine your Innovate you’re your Execute your strategy Transform your business strategy customer touch points using technology organizationÒ  Digital Strategy Ò  Concept Ò  Content Ò  Application Development Management developmentÒ  Customer Insights Ò  Branding & Design Ò  Customer Ò  Agile transformationÒ  Analytics Engagement Ò  Agile coachingÒ  Social Business Ò  Content Strategy Ò  E-Commerce Ò  Agile testing Ò  Content Creation Ò  Digital Marketing Ò  Mobile Solutions Ò  Analytics Ò  Enterprise ITRecognized in The Forrester WaveTM as one of Top 12 Global Commerce Service Providers.
  6. 6. the number ofmarketingchannelsisexploding
  7. 7. social media mobile devicesthe consumer is vocal and empowered.
  8. 8. consumers wantappreciationrespect andrecognitionfrom brands.
  9. 9. 2,000 ad messages/day 30 years ago5,000 ad messages/day as of today
  10. 10. 5secondsattention span If that much!
  11. 11. 47%!TV! trust ads on -24%! 47%!magazines! -20%! trust ads in 46%!newspapers! -25%! trust ads in (The past 3 years)Source: Nielsen
  12. 12. 86%! of consumers use search engines to read about products before a purchase!Source: SproutSocial
  13. 13. 74%! of consumers rely on social media to make purchase decisions!Source: SproutSocial
  14. 14. of respondents! 81%! indicated that friend’s social media posts directly influenced their purchase decision. !Source: Forbes
  15. 15. Black Friday Black Friday ! online sales 2012 ! purchases from mobile +24%! 14.4%!Source: TechCrunch
  16. 16. BIGDATAand always more data.
  17. 17. 18%! Think they have the marketing tech they need to succeed!Source: Econsultancy
  18. 18. Re-thinking Marketing In The Digital Age!
  19. 19. Key Elements of Agile MarketingTM!Ò  Know your customers needs, or else…Ò  Good content sets the basis for longer term relationshipsÒ  Establish omnichannel platform to be efficient and consistentÒ  Base your decisions on actionable dataÒ  Re-think organization to support collaborationÒ  Key to agility is processes
  20. 20. #1:Know Your Customers Needs, Or Else…!
  21. 21. The Customer Life Cycle! Relationship to your brand
  22. 22. The Customer Life Cycle! Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Need A Need B Need C Need D Relationship to your brand
  23. 23. The Customer Life Cycle! Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Need A Need B Need C Need D Relationship to your brand
  24. 24. The Customer Life Cycle! Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Need A Need B Need C Need D Relationship to your brand
  25. 25. Understanding the Customer Journeys!Awareness Consideration Conversion
  26. 26. #2:Good content set basis forlong term relationships
  27. 27. Make Your Marketing Dollars Last Longer!Brand-Customer High quality contentRelationship that genuinely meet the audience’s needs Traditional push campaigns Time
  28. 28. #3:Establish Omnichannel platform to beefficient and consistent
  29. 29. Efficient Distribution of Content Across ChannelsBrandContent
  30. 30. #4:Base your decisions on actionable data
  31. 31. Consolidate Data Into Actionable Reports
  32. 32. #5:Re-think your organization tosupport collaboration
  33. 33. Bring IT & Marketing into a happy marriage! Ò  Align goals Ò  Secure co-location Ò  Create cross-entity processes Ò  Joint system/tool ownership
  34. 34. #6:Key to agility is processes
  35. 35. Create & maintain iterative processes Strive for continuous improvementPrioritize + Create + Roll-out+ Measure + Evaluate + Optimize
  36. 36. thank you_!Your Contact:Joacim M. JeppesenOffice: 212 366 1057Mobile: 312 480