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Taking Community Management and Customer Engagement to a whole new level


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Event: IBB International Next Generation Social Media Summit. Amsterdam, 19-20 May 2011.
Using Orange and Accor as case studies this presentation illustrates successful community management and customer engagement examples using social media.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Taking Community Management and Customer Engagement to a whole new level

  1. 1. Taking Community Management and Customer Engagement to a whole new levelFabio De BernardiSenior Account ManagerSynthesio UK@fabiodebe
  2. 2. “Marketing is the ongoing process ofengagement whereby strangers are turned into advocates” – Trey Pennington
  3. 3. Marketing Community management is theongoing process of engagement whereby strangers are turned into advocates.
  4. 4. Social CRM is amorphous,all encompassing, and atotally different beastfrom traditional,records-centric CRM
  5. 5. “We are now at a point that the customers expectations are so great and their demands so empowered that our Social CRM business strategy needs to be built around collaboration and customer engagement, not traditional operational customer management.” - Paul Greenberg
  6. 6. Social CRM: A virtuous circle of co-creation & collaboration Customer Intelligence Social Media Monitoring Research Marketing PR Sales Customer Other Consumer Creative concept Crisis Lead support HR; insights’ analysis; development; management; generation; Complaints Executives’ Competitive Campaign Online Prospect management; reputations intelligence measurement; footprint outreach Technical etc Influencer outreach measurement support Engagement: community Optimisation: Product & customer building & online support experience improvements
  7. 7. Time is of essence... this stuff is perishable
  8. 8. Engaging with customers &nurturing super contributors
  9. 9. Built out & refined ‘owned’ presence on the Webduring listening phase
  10. 10. “Fish where the fish are” LISTEN >> PLAN >> ENGAGE > Top forums > Super Contributors > Team of 50
  11. 11. Customer engagementnirvana. Let others dothe job for you
  12. 12. ONE answer online is seen byNINE people on average
  13. 13. ROI is “in the millions of euros” Reduction in call handling costs New plans / happier customers
  14. 14. Collaborating with customers toprovide a better experience
  15. 15. Your experience of the brand is intimately connected to the hotel you stay at
  16. 16. 1 global dashboard40 country level dashboards4,000 hotelier dashboards > Pilot > Global rollout > Training > KPIs > Reward & recognition
  17. 17. Understanding the customer journey ...
  18. 18. Collective problems:Social media monitoringcan be the canary in thecoalmine
  19. 19. Novotel: 55% growth inpositive sentiment.Double digit growth inonline sales
  20. 20. To conclude …
  21. 21. To be most effective, Community Management and Customer Engagement require an holistic, three-pronged approach Listening Analysis Engagement
  22. 22. Mix of real time & morecontemplative analysis
  23. 23. This is a process of osmosis: a two-waycollaboration between a brand and their communities
  24. 24. Social media is maturing: the need is for Enterprise Class solutions andwhole organisations (people and processes) being empowered and involved
  25. 25. Thank you! Any question? (0) 7545 065495fabiodebe@fabiodebe