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The GLAMwiki toolset project


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Presentation given at ELAG2013

Published in: Technology, Education
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The GLAMwiki toolset project

  1. 1. The GLAMwiki toolsetValentine Charles31st May 2012, ELAG2013, Ghent
  2. 2. Two stories
  3. 3. A (digital) library tale This is not new: libraries are digitising their content ! And they are trying to re-distribute these resources viadifferent channels: national initiatives, aggregations servicessuch as Europeana. BUT:• These tasks require resources• copyright is often a limit
  4. 4. A story of open data Wikimedia Commons• A media file repository making available public domainand freely-licensed educational media content (images,sound and video clips) to everyone in their own language.• A common repository for the various projects ofthe Wikimedia Foundation• The presence of libraries in Wikimedia Commons is verylimited.
  5. 5. If the twostories comestogether…
  6. 6. If the twostories comestogether…
  7. 7. If the two stories comes together… Wikimedia Foundation and Wikipedia community seek collaborationwith Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAMs) BUT collaborating with Wikimedia Commons is not so easy:• lack of user friendly tools for (mass) uploads of content to WikimediaCommons• lack of support for typical GLAM-metadata standards in WikimediaCommons templates• lack of user friendly tools to export metadata and data back to GLAMswhen it has been improved by the Wikipedia Community• lack of easily accessible and fit for purpose usage statistics for GLAM-content once uploaded to Wikimedia Commons
  8. 8. The GLAMwiki toolset project
  9. 9. Collaboration of communities A partnership between Europeana and four WikimediaChapters (UK, Netherlands, France and Switzerland) Project started in September 2012 Development done by Europeana With the objectives:• To build a scalable curator-friendly system for mappingmetadata and mass-uploading content from GLAMs to WikimediaCommons• And provide clear requirements to the Wikimedia FoundationData Analytics team to build usage statistics solutions that are fitfor GLAM-purpose
  10. 10. APIsImport/ExportdataPlug-insMapping registryPreviewerWikimediaCommonsWikimediaProjectsLogsGLAMrepositoriesWikipedianGLAM CuratorAnalyst= project deliverableGLAM System sketch“The GLAM wizard”“The GLAM wizard”AuthorisationMappingTransformation“WikimediaAnalytics”“WikimediaAnalytics”
  11. 11. The GLAMwiki toolset Repositories• Gerrit extension• Github extension Servers• Wikimedia Labsinstance
  12. 12. Step 1• Allow GLAMs uploading content to Wikimedia Commonsto preview it prior to final upload and publication• Have a plug-in architecture allowing third-party developersto create provider API and format specific plug-ins or plug-ins for specific processes e.g. public domain checking orfile transformation• Be able to monitor updates and changes in the uploadedcontent and metadata and download the changes for re-integration at source• Allow Europeana data providers to cross-publish their(Open) content to both Europeana and WikimediaCommons
  13. 13. Step 1: uploading content
  14. 14. Step 2 Support the major metadata standards and their mappings toWikimedia Commons templates Allow user friendly creation of mappings between GLAMmetadata templates to Wikimedia Commons templates
  15. 15. Step 2: metadata mapping
  16. 16. Step 2: metadata mapping
  17. 17. Step 3 The project aims at conforming to the best practices andstandards for development of MediaWiki as defined by theWikimedia community Allow user friendly creation of partnership templates forproper attribution
  18. 18. Step 4: Publication
  19. 19. Conclusion The project is running until the end of the year• tool will be ready for integration to WikimediaCommons.• The statistics requirements report will bepublished by end of May. Follow the progress at
  20. 20. Conclusion The community is invited to contribute to the development ofthe tool with the Wikimedia community Ideas for future development:• Allow for batch export and download of specific GLAM-collections from Wikimedia Commons with metadataoutput in standard GLAM metadata formats• Implementation of an OAI-PMH module• MARC support
  21. 21. Thank youvalentine.charles@kb.nlAcknowledgments to Dan Entous