Hata Yoga


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Hata Yoga

  1. 1. HATA YOGA http://www.grupomayanfriends.com
  2. 2. The Grupo Mayan health and fitness staff works with hundreds of Grupo Mayan resort guests each year. Many of our guests are interested in yoga and wonder where to begin. Here are some tips from the Grupo Mayan pros on Hatha yoga, one of the many forms of yoga.
  3. 3. The Grupo Mayan health and fitness pros tell us that Hatha yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga. Most people choose body for both the health of their mind and body. According to the Grupo Mayan pros, Hatha yoga focuses on movement and helps both your body and mind stay strong.
  4. 4. Some Grupo Mayan guests express apprehension of yoga because many movies and comedians have made fun of yoga poses. The Grupo Mayan staff urges guests to not concern themselves with the unusual poses. You will not end up tied in knots. Hatha yoga will start with easy poses that stretch your body and build upon those poses when you are ready. The yoga poses, or asanas, of Hatha yoga will work on specific muscle groups allowing you to become more flexible and build muscle tone.
  5. 5. Another fear of Grupo Mayan guests is pain. Many guests are afraid that stretching muscles that have not been used in years will cause severe cramping and pain. The Grupo Mayan staff says that if done correctly, Hatha yoga will not cause pain. Individuals may feel sore when using muscles that have not been stretched for a long time but it will not be painful.
  6. 6. If you feel soreness it is actually a good sign, say the Grupo Mayan pros. Stretching your muscles will keep them healthy. For people who do not get a lot of exercise this is vitally important to their overall health. If you suffer from chronic muscle pain Hatha yoga will help relieve that pain
  7. 7. The Grupo Mayan pros tell us that yet another benefit of yoga is that it strengthens the spine. The stretching of Hatha yoga will lengthen the spine and make your posture better and your back feel better. For people with back problems this will be a blessing. Hatha yoga, say the Grupo Mayan pros is highly recommended for sufferers from back pain.
  8. 8. Hatha yoga, because of the many benefits it offers for body health, is one of the most popular forms of yoga. Another reason for its popularity, say the Grupo Mayan pros, is that it helps clam your mind. All yoga encourages meditation and Hatha yoga is no exception. While stretching and in the yoga poses it is important to keep you mind focused. Mental health is possibly one of the best benefits of all forms of yoga.
  9. 9. The Grupo Mayan health and fitness staff hoe the above information will help you in your search for a yoga program. Keep in mind when you are searching to find the type of yoga that focuses on your concerns. Hatha yoga is a general form of yoga with both body and mind benefits. It is a great form of yoga to start with for improved all around health.