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The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) is an establishment visited by vendors and visitors traveling from all over the world to test their company’s technical equipment, devices and software, or to learn about the services we offer to our customers and others come to learn about opportunities we have for students interested in technology. Some of our guests are here to attend what we call Plugfest events, these events entail multiple technical companies coming together and testing their products with other company’s products. Other vendors come for “in-house testing”, which is a single company of one or more representatives coming in to test their products in our lab.

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Interoperability Lab at University of New Hampshire

  1. 1. The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory Lab Overview Erica Johnson, Director © 2012 University of New Hampshire 1 InterOperability Laboratory
  2. 2. The Laboratory• Industry leading 3rd-party test facility for data, telecom and storage networking technology & consumer electronics• 100% funded by commercial industry • 150+ companies• 32,000 sq. ft lab facility – Boston, USA Metro Area• 7,200 sq. ft pre-wired space dedicated to Plugfests• Satellite Office in San Jose, CA © 2012 University of New Hampshire 2 InterOperability Laboratory
  3. 3. Member Involvement (150+ Companies) © 2012 University of New Hampshire 3 InterOperability Laboratory
  4. 4. Where Technology and Education Are One Providing Quality Testing Developing Future Services Engineers • Students engage in strong• Detailed test procedures and mentor system; staff documentation reduce R&D Education members provide detailed cycles training Technology• Reduced time to market • After several years of employment, students are• Thorough review process extremely competent ensures concise and accurate • Confidentiality training and results NDA for all employees• Reduced costs via student • Strong emphasis on employment professionalism and industry reputation © 2012 University of New Hampshire 4 InterOperability Laboratory
  5. 5. UNH-IOL Industry Engagement Devices ResultsStandards Groups Developers (R&D) Users © 2012 University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory
  6. 6. Industry Involvement © 2012 University of New Hampshire 6 InterOperability Laboratory
  7. 7. Technology Testing Areas• IP • Digital Home Networking – Routing ─ DLNA Certification – USGv6 Testing ─ RVU Alliance Cert – IPv6 Ready Program – VoIP • Ethernet• Storage ─ 10BASE-T Ethernet – SAS ─ Fast Ethernet – SATA ─ Gigabit Ethernet – Fibre Channel ─ 10 Gigabit Ethernet – Fibre Channel over Ethernet ─ 40/100 Gb/s Ethernet – iSCSI ─ Power over Ethernet – NVMe: NonVolatile Memory Express ─ Backplane• Wireless LAN – 802.11 a,b,g,n • Bridging – Wi-Fi PreCertification ─ Audio-Video Bridging• MIPI ─ Data Center Bridging – Camera ─ MACsec – Display ─ VLAN – Battery Interface ─ Spanning Tree (Rapid/Multiple)• Open Fabrics ─ Shortest Path Bridging / TRILL – Infiniband (10-54Gbps) • Broadband – iWARP (RDMA over TCP) ─ TR-069 – RoCE (RDMA over Ethernet) ─ GPON• 1588 ─ DSL © 2012 University of New Hampshire 7 InterOperability Laboratory
  8. 8. Our MissionTo provide a neutral environment to fostermultivendor interoperability, conformance tostandards, and improvement of data networkingwhile attracting students to, and educating themfor, future employment in cutting-edge technologies. 8
  9. 9. Our VisionTo be the worlds premier data networkingresource. Using our knowledge, tools, servicesand relationships, we will enable the nextgeneration of technology and engineers. 9
  10. 10. Our ValuesNeutral, Secure, and ConfidentialWe are committed to neutrality above all other influences.IntegrityWe believe in unbiased results.ProfessionalismWe treat our customers and each other with respect.Financial SustainabilityWe are planning for the future.Thought LeadershipIdeas fuel the development of new technologies.Empowered EmployeesWe provide the means, our employees do the rest.Learning InstitutionOur student employees are tomorrows pioneers. 10
  11. 11. Our Employees• ~80 Undergraduate• ~15 Masters• ~20 Full time Staff• ~5 CEPS Faculty 11
  12. 12. Summer Internship Program Application Deadline is April 27th 2012The UNH-IOL High School Summer Internship Program, geared for high schoolstudents, offers academically outstanding candidates an opportunity to earn moneywhile they gain invaluable experience working with global networkingcompanies including Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Microsoft, and Motorola. It is a seven-week program presenting an overview of computer technology and offering hands-onexperiences in a real-world networking facility. Summer Interns are exposed to theComputer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Engineering disciplinesprograms offered by the University of New Hampshire.•Take part in unique hands-on experiences•Visit high tech corporations•Meet experienced engineers•Explore career opportunities•Work one-on-one with UNH-IOL engineers•Problem solving in new technologiesTo Apply: 12
  13. 13. Let’s hear what others have to say? Follow Us! © 2012 University of New Hampshire 13 InterOperability Laboratory