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BuzzStream Training

  1. 1. BuzzStreamKeep track of your relationshipsTroy Boileau | SEO & Inbound Marketing Consultant
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  3. 3. General Thoughts
  4. 4. Change How You Think About Outreach Give first, give generously, then ask. Be genuine, be vulnerable, write as if writing to a close friend. “Ask for leads and youll get advice. Ask for advice and youll get leads.” Think long-term, not scorched earth.
  5. 5. Walkthrough of BuzzStream
  6. 6. Websites People TasksColumns Filters OutreachProjects Settings
  7. 7. How Not to Destroy BuzzStream
  8. 8. Properly Tag New EntriesIndustry Influence (Low, High, Very High) High (90%) vs. Very High (10%) Tag (E.g. Travel)
  9. 9. Keep Information Updated Contact Attempts Do Not Contact Friendship Project Stage New Information Via Contact
  10. 10. Due Diligence Before Outreach History Tab Friendship Stage Tags Industry Influence High Quality Only
  11. 11. NOT Scorched Earth Watch your frequency Be personable, not a spammerHave something to give, don’t beg
  12. 12. Adding New Websites
  13. 13. New Websites Create a Public Client Folder Create a Public Project in that folderAdd Contacts to the Project (BuzzMarker or Manually) Tag the Website Set the Industry Influence
  14. 14. Outreach
  15. 15. OutreachOutreach -> Create Template Dynamic Fields Options while sending Update Tags
  16. 16. Tasks
  17. 17. Tasks From DashboardFrom Person or Website Multiple at Once
  18. 18. Project Cycle
  19. 19. Project Cycle Ensure you have enough contact information Create and send a template (private) Change Project Stage to Contact Attempt 1 Create Task to follow-up 3-4 days laterFollow-up and change Project Stage to Contact Attempt 2
  20. 20. Possible Responses Complete Answer – Set Project Stage to YESPromise to Follow Up – Set Project Stage to Contacted No – Set Project Stage to NO
  21. 21. Use Case: Low Quality Guest Post
  22. 22. Low Quality Guest Post Filter for Tag or Industry Influence Don’t Burn Contacts Remember to Set Tasks
  23. 23. Use Case: Amazing Guest Post
  24. 24. Amazing Guest Post Long Term – Not Easy Individual Emails Don’t Burn Contacts.
  25. 25. Use Case: Group Post
  26. 26. Group PostGreat for Creating and Maintaining Relationships Set Distribution Task Don’t Burn Contacts.
  27. 27. Use Case: Advice from Expert
  28. 28. Advice from ExpertGreat for Creating and Maintaining Relationships Individual, Personable Email Don’t Burn Contacts.
  29. 29. Advanced Usage
  30. 30. Advanced Usage Prospecting Link Monitoring Advanced Filters
  31. 31. Questions?
  32. 32. Powered by Search505 Consumers Rd #507 Toronto, ON M2J 4V8 (416) 840-9044